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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sewful Saturday...

The sun is out, the temps are rising and giving me a preview of spring, Mizz Trudy Elna rests in the sunlight of my studio waiting to help with the sewing, my cats are playing together, and I am typing. Simply typing.

About half of my vintage fabric ladies in waiting. A few of them just arrived yesterday!

The long skinny pink and yellow house, or I like to call "Nonie's World" has joined the house pillow neighborhood, if I keep this rate up, it will be a suburb before long.

Another various studio shot....a muted faded picture of my infamous wall of Colette....a mini art gallery which stays up all year round!

Oh no! a leftover only lonely scallop from one of my buntings! I may use it as a door for another upcoming fabric house, maison pillow....

Thank you, and good day to you all!

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