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Thursday, November 12, 2009


Today may be a very beautiful day weather wise, but I must say that homesickness is really starting to set in now...I have been told to prepare for this at about week 2...and this would be my second week here in Lincoln...homesickness to me is one of the worst feelings in the world. It seems to affect me at such a physical and emotional level, I can literally get sick, as I am feeling right stomach cramps up, I am weary but can't sleep, my body aches, and sometimes I feel sad...

I started job hunting, but no luck yet. So I consume myself into my minxden pillows...the evenings aren't as bad when my husband is home from work, but during the day, it can get quite lonely. I knew I was going to feel like this, and bless Sue's heart (my neighbor) she checks in on me to see how everything is going, she's very maternal. I ahve met some of the other neighbors around my block, but so far, Sue is really the only one I really like. Hopefully in a couple more weeks I will have fully adjusted to Lincoln and I won't be so homesick hubby gets homesick from time to time, but he's not as affected by it like I am.

On a lighter note, I finally got my tulips and dafodils planted! I can't wait to see them wake up early next spring (april-may) my mom told me to feed them bonemeal for the hrad nebraska winter to come, so i did that...and planted them 6-8 inches down...found a few earth worm friends as I was digging...haven't found a nice statue to put in the garden yet, hopefully I will find something of a religious nature, like the blessed mother. My mom had one of those in her garden for years...I want to keep that tradtion up.

This morning I went and mailed off my first few packages here in Lincoln...and also went to this cute fabric store called the cosmic cow....weird name, but a very charming store on the inside. So I bought a few fat quarters of amy butler fabric of which I haven't aquired I will close for now, drink some sleepy time tea to soothe my sore tummy, and make some luch after a bit depending if my tummy feels better.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pictures Of The House

Where I relax and unwind from my day, my bedroom on the second floor, and yes, the mattresses are on the floor, we haven't gotten a bed frame yet...
Also in my studio, here is my honey bunches hooking up my brand new laptop computer he gave me! I just love my handy man!

My studio with all of my minxden pillows...oh yeah and the birdies found their home in here too...
This is all of our crap when we moved in back on Nov. 1st

This is the other side of the living room...

The House...

This is part of my living room, you cab see the front door entrance to the far right, and just to the left of the front door is the entry way to my studio, and you can also see the stairway that goes upto the bedroom and the doorway to the far left is the bathroom...

A Face To A Name

May I introduce, "Jacks"...he was just lounging on my front porch yesterday afternoon...isn't he cute???

Sunday, November 8, 2009

He's Back!

I was sitting outside on my porch tonight when I saw movement across the street...It was little Jacks the neighborhood cat walking along the sidewalk towards the house where he lives...I knew he wanted to get home so I didn't bother calling him over, but this is the sad part, he gets over to his house and he props himself onto his hind legs and scratches the front door and response from within, so he leaps onto a window sill and does the same thing...still no response. 15 minutes pass by and I just decided to call him over...he hears me and he makes the slow short walk of about 30 yards over to my house and trots onto my front porch. I was so happy to see him, it had been about 5 days! He looked very hungry and thirsty so I call out to my hubby who was right inside the house to fetch him some food and water. A moment later, my hubby hands me the essentials for little jacks to nourish himself with. He gets right to eating and after eating some of his food, he hangs out with me and purrs thankfully and rubs up on my legs. What a sweet little guy he is, but at the same time I am sad because I know his owner doesn't feed him as much as he needs, let alone give him water. Jacks is a brown and white lanky cat with his ribs showing and whenever i caress his backside, I can feel every little bump along his spine. All that poor creature needs is love and attention and food. I sure gave him what he needed. Poor little fella. I was always told to be kind to those in need, to me that includes animals that need someone. Jacks souly depends on the kindness of his neighbors, and he now knows that whenever he visits, he will get fed and recieve love and attention. Jacks decided to rest on my soft doormat tonight, which he is more than welcome to...I gave him a tender kiss on the top of his weary head and bid him a goodnight. Jacks is my new little companion, and I thank God for little miracles like this.

Friday, November 6, 2009

lazy day

this whole week seemed to be so busy for me, so I ahve decided to stay in the house today with my hubby and just relax, and do a little light unpacking here and there...right now I am washing my "flowers blankie", this blanket I have had for going on 24 years now, and yes, as a married 27 year old grown up I still sleep with it every night. It needed a good washing anyway in my new washer/dryer set.

My cat, ci-ci just came up to me to say hi. She is such a curious cat, she has always been fascinated whenever I type in my laptop...Sabrina is also very happy with the house, her personality seems to be so much better than when she lived in the apartment with me! Still haven't seen Mr. Jacks outside, I actually wonder if something happened to him! I will keep a lookout for him daily.

My hubby really enjoys his new tv and playstation 3. It's hard to peel him off the couch since he got it, but he has always wanted those very badly, I should just let him have his fun. Just 3 more days until my hubby goes back to work at his new location, he's pretty nervous he says. I think he will do just fine. I will be looking for a job early next week, or however long it takes to find a part time job. I have decided to seek part time because I will be working also part time for my etsy shop and I heard 2 part timers equal a full timer. lol.

I'm sure on where to begin on job hunting, but I think I will look on since that very website helped me find a home in less than 2 weeks. I recieved a nice letter from my mom last night in the mail! I was so excited to get my very first hand written letter in Lincoln! yay! I just sat on my porch, didn't even make it inside my house and just read it. It has always been so comforting to get letters from my mom, she started this trend when I went off to college 60 miles away. And over the years, it just stuck on and she has written me off and on for over 8 years, since I left the nest. I always write her back.

Now Sabrina is on my new desk just hanging out. My hubby bought me a new desk for my office, it's not too big, but it's really cute! He got it at target, and the wood color is just gorgeous!well, I am running out of things so say, so I will stop for now. Have a great day y'all!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

All A New

A very eventful day today...just bought a 32" flat screen tv, well my hubby picked it out...that and he got a play station 3 to go with his tv....I told him, no more gadgets, we've spent enough! well we went and took another gander at Lincoln...I got some salt water taffy that tastes just like the taffy I remember eating as a kid in colorado on hot summer days. I am thinking I am going to buy a few bags of it and give some to my mom, who also has the same love for taffy...

we tried out a new restaurant today, y'all ever heard of noodles and company? well, we went there and it was so good! joe got the japanese pan noodles and I got the mushroom beef stroganoff. I want to go back and try something new as soon as I can! We find something new everyday in Lincoln, but the traffic will always be bad everywhere we go...I still haven't ventured out in my own car yet, but will have to soon when I go look for a job.

It's been 2-3 days since I have seen little jacks, he's such a sweet cat, and I have grown quite fond of him. I might set out some food for him tonight, maybe he will come back and eat it.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


recieved news this morning from my mom that my great uncle passed away last night from bone cancer. I just ask some prayers for my family and especially my great aunt, who suffered this great loss. I don't have much else to type about, I am a little sad about this...will type more later.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Beautiful Day...

The sunlight has finally poked through the clouds here in Nebraska...and the morning light is absolutely pristine in my neighborhood! It's bitter cold out though, a bone chilling 23 degrees right now...I am currently waiting for an electrician to show up this morning to fix my brand new dryer, it runs ok but it shocks the hell out of me just touching every part of the dryer, I think it's not grounded right, so instead of my hubby risking his life fixing it, we thought it would be best to hire a professional to do it.

My new studio a.k.a. my little slice of heaven holds the most bountiful eastern morning light, and my 4 birds have never chirped so happily until now. Ci-Ci and Brie-Brie (my 2 cats) even love hanging out in here too! I sat on my porch all bundled up like a snow bunny just taking in my new environment and watched the chickadees play about in the tree in my front yard. I saw my new little feline friend "Jacks" this morning as well...he walked up the steps and onto my porch to wish me a good morning, and so I fed him a little food. He didn't finish it all, so I think he will be back later today and finish eating. I have been told my my neighbor, Sue that Jacks loves my front proch the best because it gets the most sunlight all day until dusk. "Well, he's more than welcome to share my front porch," I tell her.

My hubby and I have so much to do today, we have to go to target and purchase a carbon monoxide detecter, a night light, groceries, and a lamp shade...we are still very far from getting finished unpacking. More info will come later.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Long Absence...

It's been nearly 5 months since I last posted on my much has happened! where can I even start?

Well, most of my loved ones and friends know that I am no longer Living in Kansas...I reside In Nebraska now. I just moved there yesterday, and into an actual house! NO MORE APARTMENTS FOR ME!!! So I moved into a completely different environment with my hubby, 2 cats, 4 birds, with a horse trailer, uhaul trailer and 4 vehicles full of our possessions. I moved from a town of 40,000 people to a big city of 225,000 people. When one makes an upgrade like that, one would get lost driving about, which has already happened to me at least twice! But like a canadian goose, I always find my way back to my house amongst all of the madness...

24 hours after I parked my car in my driveway and hung my hat, I have had maybe 3 hours of sleep, a huge migraine, made a trip to walmart at 3 am with the hubby to seek out excedrine, locked myself out of my own house twice, had popeye's chicken first time in years, and became a laptop owner. So much more will happen later on this hubby has the whole week off before he starts work at his new job center where he was transfered to...I, of course will go hunting for a part time job, if no full timers are available, and on the 9th I will open my etsy shop back up to sell the pillows I love making!

Nebraska is an interesting state...alot like Kansas, but boy oh boy, are the roads shitty! Kansas obviously spends more tax dollars on their road systems cause once you hit the KS/NE boarder, it goes from smooth to rough at an instant. Dremamine comes in handy at times like this! (motion sickness) that and so many corn fields! I haven't seen a single wheat field in nebraska yet! I think I will miss the wheat fields, the waving golden wheat heads swaying in the wind...

My neighborhood is quite nice...very quaint and the people living there are so tightly knit! I already met 2 of my neighbors, and they are so down to earth and pleasent! Even the neightborhood pets are very neighbor's cat, "Jacks" likes to visit me when I am out on my porch, he just trots right up to me and sleeps on my front porch...he's well behaved and is not a bother to anyone. I really like him. The only thing I hate about my neighborhood are the damn trains! the railroad tracks are just shy of about 50 yards from my house and every train that rolls by seems to shake the house! and this happens between 20-30 times daily, even at night!

There will be more to follow, even pictures...but my neck is starting to strain and my eyes are adjusting to this new laptop...I will close for now! stay tuned!