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Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Madness, Surely I Have Gone Mad!

I couldn't do it....I just couldn't! I posted this springtime pillow in my etsy shop this morning, but most of today, I kept glancing over at it, again and again! If I make something, even a small little pillow meant for minxden, and it suddenly holds meaning, then like the packrat I am I have to keep it! I am just like my Grandma, so many of my things holds so much sentimental or meaningful value, that's why I keep so much stuff! For a young woman my age and only married for almost 3 years now, I sure do have alot of sh#t! Which brings me to the next subject matter....OUR YARD SALE COMING UP IN APRIL!! my hubby is quite the opposite character, he is a minimalist through and through...I have no idea what to sell in this upcoming yard sell, but I reckon tears will be had that whole dreaded weekend in April. "Sigh".

But wait....BUAHAHAHA! I bought 2 total yards of this glorious cheerful fabric, and 2 things will be made out of this...can you all think of what they might be? stay tuned folks!

A friend of mine recently posted on her blog about using strips of vintage fabrics and tying them onto vases, well instead of vases for me, I had some old mason jars that desperately needed some sprucing up, here are a few now! What a great idea she has!

My cabochon collection...mostly flowers but you will find the occasional odd shapes...

Who does this remind you of?????

My Sabrina Minx! that coaster has a cat on it very similar to my sabrie-brie cheese kitty!

But I won't exclude my other pride and joy, my grey rollie pollie Ci-Ci, my sweet cotton ball baby girl!

What good things came of today:
1. Slept in till 9:30am!
2. Had some really good dream while sleeping this morning! (really good)
3. Found some great fabric!
4. Is ready to enjoy another batch of my famous cheesy potatoes! (my favorite)
5. My hubby will be coming home tonight from work bearing our girl scout cookies! (our order came in...)
6. Tomorrow I start my first day of my new job! (wish me luck!)


amelia said...

I also just love that material but nothing in my house would go with it!!

I'll be thinking about you tomorrow!! Good Luck!

Minx's Den said...


kansasrose said...

That's my girl!

Minx's Den said...

:) xoxoxoxoxo