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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Before A Long Journey...

My newest stationery set I found at Target, last set of these too! I love them, especially the goldfish ones, I have always been fascinated with goldfish, I had dozens growing up, and the last ones I had were my 3 musketeers! (Prothos, Athos, and Aramis) they died right before I got married when trying to transport them into my newer apartment (sad face)...but anyway, I think these are neat!

My newest etsy purchase, 2 fat quarters of Joel Dewberry's newest line, Heirloom...these are my faves! I knew chintz was coming back, only with a twist!

Found some rare prints of Heather Bailey's pop garden collection, never had these 2 colors of the wallpaper roses before!

I can now say that the first time in so long, my hair is now long enough to braid in pigtails! my hubby thinks they are adorable!

So I close this post in saying I will be on the road tomorrow towards my home town to visit family, and then to my hubby's hometown to visit his, and on to attend his 10-yr. high school reunion! GO TIGERS! I won't be posting for a few days, but when I return sunday, I will rest off my traveler's fatigue and post some lovely pictures! Hope you all have a fantabulous weekend!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Remember a couple days ago? I posted this pic and said it was a new project featuring a new idea??

Here it is in all it's glory! I call it the balloon vintage fabric pillow the first! it's now in my etsy shop! What's next? I'm thinking buntings!

But most importantly, today is my dad's birthday!! 56 years young! This is me and my daddy here pictured above! A lot of people say I look alot like him, well....I am his daughter afterall! So in less than 48 hours, I will be there in person to see him and my mom and sister! Happy birthday daddy, love you!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mountains Of Pillows!

My sweet Brie Brie hanging out in my studio this morning as I was ironing...

Now that is one happy kitty! my Ci-Ci took over my newest etsy houseware buy, that cute vintage terry cloth rose pillow....she loves that thing so much! She always rests her head on all the vintage pillows I make, but she claims this one now...hehehe!

My sweet boys in the afternoon...they usually wind down between the hours of was a slightly stressful day, and today would of been a perfect day to kiss them and smell their feathers...parakeets have a certain spicy smell to them that I love, and it's too bad they aren't tame enough to let me have that tiny luxury.

Look at all of those vintage fabric pillows....they are running over me at times!

These 3 pillows are new and will be posted shortly! I haven't thought of clever names for them yet...

Sunday, July 24, 2011

That's More Like It!

Now that's a work space I can work with! Haha look at my cats, they like it too!

And the fact I can use my ironing board in here instead of it being in my bedroom! (I work best when standing any way!)

I may change my minxden avatar to this picture....this is the print on the chaise lounge my Nonie gave me!

My next project in the works...what do you think it could be????

Sunday Funday!!
1. My hubby is making me my favorite breakfast! (oven baked crisps with black forest ham, eggs, sour cream, shallots, tarragon, and mushrooms! mmmmm!!)
2. A vintage fabric order journeying to me abroad from Canada! (2 beautiful shabby prints!)
3. finishing up my work space...
4. much cooler today! (only 85 degrees!)

Friday, July 22, 2011

A Vintage Fabric Kind Of Day

Oh how I just love it when I make a few vintage fabric orders on etsy, and they all arrive in my box the same day!

this one is awesome, and now my collection of this print is complete!!! I have a pink, blue, and now yellow!!!

This one is quite unique too, very bohemian!

This print seriously matches my living room lamp shade! HA! I was happy to find it!

This one I was searching for a couple of months, I also have this same print in yellow too!

Of course I like the vibrant ones

And these 2 are freebies from 2 orders, the one on the right is from a dear etsy friend! Thank you Jennie! you are awesome and soooooo generous!

1. Another Omaha trip today!
2. seaweed salad tonight for my dinner!
3. Watching True Grit with my hubs tonight
4. overloaded with fabrics!
5. snuggle time with my baby minxes!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Christmas In July!

Indeed I have been having the Christmas/winter fever for this very hot month of July! So to give myself cooler thoughts, I whipped up these 3 cheeky xmas trees made out of vintage fabrics, they are cute, my technique could be better, these are just a practice run for what I will be posting in MPD this winter for xmas...

Made these 5 hoops last night, in pinks hues, my signature color!

My next vintage fabric target? this one above with the blue roses and blue background! I love this print, I have some in pink, and just ordered the yellow one, (I have a pillowcase in this same print in the pink color) but sadly I do not have any blue, just this sample I got from another fabric order....I haven't had much luck in finding this one, if any of you readers of mine know what I can get my claws on some, let me know where to find it pleeeeeeeeeeese!

I have got a small collection of skinny hems going on here for various other projects!

Well this set up isn't working out for me so well, the table is too low and the chair is too high, thus in resulting bad back pain, even for my age! I need a different solution and fast! I have a couple ideas in mind...

Just posted these beauties in my minxden shop this afternoon, have a more closer look! I feel my migraine headache making it's debut from yesterday, so I will be keeping it quiet and dark in my house. Happy Hump Day peoples! (Wednesday)

Hump Day Goodness Just For Me:
1. The Cat House today with some awesome kitties! and even more new kittens arrived! lots of play time!
2. Had a bowl of vietnamese soup at Pho Nguyen!
3. 3 fabric orders to visit my mailbox soon!
4. Omaha again in 2 days!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blanket Those You Love

Are you all ready to see my next completed project??? CONTAIN YOUR EXCITEMENT PEOPLES!!!

It's a sewing machine blanket!! I used a pattern from a book I have, and put my own twist onto it! So now Mizz Trudy Elna has a blanket to sleep with during those times she is not in use and especially at night time! (not to mention keeping all of those pesky dust bunnies from hopping onto her!)

Here it is up close!

I think Mizz Trudy Elna likes it!

Hope you all enjoyed my newest post and my newest sewing project!

The goodness that Tuesday brought for me in her basket:
1. Hell's kitchen's season premiere!
2. Working hard to spruce up my new work space!
3. How can I contain all of this creative mojo?! it's volcanic!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Back To The Light!

My freshly dressed up chaise lounge my Nonie gave me last year! And of course, Ci-Ci loves me for laying my pink rose antique quilt on there! She will have many sleepy afternoons on this!

These are all of my vintage fabrics...every last one! It adds up, doesn't it?

Mizz Trudy Elna resting in the sunlight.

A hanging neighborhood with birds all around.

I had to show off my new red organic cotton v-neck tee I got for dirt cheap at whole foods the other day, I also have a aqua one too! Happy Monday everyone!

What made me happy as a lark:
1. Omaha again this friday! wooooo-hoooo!!
2. hubby and I made our first granola batch this morning, turned out great!
3. new space to work in!
4. 2 vintage fabric orders due to arrive any day now!
5. finishing up a few pillows to take down to KS with me to give as gifts for some family members!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Great Etsy Finds, Lovelies From The Land Of Omaha!

Let's start out with the first great etsy find, and oh behold in front of my eyes, AQUA vintage fabric! Aqua Dreams here I come again! this was ordered from a friend who has such a great etsy shop! this fabric I could not resist from, it had to be mine!

What a cute chic vintage pillow this is! I actually featured this pillow in one of my treasuries, but it was such a great price, I couldn't resist in adopting this lovely lady pillow and giving her a good home, and surprisingly but happily, my furry feline friends leave her hot pink yarn tassels totally alone!

I also got this lovely lace remnant pack too! They will be put to good use as this lace and my vintage fabrics would marry great together, don't you think?

Ventured to Omaha again last friday for another whole foods adventure! and of course I had to slip into Anthropologie for another visit, and walked out with this cool shirt...

And this cheeky aqua themed table runner, now dressing my recently thrifted dining room table + chairs!

My stack still awaits fresh ideas!

A quaint little corner in my home!

Many Aqua Dreams turning into these great things:
1. got some yard work done VERY EARLY this morning!
2. anxiously awaiting another etsy vintage fabric order with 2 yummy prints!
3. right now at this moment, hearing a clever amtrak train rolling through my neighborhood's train tracks! (they have a silly funny whistle!)
4. seaweed salad hunted down from whole foods! yumm!