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Sunday, February 13, 2011

This Post Is Full Of Kitties!

Meow! I am a little late by posting this, I know a friend has been very anxious in knowing how I would incorporate my unused kitty cabochons, so I decided to make a quiltie with them attached to it! Now I realized as I was stitching their "sweaters" on, I was getting myself into some great difficulties, this small project took me 2 whole hours! This is a long time for me, I usually whip up quick projects that usually take no more than 30 minutes! but I am truly very happy with my end result of this, no these poor kitty cabs wont be collecting dust in a jar anymore, but proudly displayed! mew mew mew!!!

All of these took little to no time at all to whip up, in fact I am in a kick lately to where I use what I already have for cute projects around my home, these were flower cabochon brooches hardly ever worn, so I just simply attached them to coordinating vintage fabrics sewn onto felt squares....these are so bright and cheery, makes me long for spring even more! Speaking of which, it is sure nice out today! I have all of my windows open in my house and that 60 degree weather never felt so nice! I can feel it, spring has sprung early! Oh how I have missed thee!

Sabrina sure enjoys the balmy lukewarm weather!

However, Ci-Ci still very much enjoys her nap time snuggling amongst soft blankies...
This blessed sunday couldn't be any more blessed...God gave me beautiful warm weather, steady hands to hand stitch, and a nice 4 pillow sale in my minxden shop! What a day! hope you all are enjoying yours!


kim said...

That turned out adorable!

Minx's Den said...

lol i thought so too!!! :)