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Monday, February 7, 2011

Pink All Around...Various Studio Shots Too

Why what do we have here???

Ooo Ooo Ooo!!!! my newest completed project!!! I finally found use for those birdie cabochons I bought from another etsy store 2 years ago!! They are just little quilties, I love them so, as I was making them, I was listening to Spring by Vivaldi, a perfect song at the moment, these didn't take too long to whip up, about a half an hour...

The dark pink one, or the one on the right is my most favorite...

But heck, I like them all!!!

My Next Project?? well all I can say is that it will involve these 2 sweet little kitty cabochons I also bought 2 years ago! Stay tuned, I don't really have a plan yet, but my mind gears are turnin I promise you that!

We move onto various shots of my studio on this lovely is my beloved neighborhood I sure wish I could move there, of course I would reside in number 238 (tee-hee)

Here is little Clone seeing the light of the sun for the first time...she doesn't look so frazzled anymore, in fact the light captures her and now she looks beautiful, even her eyes look lively!

Mr. Magpie and Miss Rosey look quite content in their new home! They watch over me like the old days as I work joyously on new creations...TWEET!

My bunting looks pretty cheerful, being placed next to Mr. Magpie and Miss Rosey...

Of course my favorite part of the studio....the other bunting stands guard of all my pillows.

My newest studio buy....this green chintz looking curtain I found at lowes...I just simply love it! Have a great day y'all!


A bird in the hand said...

Good to see you feeling chirpier than the other (blue) day. I found something I made years ago and it had your name on it (I'm observant, I listen, so I know the subject matter will appeal to you!). I'll mail it asap, and it may actually arrive in time for Valentine's. xoxo

kim said...

I love the birds in the squares and I can't wait to see what you do with those adorable kitties!

Someone told me a long time ago that catnip tea is good for colds.

Minx's Den said...

awww thank you colette, I am looking forward to it! I will let you know when it arrives so you know it got to me safely! :) I am sure hoping your valentine package arrives just in time for valentine's day...I sent it off the 2nd of feb. well wouldn't it be cool if you got it right on the 14th? lol it may happen you never know, I am glad to be out of my blue day, i just can't stand winter and it's blues!
Auntie Kim-thank you!! and I will probably most likely post the finished kitty cabs tomorrow or the day after...I am still brainstorming ideas...i never knew you could make catnip tea!! that's very interesting, I will have to look up on that and find some remedies....<3