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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Taking A Vacay

I will be visiting family for about a week, but I will return the end of next week with pictures, updates and more minxden news!!!! hope you all have a good weekend!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


My new pink quilted kitty!!! ordered her from another etsy shop (only 10 bucks! what a steal!) on Easter Sunday, and today only 3 days later, I get a big box in my mail, I was so happy, I knew it was my new kitty! I ran back to my house and got her straight out of that box. I named this kitty Audrey....she even has a little bell around her neck, so cute! She looks great in my studio!

I'm Still Here

I am still here, just under the weather big time this week....I am starting to suspect that my chest pains could be a gallbladder problem...I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if it is....I am seeing a doctor tomorrow morning, I am not sure if they will do an ultrasound to look for gallstones, but at least I am now after a whole year of these symptoms am finally getting to the bottom of this, I do want my life back, pain free for once. I have had quite a few pillow orders to complete as well, work is very busy too.....I am also traveling down to Kansas to visit family and a couple of good friends this weekend...I do need some R & R though, it's been a stressful couple of months. I am looking forward to playing with my mom's cats, chilling with my younger sister, having conversations with my dad (he talks alot) breathing in the fresh country air, washing my antique quilt and line drying it in the Kansas sun, visit my grandparents, go to the local fabric store, maybe even stop by their yarn shop, and make a visit to toy parade, love that place! So much to do in only 5 days time.....ahh can't wait!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Let Me Love Thee

My newest project with vintage wares....only took 30 minutes to assemble! 20 minutes of that was hand stitching the words! It simply reads, "Let me love thee" the top part of the pillow was an actual small table runner for maybe part of a center piece, it's very also has oxidation stains on it, which makes me love it even more! and of course the fabrics used were vintage fabrics!

Doily face.



My studio is a mess!

After coming home from work at about 2pm, I set right to work on another pillow order bound for Kansas!!! And having time on your hands the second half of the day, I decided to whip up my let me love thee pillow! My hubby is currently at work today, I miss him everytime he is not in my presence! We dyed easter eggs last night, so on and off today and tomorrow I will be savoring a hard boiled egg....mmmmmm! Happy Easter everyone! I may not be posting tomorrow, got lots to do!!!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Me And My Vintage Scraps

No words readers can obviously tell what I was up to on my day off! Have a great weekend everybody!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's A Pillow And Blanket Kind Of Day...

My newest pillow creation!

I sewed an antique heart doily onto it, really gave the pillow a nice feminine touch! smells so good!

And here's me snuggling with the antique rose quilt I bought a couple days ago....this quilt was indeed loved before by her previous owner, now she found love again with me! (and my cat Sabrina)...:)

What Made This Gloomy Day Seem Almost Sunny:
1. chocolate!!
2. my 2 new pillows to snuggle with
3. hubby is making spaghetti bolognese tonight! mmmmm!
4. Another nice long chat long distance with my mummy!
5. made more vintage scrap garlands for my mom, sister, and a new friend!
6. Netflix is down, so that means more one on one time with the hubby (no TV) so maybe board games?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What A Wednesday!

The sun is finally out....

Although the weather is still cold for late April....

Therefore I am staying indoors....

And making cute cheery garlands made from my most smallest of vintage fabric scraps! Aren't these cool? I found the great idea from another great blog I am following and of course love reading! The only difference is that I hang mine directly from my ceiling in separate strands, she attaches hers and makes it a 'wind chime' sort of aspect...I also make my scraps a little bigger and much longer too...some of them I had to double up cause they nearly touch the floor!!!!!!! Now I do not sell any of these, I just made them for my own enjoyment around my household, along with countless other projects I make out of vintage fabrics around my house...

But I am certainly most proud of this creation by my own 2 hands! My newest pillow made from vintage fabrics! I also added a touch of lace too! I certainly may be no granny, but I am granny chic!!!!

This pillow smells like my grandma!!!! don't worry that's a good smell! I love how vintage fabrics and lace smell!

Now this is a rarity.....the last time my hair was this long was about 10 years ago, I usually keep it on the shorter side, and of course I am liking the fact that I have short bangs again, at the age of 15 I took a vow to grow them out, now at 28....back to square 1, but I actually like the way they look now then when I had bangs at 15, they seem different, more mature adult-like....
Hope my readers have a great day today! like I said, I am staying indoors and sewing and crafting away! not to mention I am having some serious chillaxing time with my girl kitties (as I just took at 45 second break and made a mad dash chasing Sabrina downstairs because that silly stinker ran off with a piece of my vintage fabrics.......arg.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Round 2 How About You?

Decided on this cold dreary cloudy rainy day to venture on I-80 and I end up in this really big antique mall near Lincoln....and 49 dollars later I came home with the following....above you will see a pink plastic hollow bunny....this was from the 50's you can put mini candies in it with some cellophane green grass....thought it would look cool on my studio window sill, there was a yellow one too, but the pink one truly spoke to me...

It was a good day for finding quilts....

This pink rose one was the absolute steal of the year! 9 bucks! can you believe that??? there are some flaws and this quilts has some wear and tear on it, but my master seamstress ways can bring it back to life (after I wash it with my home made vinegar rinse and another washing with my home made borax laundry soap) but when I saw it, I had to have it and NOW!

Well technically this isn't a quilt, because it is unfinished! this was the most expensive buy ($24.50) and there are parts of it I am not too smitten with, but then again there are parts of it I really do love! this quilt will grow on me in time, but I got it for the purpose of finishing it for the one who didn't get to complete's pretty big, i think it may be a full sized quilt...

I am trying to rebuild my lace stash since it along with many other things of mine mysteriously disappeared in my out of state move to Nebraska....hmmmmmm.......

Found an old heart doily!! I think this was 1.25, very cheap! this will find it's way onto a pillow one fine day in the near future!

And lastly, added 3 more vintage hot pads to my small collection, they always say when you have 3 of something it upgrades to collection status! Which makes me wonder....what do you blog readers of mine collect? here is a list of what I collect....get ready, this list can be quite lengthy.....

1. vintage hot pads
2. Ty Beanie Babies
3. Vintage Fabrics
4. Designer Fabrics
4. Buttons (new and old)
5. Vintage Pillowcases
6. Domino Magazines (but sadly they have been out of print for a while)
7. vintage doilies
8. Hand made bird ornaments
9. Fun plates
10. Throw pillows (mostly handmade by me)
11. Comforters (Usually purchased from Target)
12. Shoes
13. Purses
14. Pajama Pants
15. Stationery
16. Bird Figurines
17. Cat figurines
18. Bohemian dresses
19. Pyrex bowls and dishes
20. aprons (old and new)
21. Drawer Knobs
22. Crocheted Hangers
23. Skeins of yarn
24. Cabochons
25. Ribbons (most inherited from my nonie)
26. Felt
27. Postcards (old and new)
28. Troll Dolls
29. My Little Pony Dolls
30. Stuffed Animals (Dang, if I have any daughters, they will be set for life when it comes to having toys!)

I could seriously go on for miles, but I will stop right here.....

Happy sewing to me, and happy fun springy days to you!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Great Spring Time Finds!

What a day it has been! I must admit to you all that my morning did not go so swimmingly...and by the noon hour I was bright red with anger, my steam engine ready to blow! (problems at the grocery store not knowing how to swipe my credit card and ending up charging me twice, no bueno!) but before my hubby leaves for work, he tells me to go out and have some 'me' time....(his way of saying, go antiquing, you will feel better) and right he was! I actually haven't gone antiquing since January, and I was long overdue for another thrifting journey! Today was simply a really good day in finding so much fun stuff, this little rubber bunny included, joining my household just in time for Easter!

This is a small table runner I am actually planning on sewing onto a pillow someday soon!

And by golly looky what I found! VINTAGE FABRICS! AFTER SEARCHING FOR NEARLY 4 MONTHS, I FINALLY SCORE! I especially love the one with the pink roses on the very top of the stack! oh did my heart go pitter patter! I had to dig deep for those fabrics too!

Can you guess what this is??? It's a vintage table cloth! The colors are spectacular!

Snagged this cute dainty bunny picture and frame for only $1.25!!!!

And now I have my first 2 vintage pot holders, and yes they are hanging in my bedrrom! haha, my hubby will cock his head at that one I know it!

But I saw about 100 beanie babies in the window display of this antique store, and that's why I ran inside hoping to find some rare good ones, and boy did I! Only 3 bucks each and in mint condition too, I snagged these 6 bears....the peace bear (middle tye-dye) was my favorite! The dark purple violet one is pretty rare too, I even found the 'Ty-2k' one!!! Like I said there were about 100 of them, but sadly I don't have the money to buy all of them, but at least for 18 bucks I was able to give these 6 little dears a second chance in a new home! They look pretty happy don't you think?

And I finally finished my small 3 incher patchy patchwork pillow!

What made my bad day turn good:
2. All my other antique finds!
3. knowing one of my vintage fabric orders will be in my mailbox by 5pm tonight!
4. fresh new ideas for cute pillows around my house! (trying for the summer look now)
5. watching Ci-Ci sleep in my polyfil!