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Saturday, August 27, 2011


You know when seasons change, you almost hear that "click"? well, I think the click happened overnight literally...I have been so consumed with stress that I forgot to look up to see the world around me. Here it is, late August and I am seeing the tips of leaves turning yellow (it's hard to see in this picture), a few leaves falling from the trees, and I saw a maple tree yesterday during my errands with red/pink leaves ALREADY! The nights are cooler, the humidity has subsided, and I put my summer sheets away and in exchange took out my somewhat heavier blankets for the even chillier nights to come. It won't be official Autumn status until sept. 22nd, but I think she wanted to arrive a wee bit early.

And of course, my back yard never looked better! The grass feels like carpet!

Been busy in my shop lately, these 6 pillows will be completed and then posted in the shop later on today!

Had a mishap with one of my grandma's old vintage pillowcases she gave me, this is almost 60 years old and as I was taking this off a pillow, the darn thing ripped just with the force of my own heart sank as I heard a loud "rrrripppp" sound, so I searched through my fabric stash and chose this one to help repair it...the pillowcase's fabric is very thin and worn to it's last legs...I have to be very careful with it from here on forward!

My new vintage tablecloth I found at a yard sale, for only 5 bucks! and it's HUGE! my cats love the tassels around the edges!

In addition to working today, I will be savouring this local treat! Colby Ridge's yummy popcorn! This one is flavored as caramel apple! mmmmm!

UPDATE! 600 dollars later my car is fixed, the problem? the key cylinder went bad and had to totally be replaced....ouch!
Sabrina coughed up a huge hairball last thursday, she is still puking, but I now think she has heaps of furr in her belly, my poor baby! But she still eats and drinks and plays normally thank God!
I maybe switching my hair color again, getting tired of the pink already, so I may end up dying the whole thing black or dark espresso brown.
I am taking meditation classes to help me relax, my friend, Casey is the instructor!
On 9/11, I will be going to an airshow here in Lincoln, and the blue angels will be there! I have always wanted to see them, that is one check off my bucket list!
2 days ago, my beloved grandpa "Papa" turned 87 years young and still going strong, as that man is in exceptionally great health! love you papa!!

Have a great weekend!!!

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Jennie said...

The popcorn looks yummy! So sorry about your stress and sick car and kitties. Those hairballs are no fun at all. My cat loves that brown anti-hairball gel- he thinks it's a special treat!