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Friday, June 17, 2011

For The Love Of Fabrics

In the last 2 days, my mailbox has been somewhat on the full side, full of vintage fabrics and vintage notions that is, this is a result from my business loan I took out...I now possess at least 50 new fabrics, some lace, but I also had to get my kitties and parakeets a little something. I am still expecting more packages yet, 14 more! woo-hoo! it took me about an hour to refold my fabrics that I have already! Once I get all that I ordered, I will be a busy bee working on the new pillows!

The good stuff:
1. happy pets with their new toys!
2. hubby is making home made mannicotti!
3. looking forward to 14 more packages!!
4. Bike ride to the farmer's market first thing in the morning!
5. making more fabric grocery bags!


A bird in the hand said...

Woohoo, indeed!!

I love the fabric grocery bag that you gave me and use it a lot. It rolls up to almost nothing and goes in my backpack so it's there when I need it!

Happy sewing. xoxo

Minx's Den said...

awwww you still use it! that's cool colette! I'm glad you love it! my bags come in handy all the time too! happy sewing to me indeed! xoxo