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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hearts, Kitties, and Houses...

Yesterday for Valentine's Day, I created these 2 cute vintage fabric heart plushies for my girls (kitties) the "C" stands for Ci-Ci and the "S" stands for Sabrina, my babies...they sure loved them, oh yes indeed! they played with them all of yesterday evening and later on that night, this is what I discovered....(scroll down!)


My lil darlins crashed and burned up in my bed, both snuggling with their new treasures! both of the at the same time! they must have trotted upstairs clutching them in their mouths, and brought them to bed. That made my actual heart swell with pride, actually brought tears to my eyes...some say animals have no immortal soul....I beg to differ.

So today I caught a glimpse of each kitty with their hearts!

How cute.

Also whipped up these 3 new house (maisons) pillows last night...hope everyone had a great valentine's day, I will be officially celebrating it this weekend with my hubby...can't wait!!

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