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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On This Day...

Made 4 more! these are now posted in minxden and they all look ever so lovely! I will be making maybe a couple more tonight, and I will also be cleaning a little, and more laundry to do of course....that seems never ending! I am thinking on going to the store to pick up a few things to make me dinner for tonight. I also want to take this time and wish my parents a happy wedding anniversary! On this day, June 28th, they have now been married for 31 years! Love you mum mum and daddy! Today is all about you two! (I like the fact that my mom, my nonie and I are 3 generations of June brides!) I got married on the 6th, Nonie on the 18th, and my mum on the 28th! June brides rock, and my mom looked ever so beautiful on her wedding day!

What's making my day almost like my anniversary!
1. been making many new pillows
2. got the lawn mowed
3. had a nice chat with both my parents on the phone long distance today
4. hubby is making me home made chicken noodle soup later on this week
5. expecting a nice hand written letter from my mummy (we believe in the exchange of letters over email any day)
6. excited to go to the cat house animal shelter tomorrow to take care of kitties in need!

Monday, June 27, 2011

More And More Newbies!!!

"Golden Floral" Pillow made from vintage fabrics and lace! One of my favorites!

This one I named "Green Blue" Pillow, but this title has personal meaning, this one is dedicated to one of my closest friends from high school, I nick name her "green blue" after her first and middle name (Jade Skye) I will keep the last name under wraps though ;) but several years ago, we parted ways and went in different directions, but just recently, our paths merged again, and we reconciled our friendship, and that makes me so happy! And to find out, time indeed can change so many things, I learned that she has been happily married for 6 years to a great guy whom I had the pleasure of meeting and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy that's just turned 2! I am so happy for her and her beautiful life with her new little family! This pillow I worked hard to make is dedicated to you, green blue! buddah!!!!

Well to get you all up to speed, the last 2 days have been interesting, had a real bad, well ok, make that plural...thunderstorms that came through my area and let's just say I ended up in the basement twice in a 6 hour span! and losing power for 2 hours on top of that! Got my very last fabric order from the down under (Australia) and now that I have all of my new (old) fabrics in, I will be mass producing many of these pillows like pictured above! I will be working on an orange themed one, then a purple themed one! This is so exciting! This week is turning out to be much better than last week was (knocked on wood just now for luck)...happy manic mad Monday everybody, although it's a good Monday!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

New In Minxden!

"Many Of Roses" Pillow for sale in Minxden priced at $24.00 (USD)

Long Time!

Sorry for my absence, haven't been much in the blogging mood lately, nothing much to post about, well that is until now...last Wednesday as I was cooking dinner for myself, I had a mishap with a knife whilst cutting Parmesan cheese (hubby told me I was using the wrong knife later on that evening) well, the knife went straight into the base of my thumb and caused a deep laceration thus another trip to the ER was in order...I somehow managed to drive myself with a tea towel wrapped very tightly around my left hand, so the ER nurse went ahead and cleaned it up (that actually was more painful than the cut itself!) and instead of stitches, I got skin glue onto it so it would heal faster...called my hubby while he was at work, told him what happened, he drove straight to the hospital. He went ahead and took the rest of the evening off and he actually resumed cooking what I was making for myself earlier. That and severe weather every single night for the past 8 nights in a row keeping me awake is not fun either, since I do not like sleeping during the day, but have no choice in the matter...This week has not been the best week for me, and I am ready for another week to start. On a lighter softer note, I have been getting all of my fabrics in the mail that I ordered, only 3 left to go! I have a nice stack on my table in my studio, not sure which ones to start off with first on making new pillows...I currently have a creative block and can't seem to get out of this funk, I look to other websites for inspirations, but nothing seems to work for me at the moment. My hubby and I are hosting a 4th of July party at our house, and inviting some friends and their kids over for a big BBQ and fireworks shoot off in our back yard. We are trying to get a menu planned, so far only thought up of grilled hickory smoked chicken drum sticks and home made baked Boston beans...of course we are telling everyone to B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Beer). This is our first huge 4th of July shindig we are throwing by ourselves for the first time since moving from Kansas (we always had big parties with our families) but now it's just the 2 of us and our close friends we don't want anything to go wrong! Just alot on my mind, alot to do these days, and I feel so dang tired all the time, not even sure why, I'm thinking my iron levels are just so dang low, but other wise not sure. I sleep 12-16 hours in a day now for the past week, and my arm hurts like hell from that tetanus shot I got at the ER. Like I said, not a fun past week, just want this week to be overwith! I am sorry I have no pictures to post, giving my hard working camera a break these days. Hope everyone's week has been better than mine!

Friday, June 17, 2011

For The Love Of Fabrics

In the last 2 days, my mailbox has been somewhat on the full side, full of vintage fabrics and vintage notions that is, this is a result from my business loan I took out...I now possess at least 50 new fabrics, some lace, but I also had to get my kitties and parakeets a little something. I am still expecting more packages yet, 14 more! woo-hoo! it took me about an hour to refold my fabrics that I have already! Once I get all that I ordered, I will be a busy bee working on the new pillows!

The good stuff:
1. happy pets with their new toys!
2. hubby is making home made mannicotti!
3. looking forward to 14 more packages!!
4. Bike ride to the farmer's market first thing in the morning!
5. making more fabric grocery bags!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Newest Minxden Beauties!

The newest additions in minxden awaiting adoption! They are so chic! Some of my best work yet....I price these around the 22-23 dollar range since more work and older fabrics go into them....I just ordered ALOT more vintage fabrics with my business loan! I may get a couple of fun purchases just for me, not sure what to get though, I will be shopping around today for that, I did already get a couple of inexpensive vintage pillow cases for myself, but i want to get some more expensive! I put in 2 hours of my time today at the Cat House (a no kill animal shelter for cats) and made a new little kitty friend! Her name is Stara and she is so beautiful, reminds me of my deceased feline companion "Cleo", whom I lost 5 years ago yesterday from being hit by a car....very tragic day, but this new kitty at the shelter is an exact look alike, and such a sweetheart! shhhhhh......don't tell anyone, but I am seriously considering adopting her into my loving home and family.....I will have to have a serious discussion with the Mister tonight and see what he thinks about having a third furrbaby in the house,,,,hope you all are having a great day!

Monday, June 13, 2011

It's Yard Sale Season!

This dining set I got was the absolute steal of the year! ONLY 9 DOLLARS FOR THE WHOLE THING!!!!!! And my cats love to lay on it, but now I have to break them of the habit of them begging us for tasty morsels of food!

Only 10 cents, this vintage canary clip-on ornament was meant to come home with me!

Found this kitschy momma and baby deer! the red bow tie is so adorable I think!

For only 50 cent each, I found some more beanie babies to add to my collection! and "Legs" the green frog is one of the original 9!!!!! score!!

Had to get a pic of my sweet boys! Hope you all have a great work week!!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sunny Saturday

Made a new pillow posted in Minxden today! it's sooooo dainty!

These other 2 pillows will be posted soon!

My Ci-Ci

My Brie-Brie

And me!

Good things happening lately:
1. New dress I got on sale at old navy!
2. A successful trip at a yard sale!
3. Farmer's market today!
4. Anxious to order ALOT of vintage fabrics!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Down A Different Path...

I am standing at the ultimate fork in the road when it comes to my small etsy business.....and I chose my path........I have decided (but not lightly) to up my ante by using 95% vintage fabrics in my new items to come, yes I will still sell pillows, and the what I now call "oldies" pillows are still for sell, but I won't be posting anymore of them since I feel they are losing popularity, so time to move onto a new market niche, vintage fabrics and I feel optimistic about this one. I have tried jewelry, that didn't work, tried artwork in the infancy of my business, that didn't work too well either. Pillows always worked for me, but people crave something more I sense.....So, I am taking my very first small business loan, along with the help of my hubby, and I will be making many purchases in etsy the next few weeks to provide myself resources to make the beautiful items that are dying to escape my brain and into beautiful creations! I should say my shop is evolving....I took the time to improve on my craft and sewing techniques, and now I feel ready for minxden to become the young lady that she is and show her extreme floral/chic/mature side. Wish me luck everyone, I sure need it, help spread the word for me that my shop will be bigger and better than ever before! Changes must be made!

What else is making my day serene:
1. hubby made hickory smoked chicken from our new grill! mmmm it was good!
2. my creative mojo is sure raging like a wild flooded river!
3. down 23 pounds as of yesterday! and my swimsuit is baggy in the deriere!
4. got beethoven serenading me in my studio!
5. The sight of my sleeping girl kittens!

Monday, June 6, 2011

3 Years....

3 years ago today.....we became man and wife. We have gone through alot in this duration of time, a big out of state move, a surgery, but in the midst of it all, I have a great marriage that I am so thankful for.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

On These Walls And In This Studio

Been working on some more wall hoops only with vintage fabrics....

Here's what I have finished so far....

Some more garlands hanging in my studio...

My fabrics runneth over!!!!

This tattered nightlight has been mine since I was a wee little one. I have been scared of the dark for the longest time (still am) and I remember this night light illuminating my bedroom on those dark nights as a child. Over the years, this blessed mother night light ended up on the floor in the closet nearly crushed by some heavier things, so I rescued her, replaced her light bulb, hoping it would still work after 25 years and she does!!! This brought me great comfort right before my surgery, having her light my dark. I may end up restoring her flowers on her head and hands, not much I can do for her missing fingers, but it still holds so much sentimental value.

My pyrex dishes have been serving many purposes for me, from holding my small fabric scraps, to my recent get well cards....

Hope everyone is having a great weekend, my 3rd wedding anniversary is in 2 days, my hubby and I are just chilling at the house this weekend!