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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On This Day...

Made 4 more! these are now posted in minxden and they all look ever so lovely! I will be making maybe a couple more tonight, and I will also be cleaning a little, and more laundry to do of course....that seems never ending! I am thinking on going to the store to pick up a few things to make me dinner for tonight. I also want to take this time and wish my parents a happy wedding anniversary! On this day, June 28th, they have now been married for 31 years! Love you mum mum and daddy! Today is all about you two! (I like the fact that my mom, my nonie and I are 3 generations of June brides!) I got married on the 6th, Nonie on the 18th, and my mum on the 28th! June brides rock, and my mom looked ever so beautiful on her wedding day!

What's making my day almost like my anniversary!
1. been making many new pillows
2. got the lawn mowed
3. had a nice chat with both my parents on the phone long distance today
4. hubby is making me home made chicken noodle soup later on this week
5. expecting a nice hand written letter from my mummy (we believe in the exchange of letters over email any day)
6. excited to go to the cat house animal shelter tomorrow to take care of kitties in need!

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