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Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Madness, Surely I Have Gone Mad!

I couldn't do it....I just couldn't! I posted this springtime pillow in my etsy shop this morning, but most of today, I kept glancing over at it, again and again! If I make something, even a small little pillow meant for minxden, and it suddenly holds meaning, then like the packrat I am I have to keep it! I am just like my Grandma, so many of my things holds so much sentimental or meaningful value, that's why I keep so much stuff! For a young woman my age and only married for almost 3 years now, I sure do have alot of sh#t! Which brings me to the next subject matter....OUR YARD SALE COMING UP IN APRIL!! my hubby is quite the opposite character, he is a minimalist through and through...I have no idea what to sell in this upcoming yard sell, but I reckon tears will be had that whole dreaded weekend in April. "Sigh".

But wait....BUAHAHAHA! I bought 2 total yards of this glorious cheerful fabric, and 2 things will be made out of this...can you all think of what they might be? stay tuned folks!

A friend of mine recently posted on her blog about using strips of vintage fabrics and tying them onto vases, well instead of vases for me, I had some old mason jars that desperately needed some sprucing up, here are a few now! What a great idea she has!

My cabochon collection...mostly flowers but you will find the occasional odd shapes...

Who does this remind you of?????

My Sabrina Minx! that coaster has a cat on it very similar to my sabrie-brie cheese kitty!

But I won't exclude my other pride and joy, my grey rollie pollie Ci-Ci, my sweet cotton ball baby girl!

What good things came of today:
1. Slept in till 9:30am!
2. Had some really good dream while sleeping this morning! (really good)
3. Found some great fabric!
4. Is ready to enjoy another batch of my famous cheesy potatoes! (my favorite)
5. My hubby will be coming home tonight from work bearing our girl scout cookies! (our order came in...)
6. Tomorrow I start my first day of my new job! (wish me luck!)

New In My Shop!

Brand new, well vintage haha! Posted in minxden early this morning, another vintage fabric pillow joins the mix! I call it "Prairie Garden Medley"...It reminds me of those beautiful spring flowers in my mother's garden, she has the most vibrant purple irises and still does! I just love those irises on this pillow! As a kid, I sure loved spring break, Easter (the whole weekend), all of those flowers blooming, going on Easter egg hunts with my cousins, those cadbury chocolate eggs, malted chocolate eggs, my grandma Nonie's Easter ham that just melted in your mouth, dying those eggs many different colors, that was usually done on the Weekend of Easter at my childhood home...I sure miss those days, last year was the first Easter I spent all alone up here in Nebraska whilst all of my family celebrated down in Kansas, even my hubby had to work mandatory hours that day, it was so depressing for me....luckily, my hubby will have Easter off this year, so I won't be totally alone. I just look at this pillow, it reminds me of the spring times in my childhood and teen years.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Lovely Saturday

Not much for chit chat today...but today is a great day!

What good things happened to me today:
1. Enjoyed a nice piping hot bowl of Vietnamese soup with the hubs!
2. Snoozed with my furry girls in my big bed
3. Awaiting a pizza delivery whilst watching Bicentennial Man (one of my favorite movies!)
4. Got some new pants and shoes for my new job!

Hope your weekend is going swimmingly! The only thing missing at this moment is my hubby watching this movie with me and savoring yummy cheesy pizza!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Time For Tea, Birds That Bless This House, And Good News!

This only took seriously 5 minutes from start to finish! wow! my very first tea pot cozy!! And made from the cutest vintage fabric too!

What could these be???

These are Turkish Blessing Birds! Now I am a christian (Methodist) but I do believe in a few trinkets around the house showing diversity in religious beliefs...let me explain the significance of Turkish Blessing Birds....There are 5 birds shown here, each symbolizes great aspects that should be in a they are in no particular order...
1. Good Fortune
2. Good Marriage
3. Good Luck
4. Fertility
5. Love

That and I love birds anyhow, so here they are!!! this project took almost 1 hour!

I have seen lots of blogs do this and I think it's a great idea, I may do this on almost every blog post myself and just refer back to them at anytime, but I will type what good has happened to me on a particular day like today so here we go!!

What good things happened to me today:
1. Finished my tea pot cozy this morning!
2. Yummy Frozen yogurt w/ the proper fixins!
3. My Hubby had today and tomorrow off!
4. Sold another vintage fabric pillow!
5. I got the job I applied for!!!! I am now employed "outside of the house" again! (that was the good news!)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jam Packed Tuesday

Almost ready....this is my sage, sprouting up into the real world...I will be transferring these next into a bigger home...

Already transferred 3 days ago, my Catnip, Cilantro, Chives, and Italian Parsley...I was hoping they wouldn't get damaged by my transferring skills (or lack thereof) but I was relieved to know that the roots of these herbs actually took to the new potting soil and are flourishing beautifully! My chives already have a faint pungent onion smell to them!! My oregano, thyme, lavender, and rosemary are still in the process of growing,but not tall enough yet to be moved, sadly though, my tarragon died before it ever reached 2 sets of leaves to a stem (mold was the culprit) I will have to wait clear until may or after the last frost to go at another try and replant some new tarragon, it's my favorite herb anyhow.

Newest spray paint project....aren't they cool?

Here's a better pic of my new bike...I gave her a name, "Greta".... my hubby named his "Sangiovese" or pronounced rode my bike almost 10 miles worth already within the first week!

Newest creations....the fabrics on these 2 new house, maisons pillows are precious and hold a spot in my past...they were from old sheets that were printed in my early childhood!

Time to capture more shots of my girls, however, Ci-Ci is very grouchy today....sad face.

My sweet Boys.

Monday, February 21, 2011

An Oldie But Goodie

As of right now, my nerves are sure kicking into high gear....tonight I have a job interview...
It's hard to find jobs now a days, and this was the only one that bit my fishing hook and took my bait. Of course my interviews go well, but i sure get real nervous beforehand.
Today is so much colder outside than it was last week...ugh! I sure hate cold temps, snow I despise even more! But to soothe me, my hubby took me out to a nice quiet lunch and even bought me a cupcake from the new cupcake store In Lincoln. He is such a sweet man, that hubby of mine, he is just too much...I mean he got me a very nice bike last week for valentine's day (and it wasn't cheap) and took me to Omaha to go shopping, and took me to get sushi, AND did what we did did I end up so lucky to have him? sometimes I feel that I don't or shouldn't deserve all of this, I must have done something right in a past life though...well, that's that for today, I shouldn't psych myself out so much, I shall watch my kitties sleep, and stroke their soft furr to help soothe my shaky soul and raise up my prayers for a good interview and possibly becoming employed by the end of tonight....

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Busy Week

Good day to all of my readers! I apologize for the 4 day unannounced's what you missed....

Just yesterday, my hubby bought me this awesome hot pink Electra Townie Bike! it has a cute wicker basket, a cheeky pink water bottle holder, and boy does it ride smoothly and comfortably! So this is basically my slightly belated Valentine's Day gift from the hubs! Thanks Tiger man!

A suburb from my mind....lots and lots of fabric houses (maisons) pillows! I had been working on most of these all week, still have 2 left, but most likely I will finish them both by bed time tonight. Whew!

My girls are taking a photo shoot break for the next couple of days, they just got back from the vet and feel a little sore and cranky from their yearly vaccinations...the poor dears, so I will respect their privacy and give them a break for a short time.....but in the mean time, I found some more modeling subjects, my boys....Vinny on the left (blue) and Sonny on the right (green/yellow)...I ventured to Omaha yesterday with my hubby and had a great relaxing time, needed that bad after a stressful few weeks! Finally got to visit Urban Outfitters after about 10 years! Got a cool pair of sneakers there! (on sale too! hehe) hope you all have a splendid weekend, I think I will take my new bike out for another spin today, it is nice out, but severe thunderstorms.....THAT'S RIGHT! THUNDERSTORMS!!! are expected to hit tonight! eek!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Journey Of Nearly 1,000 Miles...

Today I went for a walk to take in the rarity of this weather in this Lincoln, Nebraska climate...when I returned home about 4:30pm, I checked my mailbox and Ms. Marie Antoinette was awaiting patiently for me! My dear Friend and fellow etsian and artist sent me a little something for valentine's day! Anyone close to me knows perfectly well that I love anything related to Marie Antoinette! This would be my 2nd Marie Antoinette piece from Colette, back on my 25th birthday, my mom purchased the 1st piece from Colette, now I have this one as a lovely gift! Thank you Colette! Your Valentine's package should arrive soon!

Hearts, Kitties, and Houses...

Yesterday for Valentine's Day, I created these 2 cute vintage fabric heart plushies for my girls (kitties) the "C" stands for Ci-Ci and the "S" stands for Sabrina, my babies...they sure loved them, oh yes indeed! they played with them all of yesterday evening and later on that night, this is what I discovered....(scroll down!)


My lil darlins crashed and burned up in my bed, both snuggling with their new treasures! both of the at the same time! they must have trotted upstairs clutching them in their mouths, and brought them to bed. That made my actual heart swell with pride, actually brought tears to my eyes...some say animals have no immortal soul....I beg to differ.

So today I caught a glimpse of each kitty with their hearts!

How cute.

Also whipped up these 3 new house (maisons) pillows last night...hope everyone had a great valentine's day, I will be officially celebrating it this weekend with my hubby...can't wait!!

Monday, February 14, 2011


This post reflects on all that I love....Of course the top of my list are my family, friends, and my highly faithful pets...
But some nice add-ons are in order, lets start with birds and kitties. My mom has always had pet birds, preferably parakeets in her home, from the time of my birth until this present day, she still has bird friends living in her house with do I. Birds have always been a comfort and a great joy too, as I am hearing my boys (parakeets) chirp happily downstairs right at this hubby even had a lovebird named "Sparks", he was a sweet little fella, full of personality, but sadly died from a carbon monoxide leak in my hubby's townhome...I also reflect on my beloved parakeet named "Gary" truly unique bird who died several years back while I was in college. Ahhhhh kitties.....I couldn't live without them in my life...I have 2 sweet girl kitties, litter mates (sisters) whom I adore so much! They keep my life very interesting for sure! Growing up on a little farm in Kansas, cats were everywhere! constantly I would be surrounded by mewing tiny kittens, sometimes up to 12 at a time!

Knitting......Mrs. Knitter can finally knit!! (haha) that is my last name by the way!
A very funny cliche! I took up knitting last June, and I really took to it I must say!

Flowers....I love all kinds, whether they are outside bathing in the sunlight and rain, or my plastic flower cabochons inside my house....they are all gifts from God.

My youngest hobby......making house (maisons) pillows, I love doing it so much, I have about a dozen pictured here awaiting assembly!

Buntings and pillows! of course my pillows have not only brightened up my home and others' homes, but have been my meal ticket! :) Buntings just make me giggle, laugh hysterically when I see them waving in the wind....I guess buntings take me back to a memory, it's a good memory, but makes me sad thinking of it, my grandparents had a former house with a pool, my papa would hang some buntings back there, to "scare" the birds away from pooping in his (it didn't work by the way) but the birds kept landing on the bunting, singing, watching me swim on those hot Kansas summers....but buntings always gives me smiles....thats why they are everywhere in my house...

Of course fabrics I love....I could create without them!

I heart you......Ci-Ci!

And I heart you....Brie-Brie!

And I heart my Knitty Kitty Tiger Joseph.