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Friday, May 25, 2012


Head over to

this is my new blog, a way to start fresh, I already have a few posts on there, I would love my followers to come over and follow my new blog!

It's a blog about fashion, my shop updates, and life in general, kind of like this one, but this one is fresh and brand new!  I hope to see you all there soon!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I Shall Return...

Hello my avid readers!

the last few months you all have probably noticed that my nearly everyday blogging has become non existent...well, get ready for a very long absence cause not only I have decided to take a break from facebook, but I have decided to take a much needed sabbatical from blogging as well, some of you are aware that artists and writer tend to hit a snag and get a creative block, well I have indeed hit that snag, and I need to stray away from technology and just breathe and think, however, my etsy shop remains to be open, doing quite well, any of you can contact me there (  I also am focusing on some soon to be big changes in my life, locating a FULL, not part time job, I am searching for a minimum of 40 hours weekly, my shop of course, paying off bills, and going back to school this fall full time as plate will be loaded and hopefully not heaping over!  I wish all of you a happy summer, it may be weeks, even months before I report back here.  Cheerio!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Calm After The Storm

Newest merchandise in my shop, sales have been very good, now at 239 as of this morning! (15 sales yesterday)

Had to throw in a pic of my new shop profile pic, me in my goofy my little pony bow, was a hair bow, but converted it into a "brooch" if you will...this is my Easter portrait too...

The last of the minxden pillows I decided to adopt into my own house hold...

But I see they are being put to good use as my hubby sleeps on them for napping adorable is that man of mine? I love watching him sleep.

Whoops, I awoke the mister....ummmm....hey baby, don't mind the camera! Now you can tell this is a married man, nestled in flowery girly sheets, blankies, and chic pillows...nothing sexier than seeing a married man just waking up snuggled in flowered linens, this should totally be in a magazine! Every wife, loves seeing their hubby's feminine sides, my husband is a 350 lbs. 6 foot 4 inch manly farm man raised on steak and potatoes and green beans, but this is a rare sight only I usually see, my big giant teddy bear man, who doesn't mind my extreme girly taste in home decor...he did marry a girly girl after all, which reminds me, our 4 year anniversary is coming up in about 6 weeks! wow! already!

It didn't matter anyway, cause there was another family member in our bed, my Ci-Ci.

Here's Ashes, the old lady kitty doing what she does best... "MEOW-OW-OW!" human translation..."Dad! wake up already! it's time for my afternoon snack!"

What a sleepy kitty I have! geeze, go back to bed then won't cha? (if you are wondering where my third furrbaby, Sabrina is, she was spending her "timeout" in the laundry room for being a naughty kitty earlier.

Well, the huge storm system had come and gone, a tornado went through my town, really scary, but luckily my house is fine, no major damage anywhere that I see this morning, And of course, me and my little family humans and felines both are safe and not injured. That being said, this would be the 2nd night in a row severe weather struck my little town and kept me awake most of the night, so I can see a Sunday's afternoon nap in order. Ci-Ci is already crashed on my flowery upholstered chair, dead to the world, Ashes snoozing comfortably on the back of my desk chair watching me with squinted eyes as I type, Sabrina licking her paw, my hubby wearily driving to work this morning (forgetting his sack lunch), and I am hungry like you wouldn't believe, since I only ate a few bites of food yesterday due to nerves of the tornado outbreak, so it's now time to nourish my weary body with a good hearty breakfast, but I am thinking I won't eat a typical breakfast....I am thinking, something weird! mmmm...haha! have a blessed Sunday, I won't be blogging again for at least a week, since I will be going back to my childhood hometown in Kansas to see family and just relax and breathe!

Friday, April 6, 2012

The Death Of Minxden

I am trying so hard to not cry when typing this....ok too late, Mrs. Waterworks over here....after nearly 3 and a half years of being in business, I chose today as the day I close her doors forever. Maybe it's the recession, maybe my 7 negative feedbacks, or maybe a shift in the market trend, I don't know but after 943 sales and 3 different locations, minxden is now no more. It feels that a part of my soul is now gone too, I put so much hard work into this shop, and for a while there minxden was thriving beautifully, I thought I could easily make it to 1,000 or more sales. I was 57 pillows short of my goal...only 57. In a way, I feel like I have failed. Like dropping dead of a heart attack in the last 50 meters of a 10K race...I was so close to 1,000 sales. I hate failure like no tomorrow. I kept minxden alive as long as I could, and seeing my 2nd etsy shop boom in sales in the past 4 months, that could of contributed to the slow death of minxden. As I take a very long deep breath in my shaky lungs, I know for certain I will have those who negatively critized me and minxden say these 4 dreaded words to my face "I told you so...." I tried so hard to show them different, to prove my negative critics wrong...and I am so damn mad at myself for not making it with this shop...I knew I did something majorly wrong if minxden couldn't last 4 years...what did I do wrong? where did I go wrong? were my prices too high? too low? the fabrics? were they not nice enough? my craftsmanship? was it lacking? did I not advertise like I should have? about 100 questions are going through my mind and I pray that only by the grace of God himself that Minxdenpartdeux, my 2nd etsy shop will do so much sucks to fail once, but to fail twice at the same thing, that won't do in my life. That won't do.
Well with the few pillows I have left, I will simply donate for good causes, and give to loved ones as gifts I guess.

Monday, April 2, 2012

One Hot Day Makes A Very Angry Minx Lynx

Today was so hot out! it reached 91 degrees here, but for my location this time of year, that's unheard of! and of course, my air conditioner is broke! This is what I get for moving into a foreclosed home that hasn't been maintained inside and out for over a year! (it was vacant for like 13 months I think before I moved in) and when that happens, heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical work goes all to sh#t! My plumbing was a complete nightmare last winter, took 3 whole weeks to get it all fixed! thank goodness my heater worked alright, but had quite a mild winter this year, only 2 snows! But now that we have this freak of nature heat wave, my hubs and I had to endure 90 degrees in our house, baking ourselves, our poor kitties and budgies, and 3 days, 15 cold showers, 2 sleepless nights, a tub of ice cream, and 5 lactaid pills later, the friendly cold front from Canada is finally here and it is now 73 in my house. And also made 9 sales today in my etsy jewelry shop, this is nice! sold the pink glittery bow pictured right above as one of the 9 items I sold! yay!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far, I am hopeful the rest of my week will be better...

Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Muggy Warm Day In The Rugged Lands While Searching For Monsters And Tiny Ponies

My, my what creature is this?? a pixie?? I can assure you all I am very much a human, my hubby just now is starting to call me "his pixie minx" I guess my short spikey hair reflects the pixie fairy in me! heheeeeeeee!

Today I am just sorting through my studio, forgot I had all of these smoking hello kitty cabs! I have one of these posted as a ring in my shop, I love these, not all cabs have to be cute or innocent!

My newest addition to the My Little Pony Family..."Up Up And Away" pony....I had this one once as a child, but lost her, she was one of my favorites, but found this again on another etsy site, she was 8 bucks and I had to have her. Now she is here to stay!

In my most recent dreams, I am dreaming that I am searching for my childhood treasures, especially the 40-50 petite ponies just like these 2 above...I ever so badly want to find the rest of my collection, but all I have are just these 2...sigh....

The monster search has begun, and I caught one! I made this little fella about 3 years ago in a cramped apartment bedroom in Kansas...I gave him the name of "Kashnikov". I have sold a few of these monsters in Minxden way back in the day, but I always had a soft spot for little Kashnikov, I didn't have the heart to sell him. Hope you all have a good weekend!

Thursday, March 29, 2012


I have 3 pillow orders and 2 jewelry orders to take into the post office today! I am happy, are you? Also to remind my viewers, minxden is indeed closing down, I currently have 23 pillows left and then that's it! (sold 5 of them last night, bringing the total to 23) they are going fast!

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Longest Blog Post You'll Ever Read....

Ok, (takes big breath) let me get you all up to speed on what's happened in my life the past 60 will slowly see a transformation of myself too.

You all knew in my last post I had to get rid of my pink hair for a job (which I no longer today have due to personal reasons) well here was the first stage, wasn't too happy with it, simply because I missed my pink hair badly, I cried for days!

Despite of my icky nappy hair, I carried on by decorating my home for spring and Easter...

Replaced my valentine's wreath for an Easter one...

Got some food pairing kawaii prints for the house, I woke up one day and realized my walls are so plain!

Started up a new collection of vintage my little ponies, oh how I loved them as a kid, and missed all of those colors, so bought some on various etsy sites to vamp up my studio!

Here my hair is back to my original color, but it was so so so nappy from all of that dying, my hair was more fried than fried chicken!

Makin barrettes, finding more cabochon venues outside of the USA (these came from Japan!)

Bows out the behind for myself, basically to give a distraction from my fried hair....

Thinking of pink......

Spring has sprung in my little town.....

Yes, can't forget about my cheesy pepto bismol pink lawn flamingos...

Finally found a purpose for my vintage fabric banners....

Became a bow maker!

Minxdenpartdeux is running smoothly! (151 sales!) but sadly made the decision to close down Minxden after a 3.5 year run, have 25 pillows left to sell, once the last pillow is gone, Minxden will be laid to rest!

And just 3 days ago, decided to rid of my frizzy hair and do a scary but brave thing....have the shortest hair of my life! All that you see here is virgin hair untouched by any dyes, and it is so soft and fuzzy again! I missed that. Thank God I can still wear bows though....whew! So sorry I have not been posting in the last 2 months, some of you may have wondered if I dropped off the face of the planet! I nearly did! Had to take care of a very sick husband, I got sick with severe bronchitis the first part of Feb. was laid out for almost a month...also severely sprained my right ankle from my previous job...dealt with replacing the entire clutch system in my hubby's truck, finding out I have severe lactose intolerance (eating no diary sucks!) mowing my massive backyard for the first time (took 2 hours!) enjoying the 80 degree weather we have been having in Nebraska! Grilling, going to my college hometown to partake in "fake patty's day" and get 3 sheets to the wind! (also had the best corned beef and cabbage ever while there), making jewelry for my shop nearly everyday, my life has been pretty interesting...hope to continue blogging as I have done before, the dust in my life has seem to settle down, I'm generally healthy, my husband in good health again, both cars are driveable. Life is good at the moment!