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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Time For Tea, Birds That Bless This House, And Good News!

This only took seriously 5 minutes from start to finish! wow! my very first tea pot cozy!! And made from the cutest vintage fabric too!

What could these be???

These are Turkish Blessing Birds! Now I am a christian (Methodist) but I do believe in a few trinkets around the house showing diversity in religious beliefs...let me explain the significance of Turkish Blessing Birds....There are 5 birds shown here, each symbolizes great aspects that should be in a they are in no particular order...
1. Good Fortune
2. Good Marriage
3. Good Luck
4. Fertility
5. Love

That and I love birds anyhow, so here they are!!! this project took almost 1 hour!

I have seen lots of blogs do this and I think it's a great idea, I may do this on almost every blog post myself and just refer back to them at anytime, but I will type what good has happened to me on a particular day like today so here we go!!

What good things happened to me today:
1. Finished my tea pot cozy this morning!
2. Yummy Frozen yogurt w/ the proper fixins!
3. My Hubby had today and tomorrow off!
4. Sold another vintage fabric pillow!
5. I got the job I applied for!!!! I am now employed "outside of the house" again! (that was the good news!)


Jennie said...

Sounds like a fantastic day! Congrats on the job, and your new goodies are fabulous. I hadn't heard of the turkish blessing birds, but that is just lovely- thank you for sharing :)

Mama Pants said...

Congrats!!! The birds are precious! No bike riding today, huh? Stupid Snow.