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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Quiet Evening...

After the extremes of today, I finally started doing some work in my studio, making more bird ornies, checking my emails, and blog, I see a sweet sight on top of my computer, so I captured a couple of cute pictures of my sweet baby Brie-Brie snoozing, she is soooo cute!


Shirley said...

Want you to know that Stella made it safely to Florida even though she did have a little ice on her wings! She is currently hanging in my studio as a reminder of my new blog friend.

Minx's Den said...

awwwww, shirl...I'm so glad little stella made it safely to your home! And thank you so much for your kind comments dear friend! I would sure like to be in your state right now, it's so cold up here in Kansas! 9 degrees right now! brrrrr!!!

Lauren :)

Diane@Diane's Place said...

After reading your post about your hubby's accident, I'm just praising God for His mercy and His blessings on you both!

Brie must have known that you needed to see the soothing sight of a sleeping kitty to comfort your soul and help you destress. Sweet kitty! :o)

Your cold weather is headed this way too, and they weather geeks are saying nasty things for Monday night, like "sleet" and "freezing rain" and maybe even some snow.

I'll take the snow over the other 2 any day!

Y'all stay warm and safe, and I hope your hubby gets over his soreness soon!

Much love,


kansasrose said...

cyber hug and fist/paw bump to Brie. ( if she would allow it) ;) Malcolm send his best to you!:D