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Monday, January 31, 2011

Sleepy Hubby Pics....

I know I am a mean wife, but I think my hubby is so cute when he sleeps! all 4 of these pics were taken in my old apartment before moving, and the top pic is my most favorite! he was snoring very loud in that one, and if you look real closely, his eyes were slightly open! lol i just love my hubby, even when he is in dreamland!

New Minxden Pillowlets!

Laurel Dots Pillow In Cherry

Twilight Peony Pillow In Amaranth

Delhi Blooms Pillow In Grass

Twilight Peony Pillow In Saffron

Sari Blooms Pillow In Moss

Fuchsia Tree Pillow In Carmine

Temple Doors Pillow In Deep Water

And lastly, Dancing Paisley Pillow In Lemon...
I now have all but one in Amy Butler's newest soul blossoms line, the only one I need to get is the Laurel Dots In Periwinkle, and it's back ordered! arg. These are now all posted in Minxden, I have finished my 1 yard wonder project, I will post a pic of the result to the post office I go delivering about 8 packages! whew! I am going to need my trusty dolly to cart those in since my hubby is going to the gym today! I know I will be going back to the calico house to restock on sold fabrics that I have already sold as pillows...maybe I will drop by the yarn shop and say hi to my knitting friends, grab lunch somewhere, and go to the grocery store, stock up on tidbits before the snow hits! Lots to do today!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Back In Time / The One Fabric

Remember when??? These 2 bird plush friends were created in a very small bedroom in a very small apartment in a college town in Kansas?

I do!!! 2 years ago this month, I scrounged enough dollar bills and change to buy the fabrics used to make these 2 little friends of t'was a time when money was tight, my minxden business was young with very little sales, when I was a newly wed...I thought I had forever lost Mr. Magpie and Miss Rosey in the migration up north to Nebraska, but low and behold I find them sealed airtight in a forgotten box down in my cold brother in law must have put that box and a few others down there without me knowing....Let's see....the last time they saw me was early fall 2009 as I was quickly packing moving to Nebraska, and now, they see me as a more financially secure non newly wed, a little more wise, a little older, a little tougher, (Nebraskan women do have to put up more of a front) with 2 booming etsy businesses, and they realize they now live in a much bigger place, well a house now instead of a teeny tiny apartment. I love it when I come across something out of the blue on a normal ordinary day, something that I thought was gone forever, but we 3 reunited and I brought them upstairs to warm up, dust off, and this is a "remember when" moment! Welcome back Mr. Magpie and Miss Rosey!

The fabric of all fabrics!! Found this great print at hobby lobby whole yard!! can y'all guess what I am planning on doing with a whole yard of that fabric? seriously....guess! I am using the whole yard...

Well, I feel a headache coming on as I type, I may be taking some excedrine to either postpone it, or hopefully prevent it from further development...headaches usually dont stop my creative process...

What's this? 2 cute lil mushroom birdies found their way into that small teeny tiny orange cage!

A small little project I did yesterday, these 3 birdie figurines were awful dreadful colors, so I bought spray paint and gave all 3 a new fresh more mod look! the blue one was a pheasant, with chipped paint all over it, so for only 2 bucks and a small can of fresh spray paint, he looks like he came from a high end store! the other 2 were buys from hobby lobby and pier one, thought they deserved a make over too! Ok, now what else can I spray paint????

My "Grey Rollie Pollie"

And My "Brie Cheese"....meow! purr!!! have a blessed sunday my readers! I will be doing more projects to post in MPD, cold front came through, now time to break out my heavy knitted socks and throw blankies!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

This Is Only A Test....

Had some photographing fun in the minxden studio today, and my hubby helped me this time!
This house is the newest to join the mix, I just love the vintage pink velvet ribbon on it, of course the vibrant yellow is brilliant too!

Now you can tell I did not take this pic, my hubby did! In his telecommunications degree, he also took photography in college! I had a general idea of what I wanted to do in the pics, but he took it the rest of the way, I wanted farther away shots, he told me up close would be better, he was right!

I told him I wanted my cute toes to show, (I really do love my feet, they are my momma's feet)
and wear my Indian yellow sari for a different look and approach...the top pillow is the newest one I have made, don't think I will sell it, I just love the fabric!

My hubby thought of this one! He is so clever!

Friday, January 28, 2011

New Treats In My Studio

Delhi Blooms Pillow In Lime

Buttercups Pillow As Spearmint

Temple Tulips Pillow In Azure, one of my newest favorites!

Passion Lily Pillow As Fern

Playful birds Pillow In Cream, I can almost hear the birds chirping on this pillow!

Went on a Barnes and Noble excursion, found this lovely book, I will be teaching myself further to repurpose fabric scraps for other future uses! Oh how I love that ottoman on the book cover! All I need is to adopt an old ottoman, spruce her up with some cute fabrics, and stitch on some lovely pom poms around her edges! Oh my heart just skipped a beat for a moment thinking about that! It looks like I now have a mission!! Let's see if I can do it for under 50 bucks, oh I think I can, I think I can!!!!!

Deep in thought.......ideas are flowing through my mind as I listen to Vivaldi's four seasons...

Frantically Fun Friday

Yesterday was such a good day, (except my poor daddy is sick) :( but anyhow, yesterday my hubs had one of his days off, so we just had to get out of the house, that we did! we went to a new restaurant, well and Irish pub that serves Italian food and the cutest little pizzas I have ever seen! So my hubby and I split a pizza, I got cheese, he likes his meat! THE BEST PIZZA LINCOLN NEBRASKA HAS TO OFFER! Also, afterwards of stuffing our bellies full of pizza and beer, we headed over to the quilting museum and very awesome it was! I even saw a quilt that King Louis XV had when he was a child, it is currently 296 years old!!! wow! When the Mister and I returned home, I checked my mail and low and behold a surprise was awaiting me! My dear friend, Colette sent me this cute parakeet magnet pictured above!! I love my budgie friends, I favorited this item in my etsy favorites, and she got it for me! Thanks Colette! it was on my fridge for about 3 hours, and then I took it upstairs and displayed it on my desk in my studio, I keep so many sweet treasures, from my mom, sis, friends, hubby, anyone special to me!

Can y'all guess which house goes where? I am mailing half of these off to my mom, sis, and a good friend! Got them completed 2 nights ago, along with the scalloped bunting I made for my beloved Nonie (grandmother) for her birthday come next Wednesday, she will be 78 years young! but I didn't think to take a picture of it before mailing it, but it looks great! I know she will love it!!!!

I organized and cleaned my studio not but a week ago, and's messy and disorganized! 8 of those pillows laying on the ground were sold last night, they journey to DC!! including my first vintage fabric one sold! woot!!!!

Looks like one of my tasks today is obviously showing here....and mailing off my first MPD order! But now I leave you for now with my 2 prides and joys! HAVE A FUN FRAZZLED DAZZLED FRIDAY Y'ALL!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Whimsical Wednesday

A Friend told me to try Goodwill out for thrifting...since the only Goodwill I have been to was the one in my hometown, I thought I'd give one of five Goodwill stores a try, now my mission was to find some vintage floral bedsheets, I was not successful yet again, however, with my thrifty ways, I took a gander anyways throughout the store and several other goodies spoke to me and I adopted them and gave them a second chance of life! This is a cute mini birdcage, very rusted, so I quickly spray painted it a pumpkin orange for a new face lift...

I found this green velvet pillow, reminded me of my grandmother's throw pillows at her home... and this lovely vintage hat box, I can't believe people passed it by until I came along, I mean this item stopped me dead in my tracks for crying out loud!!

Here is the hatbox in closer detail, it's Easter themed!!!

Of course crocheted hangers are popular, so I got those 2 and the flowery one I just couldn't resist, so i adopted it too! all 1buck each!!

Now I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this....a very old antique bib necklace! these sell like hot cakes on etsy all the time, I have always wanted one, but they are soooooooo expensive on other etsy shops, way out of my budget...but snagged this one for only $ that's a price I can pay!

And my favorite "finds" of the the lower left picture was the one showing in it's original wrapping, and for 5 bucks, I thought for one print, that's a little steep, but I will get it anyway, well when I got home and took it out of it's wrapping, 3 other different kitty prints fell to the ground, I was so shocked, but pleasantly surprised! Now 5 bucks for 4 seemed more reasonable! I love little unexpected things like that! So how much was spent you all wonder? 18 bucks and some change! Not bad!

More Goodies!

I made another bunting, only this one is scalloped! I haven't decided to sell it yet or not...I did a real flawless job on it!

These Valentines Decorations are for sale though in Minxden Part Deux, you know from here on out I will just type MPD short for minxden part deux, abbreviations are just easier for my life! Well any way these are all 3 in one set, and since they have very old antique quilt heart appliques (cut from an old quilt) I am charging a bit more for these, so 15 bucks is the final price...But I found those quilt hearts at silver bella last year in Omaha, I think they are great, I wish I got more of them! There is always next fall though...sigh.....

More house (maisons) ornaments are added to the mix!

And last but not least, all 5 of these birdies are now in MPD....have a great wednesday!!