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Friday, May 25, 2012


Head over to

this is my new blog, a way to start fresh, I already have a few posts on there, I would love my followers to come over and follow my new blog!

It's a blog about fashion, my shop updates, and life in general, kind of like this one, but this one is fresh and brand new!  I hope to see you all there soon!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I Shall Return...

Hello my avid readers!

the last few months you all have probably noticed that my nearly everyday blogging has become non existent...well, get ready for a very long absence cause not only I have decided to take a break from facebook, but I have decided to take a much needed sabbatical from blogging as well, some of you are aware that artists and writer tend to hit a snag and get a creative block, well I have indeed hit that snag, and I need to stray away from technology and just breathe and think, however, my etsy shop remains to be open, doing quite well, any of you can contact me there (  I also am focusing on some soon to be big changes in my life, locating a FULL, not part time job, I am searching for a minimum of 40 hours weekly, my shop of course, paying off bills, and going back to school this fall full time as plate will be loaded and hopefully not heaping over!  I wish all of you a happy summer, it may be weeks, even months before I report back here.  Cheerio!