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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday's Child Full Of Grace

How many of you were born on a terrific Tuesday? I WAS!! Well if I was born 25 minutes later than I was then I would be a Wednesday baby. but nope, Tuesday holds me in her arms. They say Tuesday's child is full of grace.....since when does that apply to me? I am anything but graceful! I am just like my dad, accident prone! But I like Tuesdays, even better than Saturdays! Not sure why though....but the 7 days of the week nursery rhyme is my favorite....I shall recite it....

Monday's child is fair of face....
Tuesday's child is full of grace....
Wednesday's child is full of woe....
Thursday's child has far to go....
Friday's child is loving and giving....
Saturday's child works hard for a living....
And those born on the blessed day are bonny, blithe, good, and gay....

Which one are you I wonder??

Monday, November 29, 2010

New Fun Pillows Born InThe Minxden Studio

This one is Cherry Blossom Branches Pillow In Aqua for sale in my etsy shop! aren't these so cool! my newest faves!

Cherry Blossom Branches Pillow In Green for sale in my etsy shop

Gray Day

Woke up to a very dark gray sky, but no precipitation in the forecast. Took my husband out to Chinese food, one of our favorite hot spots in Lincoln, he needed some good brain food since he is going to be interviewed for supervisor training, which takes 6 months to go through...I pray he does ok, he was very nervous before leaving for work.....I told him he would do great and that he had nothing to worry about...he got a hair cut this morning, he always looks so different with a hair cut, and he shaved his entire beard off too.....I miss my scruffy hubby, now I have a trimmed clean shaven hubby in my house now.....I have been used to clean shaven men, my dad always had a hair free face, so did both my grandpas, my hubby did for a long time too, but my hub grew out his facial hair for the no-shave November thing, I really didnt mind his beard at all, actually, it was really soft once it got real long. I did take some pictures of his mountain man look. So now the house is empty but my parakeet boys are chirping in their swank little home, and I just got out of the shower and need to get some real clothes on instead of my hubby's bathrobe and get to work knitting my grandma's xmas scarf, and maybe some more felt bird ornaments to post on etsy. Cheers and happy Monday y'all!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Another Blessed Sunday

Have a blessed Sunday everyone! I will be making new felt xmas ornaments today! sold the xmas trees ornament set and the pink bird ornament, gotta boost up my felt ornie inventory! Pictured above is my Matryoshka Doll felt ornament for sale in my etsy shop!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Still Missing A Part Of My Life

All I want to do be back in this room and fall into a deep sleep was never too dark, the comfort of ol' grandfather clock sang to me every 15 minutes to make sure I wasnt scared. Smelling the pillows which held the scent of good memories and comfort, hearing my grandpa's bedroom TV across the hall, I can only go there in my dreams now. I hope my subconscious takes me there tonight, I want to go back. I can travel nearly 300 miles back to that room and not ever have to leave my bed in Lincoln, NE. I miss my "green room".

Day 4 of 45

I am counting down the days till my stupid big boot comes off permanently. I am on day 4 of 45 and already, it sucks. I am in the itching phase, that darn thing itches!!!! even with pants on!!! also the pain is setting in my hips, just as my doc predicted, and the right ankle bone is actually starting to hurt too....(my bad foot is the right one) I am not wearing it when I am off my feet and not walking anywhere, good news is that after 4-5 days, my tendon is no longer having that "grinding" sensation, when my doc told me that you dont feel the grinding, that means my body is hard at work healing the tendon and that's a good sign. I just knocked on wood so maybe my luck wont grow cold. On a side note, my sweet awesome hubby cooked ALL of thanksgiving dinner! he mastered the 40 dollars turkey and it was worth every penny with every bite, we have so much left over! the dressing was great, and the potatoes needed some improvement, but they were still tasty. He also made a cranberry/pear butter for the rolls, that tasted great! My sweet lady kitties are snoozing on my living room couch together, they looks so cute, and they are almost always never more than 2 feet apart from each other. (they are sisters). it's very quiet in my old house again today, as I am all alone with my thoughts and kitties and parakeets, I am fixing to watch some movies in a while, I am going to take more aspirin, and maybe nap for an hour or 2.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lonely Thanksgiving

If there is one thing I do not like when it comes to living out of state away from my family is that I will have many lonely holidays. Except for Christmas, I would always drive down for xmas. But really any other holiday would be spent up here in Nebraska. Thanksgiving is the main one. This would be my official first thanksgiving alone, (even my hubby was drafted to work today!) Not only I am alone, but also compromised with a huge boot on my foot due to a damaged tendon. Granted I am thankful I can still walk (with a funny hobble) the sole on that boot is about 3 inches and if I stood on just my right leg, my height would go up to 5'8", when i step on my good foot with no shoe on, I am back down to 5'5".....i can see my left hip hurting in the near future with this difference in height in every stride. But all I can hear right at the moment is the ticking of my clocks, one of my kitties munching cat food in the kitchen, and my breathing. Very quiet here now. well today wont be a total loss, when Joe gets off work tonight, we will be making the plaza III steak soup (my side of the family's thanksgiving tradition) and we will have a quiet meal together and give thanks to our Lord God for the luxuries/ advantages we have, even in this hard economic recession. I am thankful nonetheless, for being blessed with a great and happy marriage with my husband, especially for the fact he now more than ever with my bad foot is taking such good care of me, waiting on me hand and foot, being my extra leg for me. I asked him that would he ever resent me and deny me as his wife for the fact he is doing all of this for me, he told me, "for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, and in sickness and in dont think these vows I took under the oath of God meant nothing to me, you wearing a big boot to heal your foot isnt going to stop me from being your faithful husband." I am thankful for my sweet animal companions, Ci-Ci, Sabrina, Vinny, and Sonny. They are a part of my family, and I treat them like they are a part of the pack. I am thankful my husband has a good stable career, because of that food is on our table, heat in our house, a roof over our heads, shoes on our feet, well one shoe for me right now....clothes on our backs, and last but not least, I am thankful for my family and dear friends spread out the entire globe! They are the gems in my treasure chest of life!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Worse Than I Thought

Went to the doc today, had my foot x-rayed....well the "good" news is no broken bones, but the bad news is I have what is called Peroneal Tenosynovitis. In plain english that means that I am in a very long road to recovery. The main tendon around my anle and underneath my foot is damaged, I wont know how bad until 6 weeks pass, if my foot feels better, i get to take off my giant boot, if not any better, then i will be wearing my new big boot longer and have an MRI done to see how badly damaged my tendon really is, if it's bad enough, I will be having surgery to repair it. I'm praying I only have to keep this damn thing on for 6 weeks, not a day longer. This big boot is supposed to keep my foot from bending, I have to keep it from bending, this will be a tough 1 1/2 months. Now of course, I can take it off while bathing, and sleeping, but any other times, it needs to be on. I cant drive for the next 6 weeks, (right foot on petal) and I will have to switch to my left foot when sewing and putting my foot on the pedal. My etsy shop will remain in business, and my hubby takes me on any errands I need to run, and tonight my hubs is moving my sewing machine downstairs for me. GO ME!!!!!!! this stinks!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Layed Out

No more of a terrible timing than this week.....the week starting the holiday season, my foot is on "el fritzo" and in almost unbearable pain, well as long as I can keep weight off of it. Right now my only bit of relief when walking is using a cane, that's right.....a cane. Well, my father used a cane in his early 20's when he fell off a building and broke his ankle. So being a few years older than my dad using a cane doesn't make me feel all that bad. I told me hubby today when he bought me a cane, "I bet you didnt expect me to use a cane this early in our marriage..." he just chuckled and told me I am sexy with or without using one. He always makes me feel good about myself. But like I said, it couldn't be at a worse time, the week of thanksgiving, and when i have about 2 dozen pillows to sew and send off.....just my luck I guess. I am seeing a doctor tomorrow and getting my foot x-rayed. I only hope nothing shows up and that my darn foot is just acting up.

Monday, November 22, 2010

It's Good To Be Back In Business

working on 3 pillow orders so far this week, one of them is 20 pillows alone! I have my work cut out for me! I will also be busy with thanksgiving stuff as well, even though I will be alone most of thursday (hubs is working), but lots of food is to be made, a decadent menu to be planned!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Starting To Feel Christmas

Tiny Little snowflakes are falling outside, like the heavens are sprinkling powdered sugar onto Lincoln, NE. I love it!! my tree has been up for about 2 weeks now, my whole house is decorated for xmas, I have already watched the old movie rudolph the red nosed reindeer like 3 times, I reckon it will be watched many more times. Expecting company this week, some in-laws are dropping by for thanksgiving, I am trying on keeping my house perfect this whole week cause I tend to get slightly messy. My hubby and I will be making multiple trips to the grocery store this week also, got our turkey this morning, it's big! costs a fortune too since the hubby and I are trying to eat organic free range produce!
It's very quiet here in my old 110 year old house, most old houses make funny noises, but mine does not. It did have an energy efficient furnace put in about 3 years ago, it's whisper quiet! my house doesnt even smell old come to think of it! it smells of lavender, pine, and a hint of vanilla. My 2 cats enjoy the house though, I sense they feel at home here, they are so easy care free now have lived in this house for almost 13 months. Got lots to do though, better get started while I have the late afternoon energy! Have a blessed Sunday my readers!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Simple Saturday

With a full belly of savoring a childhood favorite meal (spaghetti with contadina sauce and Parmesan cheese) I am currently watching Frida starring Salma Hayek, one of my new favorite movies. My parakeets "my boys" are chirping loudy to the music from the movie in their beautiful new home. I am currently home alone with nothing but my thoughts and my animals. (the hubby is at work) I will be working on some xmas scarves later on when the night gets cold and I seem to do better when it's cold for some odd reason. At least I finished my sister's scarf, my mom's just finished 2 days ago, my nonie's is about 1/3 done...but these scarves take forever! As any of you avid readers of my blog can tell i have writers block on this post, I can read no feeling in this one, and to those who just started reading my blog posts, sorry for the lack of inspiration. I am just not feeling it today.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Delivery From Kansas!

This came in the mail yesterday!! sent by my mom! an old child's xmas book that was one of my favorites as a youngster! called "Bialosky's Christmas" my mom would read it to me over and over again during the holiday season! Someday in the next few years I will be reading it to my babies! also I got a cute folder with tomes of recipes and "tidbits", 2 recipes i hold close to my heart, the plaza III steak soup my family would savor every thanksgiving and the Christollen german Christmas bread my mom and I would make together since I was a wee one. "It's a life!" is what I would say when the dough was rolled up. Of course the real phrase I meant to say was "It's alive" but being 3-4 i simply said "it's a life!" lol I was a such a cute kiddo! but that package made my day bright and was a way of my mom passing the family traditions torch down to me! IT'S MY TURN!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday's Finds

My hubby took me to a lovely breakfast at the cracker barrell, and then we both decided to go antiquing! (he actually likes doing this with me!) and we went to a new place we haven't ventured to before since moving here to Lincoln, and this place offers the most awesome stuff for dirt cheap prices! we were both in there for over an hour, and of course my hubby purchased an antique pocket knife, and while checking out with out small trinkets in hand, he looked outside by the door, pointed and said, "we'll take that antique birdcage too." I was shocked, I didnt know what to say, he looked over at me and whispered that he noticed me eyeing it intensively and he knew I had been searching all over for a nice antique bird cage, so for 50 bucks he got me a vintage black standing birdcage to house my 2 parakeets, "Sonny" and " Vinny" (short for Vincent). I hugged him and squealed like a little girl. my hubby says thats the best part of these excursions, seeing me smile and squeal with joy. Thank you my sweet knitty kitty tiger! I love it and so do the boys!

After searching for several years, I finally found a set of chalkware hanging birds!!! and in the kitschy style too! these were the biggest bargain that day, I got them all for only $3.50!! how awesome is that!!! they hang just right outside my kitchen doorway! they are in really good condition for being over 60 years old!

got this cute kitschy brown bear picture, very old the curator said, I only paid 7 bucks for it and he threw in the wooden frame for free! it's now in my bedroom on my dresser! (my hubby hates it though)

A cute but kind of creepy kitty cat figurine, and a vintage blue elephant mini plushie circa 1926, i think i got the curator to sell them both for 5 bucks to me!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Settling In....

The newest additions to my handmade bird family, "Edmund and Doris" (I named them) but these birdies were not created by my own two hands, no! They were created by my friend, Colette! How clever they are! cute design too! I bought the white one with the beautiful embroidering work, and the red one was given to me by Colette! They both came home with me from the silver bella workshop on a cold snowy night (well technically even further than that!) and now they are making themselves right at home in my studio! eventually they will be displayed on my xmas tree with all of my other birdie ornaments I have collected! That and I keep them both up high so my naughty feline friends wont torture them!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Chocolate Kind Of Day

My hubby is taking a personal day today to hang out with me, and an added bonus? He took me to this chocolaterie called "Chocolatier Blue" and got me some hot chocolate with cinnamon and chili pepper in it, also some flavored chocolates too! mmmmmmmm!!! I love days like today! have a great monday people!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Heavy Sunday

Not feeling too well this evening, the air is heavy and stiff, putting up an invisible barrier, keeping me from walking and moving. The air also feels cold in my house, even though the heat is on, maybe it was something I ate, usually is, cant seem to eat anything these days without some part of my digestive system acting up. Had stuff to do today, forgot a few things at the grocery store, but didnt even leave the house. Didn't get much done around the house either, still have a mountain of laundry to wash and dry, dishes, and the kitchen floor still needs to be mopped. Like I said, today was an epic fail! I did however get my fake evergreen garland up around the top of my wardrobe! Looks real nice! watched a couple of movies whilst laying on my comfy navy blue couch, (it was my grandparents) it still holds the scent of their former home. Well thanksgiving is in 11 days, haven't even got the bird yet, dang I am far behind on everything! I am looking over my hubby's updated resume for him tonight for him to submit in getting a supervisor's position, a very nice pay increase! I took a course in college over resume etiquette, and he has always used that to his advantage! My studio is starting to get messy again, so I have to clean it before it gets to the impossible stage.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Chime Child

My little sister turns 18 today!!! wow! where did the time go??? 18 years ago, I was holding her as a tiny baby in my arms! now, a young lady of 18! she is one of my best friends, and I thank God everyday for having her in my life, one of my jems in my life's treasure box! I love you Allycat! I miss you everyday that I am away from you! I think of you daily, and my love and existence is for you, my angel, my friend, my ray of sunshine!

October 5 Girls Finally Unite!!!

Here's Colette and I, posing together. We have had a 4 year friendship maintained over the phone, email, facebook, blogging, and finally we meet in person for the first time! We just gave each other big hugs and just picked up where we left off, nothing awkward! My hubby joined us in our first time in the flesh meeting, had a nice lunch at this place called, "The Twisted Fork" in the Old Market District in Omaha, we talked, laughed, savored yummy red meat from the beef capital of the world! Colette was craving an all American hamburger, comfort food is what she called it, and we treated her to that! It was refreshing talking to her in person, actually looking her eye to eye, having interesting conversations, even my hubby chimed in! The best part was hanging out with her at the Silver Bella Convention at her hotel, actually being her personal assistant for a couple of hours! and looking at countless pieces of her artwork at first hand! (I made a couple of purchases) got to meet many interesting ladies, some of her colleagues, and taking a gander at other vendors too!!! All in all it was a great night, we couldnt stop hugging each other goodbye! Yes, we share the same birthday too, (October 5th) and i think we are kindred spirits!

Closer Detail Of The Greatness

Here is more of a closer shot of my friend, Colette's beautiful artwork! She uses mainly textile design patchworks, little hand made birdies (by her own design) hearts, small paintings, even season Christmas Things, which were a big hit! I even walked away with a few of her things!

Her Little World

Here is Colette posing with all of her goodies!!! great stuff and to see so many at once!!! ah-mazing! gotta love her chic vintage hat! (she let me wear it for a while!)

Something Caught My Eye

Also at Silver Bella, there was this vendor table with the nicest mother/daughter team! "Peacoats & Party Hats, Handmade jewelry, vintage decor, and kitschy supplies!" A huge assortment of colors, naturally draws me in, so I end up getting ballerina figurines, plastic xmas trees, plastic mushrooms, and mushroom birds all for such a great price! Here pictured is Candice Carpenter (owner) and her mother Suzanne Rogers. Very nice ladies and great to chat with!

Friday, November 12, 2010


Off to Omaha I go!!!!! I will be meeting up with my friend and have a grand swell time! I will return to Lincoln with pictures! Happy Friday everybody!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Teeny Tiny World!

I would love to shrink myself down to an inch tall and live amongst these cute little friends of mine, but that means I have to be plastic to fit in????

Goodies From Grandma

Last night, I decided to put all of my precious trinkets out on shelves in my living room for all to see! some vintage/antique and some inherited from family! what's pictured here and above are some teeny tiny figurines from my grandma's cake decoration collection, along with many other things, I inherited practically everything in her cake decorating accessories, the best parts were the figurines! rabbits, ducklings, deer, plastic trains, circus clowns, cherubs, lambs, you name it! most of them were from the late 80's and early 90's even in it's original packaging! i even now have a few of those old fahioned "half barbies" souly made for cakes! kind of goddy, but very apothecary. It's a great addition to my house! I am slowly noticing my style is bright yes, but there is a darker more mature side to my decor, my hubby calls it vintage eclectic with a dark twist. Like I said I like goddy things, very unusual out there stealing the focal point kind of things, I am not a minimalist at all by any means, I am striving for the concept of a sardine can, packing and cluttering everything together. The ol dusty 30's and 40's parlor, now if I lose enough weight, I can start wearing those cute vintage dresses! just my style!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Decor Galore!

This house can't decorate itself! I will also enjoy some hot tea on this blustery day in Lincoln, and put on Christmas music, maybe make some more art and ornaments! Have a great day everybody, enjoy your small pleasures in life, whatever they may be!

Happy Wednesday

I awoke to a gray chilly cloudy Wednesday. Is rain on it's way?? Rain is in Lincoln's forecast for tomorrow and Friday. I haven't seen rain in almost 6 weeks! We need it bad! This Friday I will be heading to Omaha to meet up with a dear friend and meet her finally the first time in person! We have known each other for over 4 years now, and have maintained a friendship over the phone and emails, well and pictures too! I am a little nervous, but in a good way! Tomorrow is a very busy day for me though, need to get an oil change for my car, vacuum it out and clean it, oh my gosh....what am I going to wear?? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
I am definitely going to bring my camera to take pictures of this momentous occasion! I also have no idea where to take her for lunch since I myself am not too familiar with Omaha's demographics!
I will be showing her pics of my house and studio, perhaps next time she is in Nebraska, she can stop in Lincoln and crash at my house for free! (here's hoping!) Exciting times ahead the next couple days! can't wait!!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Need To Breathe In And Out

Feeling a little nauseous this afternoon, even weak. Not sure why, I took an hour nap with my husband (we nap alot together like jungle cats), woke up feeling almost halfway to death itself. Ever since I have been very ill last summer, I have just been a sitting duck waiting for another relapse of this crud. I started feeling stronger in early September, feeling completely back to normal by my birthday in early October, but this month, I am feeling strange again, I may go back to my doctor and ask him whats up...for the past 2 1/2 weeks, I have been feeling nauseous, almost to the point of vomiting, very VERY fatigued, lots of headaches lately too, and I have been also moody and more emotional than normal...I can sometimes cry at the drop of a hat! my husband is concerned, but the weird thing is, no chest pains, I still have energy and strength, I have been watching my diet too, going for walks, so I know it's shouldn't be another relapse. So what the heck is it??? my body does weird things at all times! gosh you know, I may settle in for another nap in the next half hour, I suddenly became very tired and weary again. Now I can barely keep my eyes open! ok, my body is screaming at me to sleep some more, must obey my body's wishes.

Alot To Do....

I am still in the process of "giving my home a face lift". I was happy to come across some of my old art pieces I made several years back, so I decided to hang everything up and surround myself with my own creations. With my 2 cats watching my every move closely, my home is coming into a new light. I am seeing dust in places where there shouldn't be, so dusting is my major chore today. Laundry as well, I have a mount Everest of cotton downstairs! Happy Tuesday everybody! I was born on a Tuesday! (almost Wednesday, by 25 minutes!)

Last Night's Visitor

I was reorganizing my studio and I noticed that Mrs. Ladybug slipped into my house for an evening visit! What a clever gal!

Monday, November 8, 2010


Here is where I sleep, my dreams go wild here, I always come up with something new to create. Creation is what God bestowed onto me. Yes and the 2 furry "tumors" (what my hubby calls them) are my 2 girl kittens! Ci-Ci and Sabrina.

Updated Studio

Ever since I inherited that butcher block table from my papa (Grandpa), it has now been put to a very unusual use since it's meant for the kitchen....I use it upstairs in my studio, I have my rotary board on there and use that surface to cut fabrics and such since I work with alot of fabrics...those cobalt blue metal shelves were originally an ugly brown and they were found unused in my basement, so I took them out side last February, cleaned them and then spray painted them a nice cobalt blue. However, there is a small enclosed room, I call it "the creep show room" down in my basement, and I opened it last month to see if there was anything in there. I expected a mummified body in there as old as my house, but it's just a cluttered dark room with old paint cans, buckets, and even more of those shelves! I may repurpose another set of them, not sure what color choice I would bestow on it. I do need more shelving though, badly. I know my landlord isnt using these at I will use them. Lately I have been in a repurposing kick. That and antiques.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

She's Back!!!!

Wow, after almost a year, my little girl ghost is back! maybe just to visit??? I don't know, but I was upstairs working on an etsy listing when i heard a soft "knocking" at my front door, I just figured someone was at my door, I went downstairs to answer it, well, no one was there, so I turned around to walk back to my stairs, then i heard the door knob giggle, I turned around and felt that eerie feeling, so I grabbed my digital camera and took a snapshot, and this is what appeared in the you see what appears to me as a top part of a face? a little girl's face? it's "looking" right at me dead on, I can see it plain as day, now just so you know, there is no gloss finish on my walls, it's a matte finish paint job, no glares or reflections what so ever, I did not tamper with the photo, it's authentic. the image is right above the switch plate.......once upon a time a little girl had died in my house back in the 1920's, and I think this is her, I had the house blessed by a priest, and nothing much since December last year, but she did die in November, so I am thinking she returns only around that me she seems to be a sweet, but a silly jokster little girl in nature, I usually hear laughter and giggling, sometime a music box playing music from downstairs, my mom heard a music box also when she stayed at my house for a weekend back in June, I also have my electronics turn on and off at times and when i was taking that picture just now, my camera battery drained it's battery was nearly full when i turned it on to snap a pic....i do believe in paranormal activities, some people don't, but if you do believe, maybe you can understand this picture like I do....

here is the up close shot of what showed up on my camera....tell me what you think!

Letting Go...

This house was my "second home" is what my papa called it for me, for almost 28 years, my whole life, I partook in this house, loved it like I lived there, many days I did as a child, I swam many days and nights in their swimming pool in the hot Kansas papa even taught me how to swim as a youngster. "SUMMER TIMES A COMIN, SUMMER TIMES A GOIN GOOD OL SUMMER TIMES!" I would hear papa sing loudly sitting in his patio chair watching me swim and play with my barbies in the water....I sit here now as a 28 year old woman, and I can still hear his voice sing that phrase over and over again, and it echoing in the dephs of my mind. On cold blustery school days, after school and papa picking me up and taking me to his house, he would take me by a gas station on fridays that was close to my old grade school and buy me some candy and a slushie, "Every Friday is treat day", what my papa would say...and we would go down to his basement, all cozy and warm, with the faint smell of grease and gun powder and we'd work on my math homework until every problem was solved and until I understood it completely. I loved watching TV with my Nonie and luckily we liked the same shows and movies, at their pea green bar counter, is where my nonie gave me paper and markers and I would entertain myself for hours and draw until my hand hurt. Year after year, my child years grew into teen years, I still spent so many days over there, nothing ever changed. I would drive there constantly by myself and just spend time with them. Thats what I lived for, teens can be busy sure, but any spare moment I would get, I would go over and see them....I remember the beanie baby phase nonie went through, we both had a love for them, I would sit on her couch, which now is in my living room here in Nebraska, and just look at all 300 of her beanie babies, and talk about them for hours. As a teen, they even let me bring a few of my bestest friends over to friends always had a blast! I remember the very momentous occasion to where I finally brought a young man over to swim (my hubby) well at the time he was my boyfriend, my 2 younger cousins both brought boyfriends long before me, and it was a big deal for when it was finally my turn to do so! lol of course the jokster my papa is, told us both to behave ourselves out there and that he trusts us to be alone, with one of those ear to ear grins...I still laugh to myself everytime I think of that. When in college, everytime I came home, I made a point to go there at least twice every home visit. My papa would go on "Wendy's runs" everytime i visited and he would bring back a sack full of cheeseburgers and fries. To this day he will still do that. Last June, my mom came up to Lincoln to visit for a weekend and she told me the news that they were moving....I was in total shock. I didnt know how to react. So late June I came home and there were boxes everywhere! They were starting to downsize, and my grandma told me to look in those trash bags and pick out what you want, I opened one of them, and they were full of all her beanie babies! I said, "Nonie, your beanie babies?! you dont want your beanie babies!?" she told me that she doesnt need them anymore, so she wants all of her granddaughters to take their equal share of them, so I took about 100 of them back up to Lincoln, Nebraska with me. When I got back to my house, I cried for days, my hubby found me one day laying one the floor clutching all of the beanie babies sobbing like a little girl. They smelled like their house, and I just couldnt understand why my nonie would give up something she loved while still living? My last time seeing that house august 30th. I took maybe 200 pictures of every angle of that house possible, took in every room, saying goodbye to the pool, to the house, I carved my initials, "LK" in a huge rock out behind the house, even took some rocks from their rock garden to keep for the rest of my life, in a way having a part of that property. They put the house on the market about 5 weeks ago, and it sold 2 days ago....that house now has another family in it, it's gone out of my life now. It is so hard for me to let it go, I feel like I am grieving losing it, a part of me has died, and a part of my soul is still left in that house. I keep having dreams about it, almost every night for the past 2 months, and last night I just felt empty. It will take me a great deal longer to let it go, my memories are flooding my mind everyday, and my husband helps me day by day to grieve and i cry into my cat's furr and they let me. This is going to be a rough process in the next several months to come, maybe even years.

Here's me and my "Nonie and Papa" in front of their beloved house, I love them so much and my life revolves around them....of course in this picture, I am trying like hell to keep my composure and not cry, however, I was not successful. This would be the official last photo of me and them at this house.

My most favorite room, "the green room" well, it's actually aqua, but as a little girl, I called it, whenever i spent the night there as a child, I would always sleep in this room, my "papa" would come in to tuck me in and i remember he would tuck me into the blankets so tight, I couldn't move! I always felt safe in that room, even during thunderstorms, the darkness of the middle of the night, I would always hear their grandfather clock chime in the foyer directly downstairs, that sound gave me comfort, I will miss that feeling more than anyone can imagine.

Another favorite room in the house, it's what was called the "Living Room". I remember as a little girl, me and my 2 cousins would dance for hours to loud Christmas music my grandma would put on for us. Us three would have sleepovers in that room, and there were days when i would play quietly with my toys when my grandparents baby sat me....

Where my grandpa and I would spend countless hours, the basement....he would proudly show me his rifles, pistols, and even help me with my math homework...

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Great Month Of "Movember"

This post is for the dudes! yes, gentlemen, I mean you all! Ever heard of "Movember"?? it does partake in November, and it's a whole month to where you men need to be aware of the health issues that can reside in the male honor Movember by growing out their beards/moustaches, especially if the men out there are usually clean shaven, like my take the "mo" out of moustache and throw it in place of the"n" for November, and you have "Movember" this movement started officially in 2003, but i saw a huge movement last year, and there is an actual website to this! cool huh? well the last time my hubby shaved any part of his face was on Halloween, and starting November 1st, he would put down his razor and refrain from shaving until December 1st. My hubby is self aware of all health issues in men, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, really any cancer in men. Since last late winter, my hubby implemented a weight loss program for himself, and now in november, he has lost a good 60-70 pounds! he needs new jeans and a belt, his cute manly tooshie is sagging in them, so maybe for an early xmas present, i will take him out to get some newer smaller jeans and a belt! I am so proud of him, he takes good care of himself, he gets regular check ups, he's very hygienic (well he always was), he smells good, and he is now self aware like all men should be!!! (plus, I dont even mind the beard!) i may actually have him keep it! So Ladies reading this, tell your hubbies, boyfriends, fiances, sons, fathers, uncles, grandfathers, great grandfathers, brothers, your dude friends, and fellas, if you are reading this too, take part of "Movember" now!!! it's only the 6th, it's never too late to become self aware of your health and well being! we women cannot survive without you men, we love you fellas!!! you keep us ladies from going crazy on each other! MOVEMBER BABY!!! If you want to learn more about "Movember" go to their awesome website at read on it, and if you can donate for a good cause to help find cures for the cancers that kill many men each year....cancer runs in my hubby's family, and the fact that he is taking real good care of himself now and losing weight lowers his risk!