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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sewing, Birthdays, And Fun!!!

I bet y'all have been wondering what happened to me these last several days??? I have been a busy little bear, sewing several pillows and putting them together, taking a trip to Omaha, celebrating a couple of birthdays, basement diving from tons of severe t-storms, yard work, grilling, I could go on for months it seems!

I mentioned the pillows right? well these 2 will be posted in minxden soon once they get stuffed with polyfil that is....

These go to various family members (well the first 3 made, I have maybe 3 more to make for the ladies in my family) but I won't say which go to whom as my mom and aunt are avid readers of my blog! lol

But with all of this hard work, this one will be for myself....

This is my next project....can anyone tell what's in the making?? Stay tuned for a later post in the not so distant future!

In Omaha yesterday, my hubby and I stopped in from the heat into this Indian novelty store and looked around, and I came across this beautiful paper mache trinket heart almost stopped because my dad got me a box from his travels in India very similar to this one! (this was 21 years ago) only the box my dad gave me was more of a square shape and deeper red, but the flowers and gold paint was just like on this new one! well, the box my dad gave me is still at my parents home somewhere and I would still like to find it because not only it's something special my dad gave me, but it still holds (to my knowledge) some currency from other places around the globe my dad went to, and stamps as well...that way I could have both boxes, one from my dad and one from my husband...tears literally fell from my eyes as I clutched this little box close to my heart, and my hubby told me "this box belongs to you." and he bought it for me! I am one lucky have a husband like mine, this box did not come cheap!

Another blast from the past moment, unearthed this box from a box in my basement, this is another trinket box, only bigger, and made of wood....does anybody remember the clothing/novelty/bath beauty store called "Oilily"? I love that store, I don't even know if it still exists anymore, but anyway, back in the mid-late 90's my mom and I went nuts for Oilily! This box was a gift from my mom and dad at xmas of 1994, I was a 12 yr. old 6th grader, and I remember opening the wrapping paper to this box! I can't believe that after almost 17 years, I still have this box! And I love the painted birds on it! Birds weren't so popular back then in '94, but this box would be the rave now! So this houses my sewing supplies, how handy!

I wanted to take this time to wish my beauties a happy 5th birthday!!! (36 cat years) meow!!

The good stuff:
1. had the best ever new york style slice of pizza yesterday in Omaha!
2. A trip to whole foods in Omaha, love their groceries, so healthy!!
3. My kitties' birthdays today!
4. farmer's market this morning! it was hoppin!
5. my creative mojo is like a raging river right now!

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