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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Busy Week

Good day to all of my readers! I apologize for the 4 day unannounced's what you missed....

Just yesterday, my hubby bought me this awesome hot pink Electra Townie Bike! it has a cute wicker basket, a cheeky pink water bottle holder, and boy does it ride smoothly and comfortably! So this is basically my slightly belated Valentine's Day gift from the hubs! Thanks Tiger man!

A suburb from my mind....lots and lots of fabric houses (maisons) pillows! I had been working on most of these all week, still have 2 left, but most likely I will finish them both by bed time tonight. Whew!

My girls are taking a photo shoot break for the next couple of days, they just got back from the vet and feel a little sore and cranky from their yearly vaccinations...the poor dears, so I will respect their privacy and give them a break for a short time.....but in the mean time, I found some more modeling subjects, my boys....Vinny on the left (blue) and Sonny on the right (green/yellow)...I ventured to Omaha yesterday with my hubby and had a great relaxing time, needed that bad after a stressful few weeks! Finally got to visit Urban Outfitters after about 10 years! Got a cool pair of sneakers there! (on sale too! hehe) hope you all have a splendid weekend, I think I will take my new bike out for another spin today, it is nice out, but severe thunderstorms.....THAT'S RIGHT! THUNDERSTORMS!!! are expected to hit tonight! eek!


Mama Pants said...

I have a pink bike too!!!!! I got it last summer and then only rode it twice. Nothing says girly girl like a pink bike with a wicker basket! Maybe someday we will meet on a bike path? Love the petite city you are creating. Omaha is so different than Lincoln, it feels much more alive to me. My favorite place to go is the stand alone Sephora store, and Whole Foods.

Jennie said...

OMG- that is the bike of my dreams. If I dreamt of bikes. Mostly I have bike nightmares, lol! Glad to hear you've had a busy-with-good-stuff week. Missed you :)

Minx's Den said...

Jennie- awww you missed me! you are so sweet!!! i almost got the robin eggs blue color one, but pink is my signature color!

Mama Pants- I love Omaha's busy scenery, the old downtown district is the best, we went to an awesome sushi place called Blue Sushi Grill, the best ever, I am the extreme girly girl! We went to whole foods last night, and can I say WOW! we love that place!