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Monday, August 1, 2011

Many Pictures, Many Finds, Many Great Times!

Back safe and sound from Kansas, had a great time seeing my family! I came back to my parent's house and my mummy gave me many goodies, for starters, this amazing vintage sewing book! I spent at least a half an hour looking through it! I know it will come in handy for any vintage projects! I love the cover too! Thanks mom!!! :)

Visited my aunt and in addition to a bottle of micro-brew, she gave me this heart ornament! I love it! it now hangs in my studio! I also made her a vintage fabric pillow, she loved it!

And I visited my grandparents (Nonie and Papa) and spent the majority of the afternoon thumbing through my vintage fabrics, I brought a few down with me to show my grandma, she loved them! and so I raked in the loot! she gave me all of these vintage pillowcases! 8 in all, she embroidered a couple of them, and one of them was given to her as a wedding gift! (the purple one) and that wedding took place way back in 1955!!! I almost felt bad taking them, but she reassured me that she no longer needed them and she knew I would enjoy them for many years to come! THAT I WOULD! and they also took me and my hubby out to lunch at this great mexican restaurant!

Of course I had to go on my own thrifting hunt, and found these 3 pillowcases!

My mom gave me these! 2 matching sets and one singular pillowcase, ALL FLORAL CHINTZ! like I said, I hit the jackpot!

The japanese (or chinese) symbol sheet came from my mom, and I found the pink one...

My nonie gave me all of this lace too! WOW!

This is part of the antique quilt my mom owns that my great grandma made...this part of the quilt pictured is my favorite part!

oooooooo my pie bird!

Awwww there's "Bust-A-Must" (Buster), my mom's cat...I missed him and he is such a stinker! And he was my alarm clock by getting me up before 6am!

Here is Turk the love bird, he is sooooo sweet and likes to show off!

me and my dad, his birthday was celebrated that weekend I was visiting!

My dad eagerly awaiting his birthday apple pie! my hubby is on the right serving up some! it was really good pie my hubby whipped up, the best I ever had!

My hubby's 10 yr. high school reunion was last weekend too, here we are at the event! a lot of orange was worn that night!

A blast from the past! my grandma gave me this picture, if you can guess who this little girl is....THAT'S ME!!! I was 9 years old here, this was taken 19 years ago in April of 1992! I was indeed a cute little minx! hope your weekends were great!


susie said...

I enjoyed our visit and love my pillow. I can't wait to see what you do with your new finds.

Minx's Den said...

I got a few tricks up my sleeve! started on a quilt today! so excited to see the finished result!