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Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Attack Of The Buntings!!!

My friendly buntings are on the attack!! They seek out creative folk, like myself and they pounce!!! LOL not really, these 2 are my newest bunting creations, made out of the most awesome vintage fabrics around!! They still make me giggle and laugh hysterically, buntings are good for the home, they lift my spirits! But sadly I ran out of the white backing, so gotta get more soon!


Jennie said...

I agree- buntings are good for the home! Those look very happy indeed :)

A bird in the hand said...

They look friendly to me!!! They are caressing you....

Package is in the mail. Hint: Marie-Antoinette.

Stay warm.


Minx's Den said...

jennie= do you have any buntings displayed in your home?
colette- that's a good way of putting it, and oh boy I am even more excited!!! I love marie antoinette!! thank you!! I hope you stay warm as well! xoxo