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Saturday, January 31, 2009

How Cute...

Here's Sabrina, a.k.a. "Brie-Brie"...she's was hanging out in my office today as I was busy working. She always plops on her side and wants her belly rubbed...She is the type of cat that will only come to you if she wants affection and attention. Her sister, Ci-Ci is in hiding today, I don't know why, but she has been acting real weird lately...Ci-Ci usually is the one who is snuggly cuddly. I sure hope Ci-Ci snaps out of it soon.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Lovely Blog Award!

My mom awarded me one of seven Lovely Blog Awards! I feel so flattered! I will accept this award humbly and gratefully. Thank you, mom so much for this high honor! In my etsy shop, I am making more and more pillows, here pictured is my most favorite one to date...By the way, my article will be in monday, February 2nd's KSU Collegian...I will take like 20 papers, and post the article and send copies to loved ones who are anxious reading them! Stay tuned for monday's post! Happy weekend to you all!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Today's The Day!

I am soooo nervous for this interview! But I am ready to storm out armed with a big bag full of some of my minxden items to show off and be photographed! I don't think I have ever been in any kind of paper before! I went to Target this morning to get a real cute nice shirt to wear at the interview...This is so exciting!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Am Being Interviewed!!!

A real nice young lady who works at the college (In my hometown) school newspaper sought out my etsy shop and wanted to interview me about my Minxden etsy shop! I am meeting with her thursday at starbucks, and she wanted me to bring along some of my things that I am selling cause they will be photographed! Weeee! I am soooo excited! This will totally bring in more sales (hopefully)...and Minxden is going to be publicized in my local area!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Silent Monday

Today is cloudy, very cold, and snow flurries...It's so silent, even outside, the snow seems like it takes forever to fall onto the ground. Zoe has laid 5 eggs total, and this would be day 3 of incubation...I bought them some millet treats for them, they deserve it...My hubby is working, and I am stuck home alone with my kitties and birdies. The winter blues is certainly here...I haven't been feeling well lately, last night, I had this extremely sharp nerve-like pain shooting into my left thigh and it still hurts right now, and also my left ankle and been so soar for almost a whole month now...something's up...and my hubby caught me sleep walking early this morning too, I haven't done that in ages! Also, I can't seem to sleep very well anymore, it's been over a year since I have had a full night's sleep! I am going to see a doctor tomorrow morn. and ask why a young person like me is feelin and achin like a 90 year old lady! These aches and pains are just getting the best of me right now, and I want to get to the bottom of it and feel like my old self again! My hubby is going with me, and I am sure it's probably a whole lot of nothing, but not sleeping, and aching all over at my ripe age of 26 should not even happen, and all I want is answers! At least I know it's not an iron deficientcy! I just ask for prayers that I get through this slump of feelin cruddy! Creating things for my etsy shop is still my great escape! I am still keeping up on that! YAY! Have a lovely week everybody!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Goodbye Lydia!!

Little Lydia is journeying alone to a great home in Kansas! She was adopted this morning, and so I packed her up and she's ready to leave my place and settle into her new home, Happy journey Lydia! Yay!

Goodbye Ira!

Ira and Olga are both adopted into one home together in my home state of Kansas, And I wish them the best!

Goodbye Olga!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Onto Fabric Scraps...

Today I thought, "Why not sell some old fabric scraps that I can't use for other projects?" I do know that sells, so here I go...Slowly, my etsy shop is becoming more and more diverse with so many different items!
Well, I'm at egg #4 this morning, Zoe must be so soar! I did notice that she pulls her breast feathers out to lay in her nest...yeeeeowwwwch! talk about sacrifice for her chicks! She looks a little rugged I tell ya...Right now she is swinging on her little blue birdie swing relaxing for a bit, and Emmett is in the nest keeping them warm. Tonight when my hubby gets home from work, we are going to order pizza and rent some movies and have a date night indoors...I can't wait!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Today, I am in my office all day working on a couple of new things to post...Zoe is doing great, she laid egg #3 this morning, Emmett is taking good care of them and Zoe...My hubby is at work, and my cats are sleeping sound in my bed. The sun is out and the day couldn't be more beautiful. I am in my slice of heaven right now...and I even organized my desk! But as I yawn the day away, I am fixin to go to bed early tonight and get some rest...I will update you on little Zoe tomorrow and see if we have egg #4!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We Now Have 2...

2 eggs everybody! we now have 2 eggs! yippee!!!!! Zoe is real exhausted!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Congradulations, It's An Egg!

I came into my office this morning to check on my finches, and I saw Little Zoe sitting in her nest that her mate Emmett built for her the night before...of course seeing me, she slowly got up and hopped out of the nest to eat a little, and low and behold Zoe laid 1 egg so far, it's so tiny and I looked at tired Zoe and I cried happy tears and just felt so happy for her, life is just a miracle...Emmett looks like a proud daddy-to-be birdie. He takes good care of Zoe and he sometimes sits in the nest with her and helps keep her warm and preens her. Sometimes he will take over and sit on the egg to keep it warm while Zoe stretches her wings. Zoe has been very ravenous and she looks disheveled from her hard work laying her egg, it must have happened between 11pm last night and early this morning. I read about female zebra finches and laying their eggs, and they lay at a rate of one per we'll see how many she lays. So in about 3 weeks, Zoe and Emmett will be proud parents!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Preparing For Babies!!!

No, not me and my hubby! Gotcha goin' there for a second, huh? My finches are preparing to lay eggs, I noticed that they were trying to tear up the newspaper underneath them, so my hubby and I got them a little bamboo nest made for finches, and little Emmett is going right to work on building a nest for his Zoe...(I left toilet paper shredding in there for him) I learned that they like to build their own nest...even Zoe is pitching in to help her mate, HOW CUTE!!!! TWEET!

Preparing For Babies!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

New In The Minxden's Monster Orphanage!

I introduce Olga, Bubba, and Igor! They are new monsters that I have posted in my etsy shop, and they are all for sale! I recently had a monster kick, and I highly enjoy making these little guys! I now have a total of 7 Monsters in my orphanage...each one has a distinct personality! It does take a while to make one, even on my sewing machine....I am pooped, so I am going to eat some leftover chinese food, and take a long nap with my kitties! Good day to you all!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Neighborhood Fire Update!

Good news!  No one was killed or injured!  Everyone in that building made it out ok...I'm so glad, thank you Jesus for protecting those people.  At 6:15am, the fire was finally extinguished, it took almost 4 hours to fight the fire.  After running errands earlier this afternoon, I decided to drive into the complex and check out the aftermath...about half of one building was completely gone, and the one next to it had some significant damage.  It looked like it started from the top floor and worked it's way down.  I talked with a fireman still there helping the big clean up, and he didn't allow me to take any pictures, which I understand, but he did tell me that no one was hurt or killed.  That's the important part, everyone's safety, but lemme tell ya, that fire was too close for comfort.

Trouble In The Neighborhood!

A couple of hours ago at 2:45am, I suddenly awoke to sirens...I thought, oh, just a cop pulling some college drunk kid over...then I heard another siren, and another, AND ANOTHER! I thought, something's up, so I got out of bed and looked outside and saw like 3 fire trucks, and I looked right across the street, and I saw smoke! The apartment complex right across the street from me was on fire! I could see an orange glow and so much think black smoke! By the time 3:45am hit, there was bout 10 fire trucks, half a dozen EMS's, at least a dozen cop crown vics, and about half a dozen more other type emergency vehicles. Even right now at nearly 5:00am, there's still a medley of flashing lights outside, I don't think they are having any luck fighting this fire...I noticed that it spread really fast. I sure hope no one was hurt!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Monster Invasion!

New in my etsy shop! I have made 4 new monster plushie toys! They were very fun to make, and they make me laugh every time I look at them...From clockwise top left: Johannsen, Kashnikov, Mazy, and Ira...aren't they fun??? I will definately make more!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lauren And CiCi

There's me giving my kitty, CiCi kisses and hugs, unlike her sister, she is a big snuggle bug and loves attention and affection...The best parts? her furrr is so soft! and whenever I give her kisses, she smells so good, kind of like spices, she keeps herself very clean. Up to date, we've now had a two and a half year companionship along with her sis, Brie-Brie.

What a pair!
Me and CiCi are just hanging out in my office, as I was on the computer, she crawled into my lap, so I took a few moments to cuddle with her, and a few pictures!

Lucky Day

I woke up in one of the worst moods ever this morning...however, hour by hour, things started to look up my way...I received my last birdie ornament in the mail, and while I was doing laundry in the basement of my apartment building, I thought I would check on my etsy site, and sure enough, I had finally made 2 sales after a 2 week dry spell! I sold both my bird on a power line pillows to a lady in Tennessee. That really brought my spirits up because I really thought that I would be in a dry spell for a long time. Lots of things on my mind right now though, my hubby and I want to get a car to replace my old jeep, and it's stressful looking hubby is starting to pay off his college loans, I know that stresses him out, I'm starting to look for another job, cause my current one is only giving me like 5 hours a week, and that's not near enough hours for me. I'm not sure if my 2 finches are going to lay eggs, cause that would be a hassle, to take care of baby birds, I've never done that before. I only know how to take care of baby kitties. Plus, it's darn cold out! I hate, hate, HATE winter with an undying purple passion, and therefore, I can only stay indoors and try to stay warm. Even though now I have most of the week to myself, my kitties keep me good company. I love them, and I love my birdies chirping all day, it sort of reminds me of my parent's house where birds would chirp all day...the sounds of comfort. I will always have pets as long as I will live. They are very nessessary for one's way of life.

Monday, January 12, 2009

3 Merry Men...

I am in an apartment full of merry working men! man #1-my landlord changing out ac filter/repairing leak on roof right above me man #2-some crazy looking guy also repairing/vacuuming water off of the roof man #3-pest control dude who is really tall! I have a squirrel problem, and those critters like to get in between the ceiling and the roof and cause lots of racket! So here I am, on my computer hearing all 3 of those men on my roof work away! In a couple of hours, I will be squirrel free, leak free, and my air will be that much cleaner due to a new filter...thanks guys!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Quiet Evening...

Well, it's real quiet here in Minx's Den tonight. My hubby is hanging out with his dude friends, playing a little bit of dungeons and dragons. I am here with my kitties and my birdies, not feeling as restless tonight...I do feel like making a couple of new things from my sewing machine, but my weary body is telling me, "not tonight my dear, I need to rest." Ci-Ci and Brie-Brie sure look sleepy...Ci-Ci is snoozing in one of her favorite spots (laundry basket with a soft blanket inside it), and Brie-Brie is snoozing on my lime green wooden chair, she likes the harder surfaces. Emmett is eating seed quietly, and Zoe is on the top perch preening her feathers, once in a while you hear a slight "peep" coming out of them. My Hubby is expected to roll in about 1am or so when they are done playing their game, he better be real quiet when he comes to bed and not wake me cause I need my sleep tonight as I have been tossing and turning since the full moon is out! It makes me wonder if I was a wolf in a past life...I know my mom can't sleep during a full moon herself, so it must be genetic. My hubby sleeps like the dead, no full moon, thunderstorm, high winds, or restless kitties can ever wake him. What can I say? I'm just a light sleeper.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's Mr. Robin!

I captured a picture of Mr. Robin just outside my office window...I love their colors!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Little Birds Peeking...

Tweet! My goodness! Look at all of these birds! That's what they do best, watching people! I just love my collection of bird ornaments! So tell me, what things do you collect??? shot glasses? postcards? thimbles? throw pillows? (I also collect throw pillows much to my husband's dismay...) Tell me what you like to collect!


Here's Carl, he's my crow bird friend...He sits on top of my shelves and watches me work away...

Birdies Just Hanging Out

Feeling Restless...AGAIN!!!

Today, I know I will have to finish organizing my office, but for some reason, I tossed and turned most of the night...I feel very tired this morning, but I am wide awake! BRING ON THE COFFEE! As for new items in my shop, I just can't think of any newer ideas, my mojo is temporarily blocked! I don't like days like this...the kind of days when I don't sleep the night before, and having those scary vivid dreams during the little bit of time I do sleep, feeling tired but restless, should I even drink coffee??? or should I let my body run it's course and naturally fall asleep whenever it tells me to??? I am pretty sure I will be asleep by 1:00pm today taking a long winter's nap with my kitties. It's so cute, every time I take a nap, my 2 cats will eventually snuggle in bed with me and all 3 of us stay nice and warm...I just love my cats, they are good stress relievers! Meow! Meow!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Place For Everything...

I especially like the touch of my wedding photo...

Better Organized...

This only took about a couple of hours, but I finally moved my chic black bookcase into my office and organized all of my fabric, button, ribbons, you name it and also tried to make it look fashionable...of course the office space behind me and my camera lens is another story...

Thursday's Delivery!

here are some cute things I got in the mail today! The watercolor collage is something I bought from my dear friend, shirley...she does such a wonderful job on her art! I'm going to find a frame for it, and hang it in my office! The crow is just precious! I named him Carl the crow. The light blue birdie is so abstract! That's how I think sometimes. Today is real busy for me...gotta go get some cat litter and cat food, and I am totally revamping my studio, making it more organized because I am so tired of not finding anything! AHHHHHH! This is going to be a day long project, I know I won't be able to make anything new for my etsy shop...Wish me luck on this!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I have made 2 new sets of fabric coasters...check them out in my etsy shop! They were real easy to make! I even made some for myself!

Here's one of my favorite long skinny pillows! For sale in my shop.

It's A Pillow, Long And Skinny!

I am now onto newer things. Pillows. Long. Skinny. I think they are so chic and so modern! I just posted 3 new ones in my etsy shop, very cheap everyone! Golly, I just might make a couple for myself! Since I can't post my pillow pics, sorry! But check them in my shop!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Little Bird Blue

My newest addition to my bird ornament family...I bought it from another etsy shop and he was waiting in my mail box this morning...I named him blue, and he looks so good on my birdie tree! So I now have 14 bird ornament friends that watch over me as I sew!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Goodies From Birdie4!!!

Hello all! today was a very eventful day...made 6 new bird ornies, posted them all in my etsy shop, ran errands, did laundry, and checked my mail, and I got 5 parcels! wow!!! of course I had to feed my new fabric jones, so I got some cute new fabrics in the mail that I bought from various etsy shops, and of course add 2 new bird ornies to my collection...including this yellow one I ordered from Birdie4...Isn't the little pink heart cute??? She threw it in free and personalized it with an "L" for Lauren! How sweet! I now have 3 birds from her shop! I just love the etsy world!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fabric Finds From My Hometown

My Troublemaker

here's Brie-Brie in my office stalking my finches...Brie-Brie always keeps a close eyeful watch on them and can sit there for hours just staring...

Trudy's Face

Now my sewing machine has personality!!! These face stickers came from a local shop, and they are used to add faces and personalities to appliances, office supplies, cups, far, I have only used these stickers on my alarm clock, and now, Trudy!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Quality Family Time!

Yesterday and today was quite splendid! I got to see my parents and my sister...I had so much fun, mom and I had mother/daughter time going crazy picking out fabrics, and my goodness I came out with some scrumptious looking fabric! My etsy shop will be packed to the brim with so much new stuff! My sis and I hung out in her jazzy room and we watched "Interview With The Vampire" on her new computer. All in all, I had a great time, and even got to take home some old xmas ornaments!

Friday, January 2, 2009

2 Years Ago Today...

Despite all of my errands I have to run today, I take a few moments to myself as I am writing this blog to reflect on my late paternal grandfather, Robert F. R. 2 years ago on this day, he passed away peacefully in his living room as my grandma was making him breakfast. I will never forget it when my dad got that phone call saying that he has passed...even 2 years later I still feel that ache, I really miss him, and I wish I saw him right before he died, but I can't change the past, what's done is done. I am taking an hour road trip today to visit my folks and sister and I will also visit his grave. Earth's loss is heaven's gain...
On a lighter note, I am excited to see my mom, my dad, and my baby and I are going to this cute fabric shop called "The Quilting Bee" and have some fun mother daughter time! I will be sleeping in my old bed tonight, of course I will miss my hubby 60 miles away...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

HAPPY 2009!

Happy new year to all of my friends! don't have much to write about except that I am busy today in my office making more goodies for my etsy shop! Come and check it out!