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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More Goodies!

I made another bunting, only this one is scalloped! I haven't decided to sell it yet or not...I did a real flawless job on it!

These Valentines Decorations are for sale though in Minxden Part Deux, you know from here on out I will just type MPD short for minxden part deux, abbreviations are just easier for my life! Well any way these are all 3 in one set, and since they have very old antique quilt heart appliques (cut from an old quilt) I am charging a bit more for these, so 15 bucks is the final price...But I found those quilt hearts at silver bella last year in Omaha, I think they are great, I wish I got more of them! There is always next fall though...sigh.....

More house (maisons) ornaments are added to the mix!

And last but not least, all 5 of these birdies are now in MPD....have a great wednesday!!

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