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Friday, January 14, 2011

I Score Again!

I finally found it! My most favorite print and style of pyrex! Aren't those snowflakes great??
And it's practically in mint condition! only $9.50 for both the lid and dish!

This small bowl is from the amish set, got it for seven bucks...

this so far is the cheapest pyrex purchase to date....only $1.00!

This cute lil teacup isn't pyrex, but she spoke to me and I couldn't resist...only 50 cents!

My girls.....just on a typical winter afternoon, Sabrina is quietly sitting atop her cat hut and her
sister, Ci-Ci is sound asleep on my floral chaise lounge....that cat can sleep like the dead!

Here is my handy dandy hubby tinkering with my new headlight, which he installed successfully
later on that day! I honestly doubted his car tinkering skills, but now I shall bite my tongue now, he is a car fiend! I should know that midwestern men know their way around any vehicle (well any man).

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