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Saturday, January 17, 2009

New In The Minxden's Monster Orphanage!

I introduce Olga, Bubba, and Igor! They are new monsters that I have posted in my etsy shop, and they are all for sale! I recently had a monster kick, and I highly enjoy making these little guys! I now have a total of 7 Monsters in my orphanage...each one has a distinct personality! It does take a while to make one, even on my sewing machine....I am pooped, so I am going to eat some leftover chinese food, and take a long nap with my kitties! Good day to you all!


Jess said...

Warmed up Chinese...yuck... I think I'd rather have Ramen

Hope you had a great nap..

And I still love your monsters!

Love, Jess

Jess said...

Where did your mom go? Is she using Kansas ROse still or just the moon lasso?

Minx's Den said...


my ma left the blogger world, for personal reasons that I can't say...she's ok though.

kansasrose said...

hey I'm still here Jess and Pood! I'm over at the farmeress now. Musical blogs lol...I have some puter bugs and think I've gotten some of them resolved. Nothin' as serious as what pood suggested...just some computer issues. I'll have the lasso up and runnin' in time for next full moon! ( it maybe be invite tho)

A bird in the hand said...

Adopt a Monster!
Very fun. I like this trio a lot!

A bird in the hand said...

P.S. I just tried the Farmeress, but there's no blog!!