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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Onto Fabric Scraps...

Today I thought, "Why not sell some old fabric scraps that I can't use for other projects?" I do know that sells, so here I go...Slowly, my etsy shop is becoming more and more diverse with so many different items!
Well, I'm at egg #4 this morning, Zoe must be so soar! I did notice that she pulls her breast feathers out to lay in her nest...yeeeeowwwwch! talk about sacrifice for her chicks! She looks a little rugged I tell ya...Right now she is swinging on her little blue birdie swing relaxing for a bit, and Emmett is in the nest keeping them warm. Tonight when my hubby gets home from work, we are going to order pizza and rent some movies and have a date night indoors...I can't wait!


Jess said...

Great idea about the scraps, and glad your birdies are doing okay.

Sounds like a wonderful evening at home with hubby!

Have a great day,
Love, jess

amelia said...

That's a great thing to do! I'm toasting my tootsies in front of the fire tonight. Nasty night outside!