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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

On This Day Part 2

On this day one year ago, was the last day ever setting foot in my grandparent's former house. I must have taken over 200 pictures of every angle in and out of that house. Not a day went by that I didn't think about that place and/or miss it immensely. As I sift through the pics I took, memories flood and spill over in my mind and I just can believe that it's been one year exactly since I have been there. Now all I have are these pictures, pictures of a place I called my second home.

Also on this day 5 years ago, 2 of God's little tiny creatures just sort of fell into my life...this is the great story I wanted to tell you all, on the 29th, I was at home with my family, just suffered the loss of my cat, Contessa and fresh with grief, my aunt Susie calls me and informs me of this ad in the paper, advertising free kittens...So the very next morning on the 30th, I call this number and a lady with a very raspy voice on the other end told me that there were 2 left of the 5, so I told her I was on my way I arrive at this lady's house and she leads me to her back screened in porch and I saw this tiny little tabby kitten dart across the porch. And she darted again and ended up right at my feet (this was Sabrina) and looked up at me and locked eyes with me, I picked her up and (of course checked her backside to see the gender) and I said, I think you and I will do nicely...and then I look up and see this poor little grey kitten sitting in the corner, hanging her head low, thinking that she wasn't going to go home with me, so I walked over to her and picked her up, scoped her out, and told her "don't worry little one, I will take you home too!" so I scooped them both up in a cardboard box and drove them straight home to my parent's house....I walked into my dad's office and my mom and dad were both chatting and they heard some commotion coming from a box, my dad says, "what cha got there, pood?" (pood is my nick name) and i opened it up and 2 little kitty heads pop out..."2 of them?" "yep, something told me to get them both" So later on that day I was browsing the internet for kitty names, and I chose Colette and Sabrina. From that day on, I was to become their "human momma" and raise them into polite young ladies, and that's what they are! So this picture above is the first protrait of the 3 of us together...they were about 6 months old there...

First portrait of me and my Ci-Ci taken on 8/30/06...

First portrait of me and Brie Brie on 8/30/06

Ci-Ci, 5 months old at her first xmas!

Brie Cheese, 5 months of age on xmas 2006!

My Ci-Ci age 18 months

Brie-Brie age 18 months

Ci-Ci, 20 months

Brie-Brie, 20 months

My girls, age 21 months

Me and Ci-Ci on 8/30/11 present day

Me and my Brie Brie on 8/30/11 present day...

God has blessed me with creatures to give my human love to....they say the luckiest animals on earth are the ones who receive human love and companionship.

Also today, I want to say happy birthday to my uncle Randy!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

On This Day Part 1

Remember those pom poms I made? well I strung them in a cute garland and place it on top of my bird's cage! I think they like it!

I suddenly had this huge urge to re-read all of my old paper back novels from my grade school days, I have so many, and these here are just my top favorites...

These 2 kitties are the loves of my life. Stay tuned in 2 days for the part 2 of this post, it involves them and it's such a great story that I would like to share with you all!

This part is sad though, get ready for some kleenexes...On this day 5 years ago, this sweet little kitty I was holding here slipped the bonds of earth and went into heaven. Her name was Contessa. She was very young (only 5 months old) when she died. I was 23 at the time, still in college, I was actually at my classes and when I returned home, it was a sight I did not want to see, she had strangled herself with her fishing pole cat toy around my dining room chair. My heart sank. So I called my parents and my dad made the hour drive to come get me and that he could bury her next to my Cleo (who passed seriously 10 weeks earlier). Contessa came after Cleo, I got her about a month after her passing hoping to mend that hole in my heart, but at the time of her death, my hole got even bigger. She was a sweet kitty, she meowed so much, and kept me company...I only had her for roughly a month, but she stole my heart and is still so badly missed even 5 years later. I love you Tessa, you are missed everyday.

On a lighter note, I would like to wish my cousin, Megan and her hubby Daniel a happy 1 year wedding anniversary!

Saturday, August 27, 2011


You know when seasons change, you almost hear that "click"? well, I think the click happened overnight literally...I have been so consumed with stress that I forgot to look up to see the world around me. Here it is, late August and I am seeing the tips of leaves turning yellow (it's hard to see in this picture), a few leaves falling from the trees, and I saw a maple tree yesterday during my errands with red/pink leaves ALREADY! The nights are cooler, the humidity has subsided, and I put my summer sheets away and in exchange took out my somewhat heavier blankets for the even chillier nights to come. It won't be official Autumn status until sept. 22nd, but I think she wanted to arrive a wee bit early.

And of course, my back yard never looked better! The grass feels like carpet!

Been busy in my shop lately, these 6 pillows will be completed and then posted in the shop later on today!

Had a mishap with one of my grandma's old vintage pillowcases she gave me, this is almost 60 years old and as I was taking this off a pillow, the darn thing ripped just with the force of my own heart sank as I heard a loud "rrrripppp" sound, so I searched through my fabric stash and chose this one to help repair it...the pillowcase's fabric is very thin and worn to it's last legs...I have to be very careful with it from here on forward!

My new vintage tablecloth I found at a yard sale, for only 5 bucks! and it's HUGE! my cats love the tassels around the edges!

In addition to working today, I will be savouring this local treat! Colby Ridge's yummy popcorn! This one is flavored as caramel apple! mmmmm!

UPDATE! 600 dollars later my car is fixed, the problem? the key cylinder went bad and had to totally be replaced....ouch!
Sabrina coughed up a huge hairball last thursday, she is still puking, but I now think she has heaps of furr in her belly, my poor baby! But she still eats and drinks and plays normally thank God!
I maybe switching my hair color again, getting tired of the pink already, so I may end up dying the whole thing black or dark espresso brown.
I am taking meditation classes to help me relax, my friend, Casey is the instructor!
On 9/11, I will be going to an airshow here in Lincoln, and the blue angels will be there! I have always wanted to see them, that is one check off my bucket list!
2 days ago, my beloved grandpa "Papa" turned 87 years young and still going strong, as that man is in exceptionally great health! love you papa!!

Have a great weekend!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

In The News Of Minxden...

Minxden is in a store front! This is my friend, Casey's soap shop and she is letting me display some of my items here and she will try and sell them for me locally! hope this works as I unloaded about 25 pillows on her!

And here are some vintage scrap garland sets! she really thought they would do well in her shop!

And here are some garlands on display in her shop!

I thought, well as long as we are on this vintage route, I unloaded several vintage fabric pillows to see if I can get rid of them there. Don't worry, I still have several more in my etsy shop too! But I think she did a great job displaying my items!

Since the last several days have really been awful, I have been shutting myself up in my house, creating away, making a few knick knacks for myself, I think I really needed it. My next huge project involves this vintage pillowcase I found in my home town's goodwill, no hints! you will have to be surprised!

Made 3 more lavender sachets only this time used leftover vintage fabric squares from when I was making my quilt...

Finished some more hoops too, love them all! Ok, earlier in this post I said I was having an awful week? well, awful it was indeed! my cat had a relapse of her vomiting, so took her in to get blood work, and she was then put on prednisone. So for a few days I kept a vigil for her and watched her like a hawk. It was rough, but slowly she started to gain her appetite back, and now it has been a week since she vomited! the prednisone really helps I think, she even gained a couple of pounds! My other cat has been so grumpy and in this foul mood, so I had to deal with that. And 2 days ago, my car has really been having some issues, I have boiled it down to an electrical problem (sometimes it starts, and there are times it decides it does not want to start) I have had everything checked from the ignition switch to the starter to the fuel line to the battery...THEY FOUND NOTHING AND COULDN'T RECREATE THE PROBLEM!! So yeah, I am very leery on driving my car, it could have a day to where it doesn't want to start and I could be stuck clear across town! And- took that assessment test for that job I was applying for, I didn't pass, evidently my "computer skills" were not up to par? whatever.....I have only been dealing with computers more than half my that really made me angry and felt a sense of worthlessness. They wouldn't tell me what part of the assessment I failed at, or what I needed to improve on, or if I failed by a landslide or just barely! So yeah, that's that! a bad week up to today...what else could go wrong if I am at home laying low right? Crap, I probably just jinxed myself, so I just now knocked on wood hopefully Ms. Bad Karma is done with me for at least one day.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I learned a new crafting skill, and I am hooked! I promised you pom-poms, and you got 'em!

Aren't they clever and cute little guys? the first few took a while, but once I got the hang of it, they multiplied like bacterium! If only bacteria looked this cute!

Posted 32 fat quarters of my unused fabric in MPD, most are amy butler fabrics too! hope they sell, I don't need this fabric anymore!

As most of you may have known, my cat, Sabrina has been sick with an upset tummy, but after giving her laculose and prednisone, she is starting to feel better! Of course I have a pretty hefty vet bill, but she is worth every penny I have! Thank you for keeping her in your thoughts and prayers! But that been said, I am needing prayers for something else now, I am taking this huge assessment test tomorrow for a job interview, from what I heard, it is pretty tough and if I don't pass, then I can't reapply for 6 whole months, and I need this job! please and thank you!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pink Hair, Yarn, And Such

Good day to you all! What gorgeous weather we have and I finished my newest hoop!

I bet you all don't know what I am planning on making with all of this very color yarn! Oh alright, I guess I will tell....I am planning on making pom poms! I have seen a bunch of these cute pom poms posted on etsy lately, so I got to thinking, I should make some for myself, I may end up posting some in MPD, but we'll see how they turn out first...I found a great tutorial on youtube too!

My babies!

Notice anything different? I got the underside of my hair dyed pink and blonde! I love it! My true colors are showing now! hope you all have a blessed Sunday!