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Sunday, January 9, 2011

New In My Shop!

Disco Flowers Pillow In Tangerine

Laurel Dots Pillow In Cilantro

Peacock Feathers Pillow In Blush

Delhi Blooms Pillow In Rose

Dancing Paisley Pillow In Limestone

Sari Blooms Pillow In Raspberry

Disco Flowers Pillow In Hot Pink

Temple Doors Pillow In Basil

Delhi Blooms Pillow In Ocean

Twilight Peony Pillow In Azure

Peacock Feathers Pillow In Bright Pear

Fuchsia Tree Pillow In Charteuse

Passion Lily Pillow In Mulberry

Buttercups Pillow In Honeydew

All are from Amy Butler's newest collection!!! finally I now have access to 31 of 33 prints right here in my home town! I already sold one today, hoping to sell all of these too! I have 16 more prints to buy, I may buy 4-5 more tomorrow.....we'll see! but which one is your favorite? Mine will have to be the peacock feathers one in bright pear!


Jennie said...

I'm a fan of the peacock feathers, too- the other one, though. They are all gorgeous, and they are sure to fly right out of your shop :)

The Rusty Teapot said...

Yup Love the peacock feathers in blush and the sari bloom in raspberry, gosh they are all nice it would be hard to chose if they were in front of me. you do a lovely job on them!