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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New In Minxden!

Aren't these cool? I kinda "upgraded" my bird ornaments...

New In Minxden!

I made about a dozen of these...they are very cheap, and go great for any Valentine's day decor!

My Rubber Duckies!

Do any of you have a weird item that you collect??? Mine are rubber duckies! I am trying to collect them, and where I work, they have various colors at certain time of the year...I just got this blue one and ivory one...I am currently on the hunt for a burgundy one, but they sold out! Boo-Hoo! Please don't think I'm weird....we all have that one weird thing we like. Let's just say that I am a true kid at heart...and NO! I don't play with them in the tub! I am a big girl! hehehe! Happy Wednesday everyone!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

He Or She???

I have come to the realization that Emily might be an Emmett...YEP! that's right, ya heard me Emily might be a dude!!!! How did I come to that conclusion??? Well, I will stay rated PG13 here and say that "Emmett" and Zoe seemed to be reproducing...I will spare the details, however, if Zoe lays little finch eggs, I will know for sure...I thought I got 2 females, but it could be a male and a female...we will is full of surprises!!!!

Mini Christmas For Me!

2 more of my birdie ornies showed up in my mailbox today! I am sooooo happy! I am expecting just 2 more, and I think my pink tree will be full of bird friends!

Monday, December 29, 2008

My New Business Partner...

I'd like you all to meet my new helping "Trudy"...(yes, I'm a dork, I named my sewing machine) My dad always told me, to treat your machinery with the upmost respect and patience and they will work well for you...In the spand of 5 hours, I made 8 throw pillows with her help, it would of taken me 5 hours to hand stitch just one pillow! They sure come in handy!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

New In My Etsy Shop!

I have moved on to...THROW PILLOWS! That sewing machine comes in handy making new things (thank ya, ma!) But I made 8 new pillows for sale in my shop! come and check it out!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Last night, my ol' college friend dropped by for a visit and suggested we go out to dinner...of course I accepted! This is Erin, a.k.a. "e2"...we've been the best of friends since our freshman year in college (back in 2001) and even though I only now see her maybe twice a year, but the 500 mile distance between us is no obstacle for our friendship...we had a great time during dinner, we chatted like old times, sharing juicy stories about each others hubbies, laughed, cried, told jokes, shared each other's food, drank lime know, the usual. After dinner, we went back to my place and just hung out for a while...I gave her one of my bird ornaments that I had made, she picked out the bright pink one (Libby) but she renamed it "Ren" after me...she nicknames me Ren, she said it reminded her of me, eccentric, loud, pink, girly, and glamourous...She looked at my zebra finches with awe and amazement, she had never seen zebra finches before! Of course my cat ci-ci kept trying to snuggle with erin, of course she loves my cats. I have had many friends come and go in my college years, most of those friendships ended very sour, but my buddy, Erin stuck with me through it all, and we've always had a strong tight bond. I am tough to get along with, but bless her heart, she put up with my b.s. for several years...(we even lived together one of those years!) I love ya, E! My sista!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Having Fun...

I am all dressed up, and going out on a hott date with who???? MY HUBBY! It took me actually 2 hours to get ready!!! lots of work for a girl to beautify herself...ITS ALMOST EXHAUSTING!!!! well, my good ol' college buddy and ex-roommate (Erin) and her cousin, (Caroline) is in town and wants to go to the "ville" and have some appletini's and cosmopolitans, while my hubby gets his seven and seven! Just like old times! Bunch of 25-26 year olds having fun!

New Bird Friends

HELLO ALL!!! Hope everyone had a very merry xmas! I sure did! There was lots of food, presents, cheer, and laughter! Anyway, slowly for the past few days, I have been anxiously awaiting for the mail lady to bring me my precious packages from various etsy shop owners...I have bought 9 new bird ornaments! I wanted to get something for myself and what better way to shop??? I have devoted my sweet pink mini tree (my mom gave me over a year ago) a home for my new little bird friends! I still have 3 more birds that are flying home to me...but here they are! Oh yeah, and my mom, bless her heart, gave me a sewing machine for xmas!!! YAY!!! now I won't have any achy hands from stitching by hand! Now armed with a sewing machine, I am moving onto making throw pillows! And of course I will still make my little birdies...AND I sold my very first shadow birdie box! AWESOME!!! Christmas rocks!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I Wish All My Friends A Merry Christmas!!!

Well, today is December 23rd, and I will be away from my blog until the weekend...So I wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas! May you all eat lots of ham, turkey, cookies, and potatoes! Hehehe...I love all of you, my blogging friends! If any of you are traveling, PLEASE BE SAFE!!! Pray that me and my hubby will be safe, cause we will be traveling tomorrow and the day after...

Monday, December 22, 2008

Just Chirps...

It's so quiet here in my apartment, all I hear is tiny chirps from Zoe and Emily. My husband works late tonight, I started on a few birds, but got tired so I took an afternoon nap with my kitties. I woke up around 5pm, made me a little something to eat, cleaned the living room, vacuumed, and watched some TV...there was nothing on at all, no Christmas shows or movies. I can't believe that Xmas is almost 2 days away! This year went fast.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's the Mr. And Mrs.

I call a loving tender moment...As I work everyday, my hubby takes a few moments and comes into the office and gives me hugs and kisses, sometimes an "I Love You" but tonight, an added bonus of him serving me unexpected hot chocolate! At 9:11 in the evening! How nice of him! I just love my hoooooby! (hubby) I just happen to have my camera there to capture the moments!

It's the Mister!

I caught a quick flick-flick of my sexxxxy hubby entering my office as I was working...

The Cats Still In The Bag!

As I was working in my office today, I heard some commotion, and I turned to see my cat, Ci-Ci in one of the gift sacks I was planning on using for Christmas gifts...I grabbed my camera to capture the cuteness!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Finally Sold A Collage!

I DID IT!!! I wanted to sell a collage by the end of the year, and this sweet lady, who makes the most beautiful bird sachets (I bought one)...that, and I was her very first sale! She has very reasonable prices, and I think she is really nice, check out her etsy site, buy her stuff!

A Mountain Of Chintz Fabric

I just got done making my mom's Christmas present (no, I'm not telling you, mom!) What was left, a pile of fabric on my office floor...Does anyone love that smell fabric holds just fresh out of a fabric store? I can't describe it, but I love that smell! Zoe and Emily have been staying put in their cage...they have been real quiet today, they seem real tired or something...I always have Enya playing on repeat from my computer, and they get so drowsy listening to's so sweet. Right now, they have their eyes closed, and they are little fluff balls on their perch. I'm all alone today, my hubby works till the evening hours, I always miss him when he is not home, it's so quiet without him...I'm such a doofus! I miss my hubby when he is only like 4 miles away at work. How did I ever survive that 4 year long distant relationship with him before we were married? I could never do that again! This Enya music is making me drowsy now! (yawn) I think I will settle down for a long winter's nap! good night! Hehehehe!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Silly Birds!

After work, I came home to quite a surprise! In just the dim light of the xmas tree as I entered through the front door, I saw a pure white creature fluttering in the living room...It scared the daylights out of me...I turned on a light, and it was Emily, my white zebra finch flying around stretching her wings! I wondered how she got out since the cage was still intact as I left it this morning...I also noticed that Zoe was also missing from the cage, and to my fear, I hoped none of my cats got to her, so I frantically looked all over for her, and then I heard a little "peep" coming from my Christmas tree...and low and behold Zoe was hanging out in my Christmas tree! Silly birdie! It took me nearly a half an hour catching both of them, but they are safe and sound in their cage...I honestly think they figured out how to open one of their seed doors to get out cause the cats didn't even touch them! so I secured the doors with string...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Weather Outside Is Frightful...

Ice...Sleet...Freezing Rain...Everything but the snow. It was a challenge driving home from work this evening, but I made it in one piece. My cats were sure glad to see me as they swamped me right when I entered through the front door. I was finally able to go to the post office today and mail off 2 packages...I know that I am not in the mood to work on more birds tonight, my left wrist hurts bad from overworking it on all of my previous birdies, and I think I will give my tired hands a couple days before I make new birds. I am lucky enough to post 3 new ones in the last 2 days...I think the Christmas stress is finally getting to me, when I'm at work, many grumpy people shop and take their bad days out on me and my co-workers, and I never expected my etsy shop to take off like it has and keeping up with one's online shop takes so much hard work and alot of time.
My dad traveled about 2500 miles all over the nation, and it worried me, but he is home safe and sound...One car between my hubby and I is very stressful, (my jeep is on "el-fritzo") I'm still not done with my Xmas shopping, my 30-day work elavuation is almost here (Dec. 19th) HOLY CRAP!!! THAT'S TOMORROW! AHHHHHH!!!! And Christmas is a little hard for me because almost 2 years ago, my paternal grandfather passed away on January 2nd, right after Xmas, and it just feels weird that he's not here and I'm a little sad, it hit me like this exactly the same time last year, and I feel it again now, but gratefully not as bad...I guess time just heals. I always love Xmas, but it bites me back at the same time...and my stress level goes up every time in December, it never fails...How about any of you all?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Yes...I am blogging at 3:05am. I am now awake after being asleep for about 5 hours thanks to my cat, Cici. She climbs into bed and then paws at my back, which of course wakes me up, even from a deep sleep. She never tries to wake my husband, always me. Grrrrrrr!!! I know I will be a very grouchy lady in the morning! I think Cici is afraid to be in any part of the apartment by herself at night, and she wants me to escort her to her food dish, or water dish, or worse yet, THE LITTER BOX!!! But if I'm in bed, she will stay right there with me until I get up. In the above picture, I was pulling back the extreme loose skin on her face/petting her and this is what she looks looks like it may hurt her, but I tell you, she actually likes it!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Let It Snow!

Today, Kansas finally received about 6-8 inches of snow!!! I didn't have enough time to play in it, I worked this morning and part of the afternoon, and right when I got home, I settled in for a winter's 2-hour nap, and when I woke up, it was almost dark out, so I decided to stay indoors...
Right now, the heat is going full blast in my apartment, my hubby is watching TV, Cici is playing with a string of red ribbon here in my office, Brie-Brie is snoozing on her new favorite spot (the top of the computer), and my birds are "peeping" away in their cage...I work long hours tomorrow, and since there is currently one car between me and my husband, I have to take him to work, and then go to work myself...lots of driving this week. I'm so glad the gas prices are at it's all time low ($1.51 per gallon) otherwise, we'd be walking everywhere! I have such a busy day tomorrow...mail off a couple of packages (etsy orders), take hubby to work, go to work, pick up a few things at the grocery store, make maybe one new fabric bird ornie, pick up my hubby from his work, make dinner, go to sleep, and do this all over again the next day...

Monday, December 15, 2008

New Idea And Update

very simple to make, but very cheery and colorful to hang anywhere! I found this bird fabric at wal*art and so I purchased a yard, and thought it might come in handy for some new idea, and here it is!!! I made a cardinal, chickadee, eastern bluebird, and goldfinch (pictured). They range from $2.50-$3.50 each... As for Zoe and Emily (my 2 real zebra finches), they are adjusting quite well to me and my hubby, and yes, even the cats! As I'm in my office working away, me and the finches "peep" back and forth to each other (they are currently stationed in the dining room) and they love it when I "peep" back to them, it's like a game and it's been going on now for the last 2 days! my kitties don't seem to be real jealous, they welcomed them both directly into the household...GOOD GIRLS! My hubby feels better from yesterday, no pain! how does he do that? What can I say??? He's shaped like a linebacker, and even a 2 ton car didn't wipe him out long! (It's like 8 football players piled on top of you anyway!) Thank you to my blogger friends for your reassurance and kind comments!

New Birdies!!!

Like them??? They are now in my etsy shop for sale! I had been working all day and some of last night on these...well, now I have to eat a little lunch and get ready for work at my other job, what A BUSY DAY TODAY!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Quiet Evening...

After the extremes of today, I finally started doing some work in my studio, making more bird ornies, checking my emails, and blog, I see a sweet sight on top of my computer, so I captured a couple of cute pictures of my sweet baby Brie-Brie snoozing, she is soooo cute!

God Was With Us...

This morning, my husband and I drove out to the parking lot where I worked to fix a flat tire on my car (I left it there overnight) and while my husband was underneath the back end of the car trying to knock the flat tire loose, the car jack gave way and my heavy 2 ton car came crashing down on top of my husband. those 5 seconds he layed there motionless, was an eternity, I thought he was gone...My soul seemed to fall right out of me, and then I heard him gasp for air, and he strained to tell me to jack the car back up, but I knew there was no time, I went to the right side of the car and proceeded to lift up that side of the car the very best I could...evidently, my super adrenaline charged strength lifted the side of my jeep grand cherokee and my husband wriggled loose... (it raised maybe less than one inch, but just enough for him to slide out). After he got out I dropped the car and collapsed from exhaustion. My husband crawled to me and we were sitting on the pavement propped up against my crippled car and we held each other for maybe 10 minutes straight. I believe God gave me that extra amount of strength to help my husband. Thank you God for watching out of my husband, I have only been married for 6 months, and I wasn't ready to let him go just yet...I thank God for second chances.

Friday, December 12, 2008

I Love Finches!

My beauties posing for a picture! (Emily, left and Zoe, right)

Welcome To The Family, Zoe And Emily!

I now have 2 beautiful female zebra finches! They are so adorable! The grey one is "Zoe" and the white one is "Emily". When my hubby and I got them home, they were a little scared, but by the time I took the picture, they were starting to warm up to me...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Modern Bird Ornies!

Here are a just a couple of brand new birds listed in my etsy shop, with a modern twist...I just love them! The yellow striped one is "Henrietta" and the hot pink one is "Libby".

Work At Home Today...

Today is another day off from my other job, instead of relaxing, I am going to be very very busy working on more of my fabric birdies! More ideas are flowing in my brain, so they all have to come alive! I posted 2 more birds last night, but I need to make at least a dozen more to get my inventory up...Like the handmade house pictured? I made that almost 2 years ago, just for fun, but I will never sell it cause I'm too attached to it...I wish I could just shrink down to an inch and a half tall and live there! I would definitely be known for having a house that color, and maybe there would be no mortgage payments living in that kind of house! hehehe! My hubby is making me pancakes for breakfast (his homemade pancakes rock!!) So gotta go and munch on some hot cakes! mmmmmmm...yummy yummy!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

So Long, Stella!

Early this morning as the snow was falling, I checked my etsy shop, and noticed that my dear friend, Shirley purchased one of the birds I had just made yesterday! So Little Stella is about to take flight to warmer temperatures! Thank you, Shirl! I know you will love her! Yay!!!!!! And also last night, sold 4 items to an awesome lady right in my home state of Kansas! (you know who you are!) My etsy shop is really taking off and I wanted to thank all of my blog friends for their love and support. And also to my mentor, Colette, thank you for believing in me. You ladies rock!!!!! Dreams do come true!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008


Today is a "blah" kind of day, not much to do. I have today off from work, my hubby is at work, and my kitties are grouchy and need a nap...I did get some new fabric to work on more birds, so I will be working on a couple more today. It's a typical Monday for me, I hate Mondays honestly...It's lonely and borrrring...Good news though, I sent off a total of 4 fabric birds in the mail today, 3 to Texas and 1 to California! Oh how I love making those birds! Have a happy Monday everyone!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

5 Days Countdown!!!

I am now reporting the countdown T minus 5 days until I receive my 2 darling zebra finches for Xmas! Woo-Hoo! I am so excited! I'm like a little kid again!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Gift From Mom!

What a wonderful suprize!! I checked my mail, and there was something just for me! I love these out of the blue things!

Tweet, Tweet, Hello My Sweet!

Look, there's Mrs. Cardinal just sitting there, watching her mate eat berries! They were both within 2 feet of each other!

Lookie Who I Found!

My first male cardinal shot of the season! He's eatin little berries off of a branch!

I Appreciate...

Today, I reflect on so many things I love...
1. My hubby
2. My artistic talents
3. My kitty cats
4. My family and friends
5. My husband's cinnamon coffee in the mornings
6. Chocolate
7. Birds of all shapes, sizes, and colors
8. Cute shoes
9. Purses
10. Fettuccine Alfredo

There are so many more things I love, but this blog would run until the end of next week! Today on this lovely saturday, take the time to appreciate all the things you love, and do something fun today! Make cookies, sing your favorite song as loud as you can, snuggle with your puppy dog, watch your favorite movie, read a good book, kiss your pet birds, whatever floats your root-beer float! As for me, I am going to the local antique store and hunt for a few vintage wonders!

My Favorite Bird

I have a collection of bird figurines, and this simple iron bird is simply my favorite one! This was actually on my bridal registry last spring, And I didn't think I would actually get it, but an old co-worker friend bought it for me, knowing how much I love birds...It was my most non-practical item on my registry. I will treasure it forever!

Friday, December 5, 2008

All In A Row...

Look at these sweet little birds! Every morning, I see a little row of these birds perched on a power line warming themselves up in the winter morning sunlight.

7 Days Countdown...

In exactly 7 days, I will be getting my early Xmas present from my hubby, not one, but TWO little zebra finches!!!! I am getting 2 females, since I don't want a male and a female to have babies...They will have a cute cage to live in, a water dish to bathe into, and I am going to pick some thin branches outside for them to perch onto...It will be so much fun!!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thursday Finds...

While out and about with my husband, I came across these interesting items, even one was given to me by mother nature! (The big feather) I found it laying by my hubby's car in a parking lot) but these bird ornaments and the sled ornie (hubby picked out that one) all are going on our tree.

Curious Kitty

My cat, Sabrina was so curious about what was in the package, she decided to take a peek at it's contents after I opened it...

All The Way From Canada!!!

On my way out to run errands with my hubby, I checked into my mailbox, and there was a wonderful little package waiting patiently for me!!! I squealed (because it's from my dear friend, Colette) and I was so excited to open it! My husband watched attentively as I opened the package, and here are the goodies as follows: VERY colorful mushroom birds, 1 package of mini eggs, 4 big speckled eggs, variety of colorful buttons, large dove, fabric remnant, and best of all...a bird art assemblage piece-which is propped up in one of my hanging empty picture frames...(I have one whole wall in my office that holds nothing but her art that I have collected the last couple of years!) Colette, if you haven't received my package yet, it should be there very soon...Thank you Colette for the wonderful trinkets! Those birds are so very colorful, and when you get my gift, I hope you enjoy it!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas SALE In My Minxden Etsy Shop!!!

Hey everybody! I just marked down ALL of my bird ornies (felt & vintage fabric) for the holiday season! They were all $5.50 each and now the all new low price is just $4.25 each, and if you buy more than one, you will get a discount shipping rate of only $1.20! I thought that would be a good business effort for everyone during the holidays! So hurry fast, these little bird friends need new homes and Christmas trees to settle into! they could run out soon!

What A Mess!!!

I'm thinking when I get off work this afternoon, I will clean and tidy up my office, since I spend half my time in there, I want it to look nice and clean.

CiCi On The Prowl

Here's CiCi getting ready to pounce on her sister (litter mate), Sabrina. They do this rough house thing every single morning, and then they crash and burn by the noon hour.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Poor Hubby!

Well, I have time for a quick post, I got back from work and I was taking care of my hubby cause he is sick with the flu!!! Poor thing, he doesn't get the flu often, but when he gets sick, he's out for the count. I'm thinking of trying to make him sip a little 7up, and if he can keep it down, I can warm up some chicken broth...He's watching TV right now all covered up with like 5 of my comforters...I will be a good wife and take good care of my poor sick hubby...I love my hubby!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Lara The Bird

Hello everyone! Here's my newest bird addition to the vintage fabric ornie family...Lara the bird is born!!! She's simple, but very shabby! I just posted her in my etsy shop about 15 minutes ago, and if anyone wants to live with her...ACT FAST! These bird ornies are so fun to make, it takes me about an hour to make one (I'm getting faster and faster) The sun is finally out! I love it when the sun shines...So today is my day off, I will make more birds, and wtach the Golden Girls (one of my favorite TV shows), and wait patiently for my hubby to get home from work...