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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Slippery Sunday

Lots of ice headed towards me today....the roads are expected to be very slick, and of course my hubs works today and will be driving amongst the masses of Lincoln...I always have hated winter and it's cruel antics. And up here in Lincoln, the winter season seriously lasts from mid October-mid April! half of my year is spent in cold, snow, and ice....and plenty of it too! And from what I have learned by living my first spring in Lincoln, from mid April to first week in June, the temps stay at about the 50's for highs! the severe weather doesn't really come into full swing until late june, and we can get bad storms until end of September! Last summer, Lincoln only saw 2 days of over 100 degrees, only 2! I have only moved 200 miles to the north from Kansas, but there is a huge difference in the climate! Right now, there is indeed snow on the ground, I probably won't see the ground well until April...that's how it was last year at least. My 2 cats are still very fascinated with the white snow outside, I guess they didn't see too much of it in Kansas. Well today I have to get crackin and get some errands done before the ice hits, I have been through a severe ice storm in the past, and had no power for 6 days, that was no fun...I am hoping and praying the same scenario doesn't see me out.

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