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Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Mountain Of Chintz Fabric

I just got done making my mom's Christmas present (no, I'm not telling you, mom!) What was left, a pile of fabric on my office floor...Does anyone love that smell fabric holds just fresh out of a fabric store? I can't describe it, but I love that smell! Zoe and Emily have been staying put in their cage...they have been real quiet today, they seem real tired or something...I always have Enya playing on repeat from my computer, and they get so drowsy listening to's so sweet. Right now, they have their eyes closed, and they are little fluff balls on their perch. I'm all alone today, my hubby works till the evening hours, I always miss him when he is not home, it's so quiet without him...I'm such a doofus! I miss my hubby when he is only like 4 miles away at work. How did I ever survive that 4 year long distant relationship with him before we were married? I could never do that again! This Enya music is making me drowsy now! (yawn) I think I will settle down for a long winter's nap! good night! Hehehehe!

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