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Monday, January 31, 2011

Sleepy Hubby Pics....

I know I am a mean wife, but I think my hubby is so cute when he sleeps! all 4 of these pics were taken in my old apartment before moving, and the top pic is my most favorite! he was snoring very loud in that one, and if you look real closely, his eyes were slightly open! lol i just love my hubby, even when he is in dreamland!


amelia said...

I love how you love your hubby but he wouldn't like you very much if he saw these pics!!
How come he has his glasses on in one???

Minx's Den said...

lol he already knows I did this, he just giggled and went about his day....well the one where he was wearing his glasses, this was taken during the afternoon, it was one of his days of from work, we were both watching some tv, and he just fell asleep, glasses on and all! he does that very often, when that happens, I usually just sneak the glasses off of him and set them aside so he wouldn't crush them...that man of mine can fall asleep in seconds!