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Friday, December 31, 2010

Reflecting On 2010; A Year In My Life

Remember to have those silly moments, it's what keeps ya young!

My parents, Christmas 2010...just opened fizzies, a baby boomer favorite! See the smiles on their faces?

I always try and smile as big as I can, you use more muscles when you frown.

Me and My friend of 4 years, Colette....meeting the first time in person!

You haven't lived until you try a cupcake from Daddy Cakes In Topeka, KS!

Me and my daddy, father's day 2010

My 2 besties from high school! Jillian (middle) and Jessica (far right) we are 3 peas in a pod!

My minxden studio

Me and my hubby, Joe. I love him with all my might!

My baby girls, Ci-Ci (left) and Sabrina (right) yes, Ci-Ci was yawning.

Playing with the koi fishies!

My tulips smiling for the camera!

Me and my mom. She came up to visit me and scope out my turf!

I always take the time to smell the flowers...

Me and my Nonie and Papa, at their former house just before they moved.

My beloved "Green Room" at my grandparent's former house.

My ray of sunshine, my little sister, Ally. She is 10 years my junior.

My new little nephew, Dalton Ross born sept. 27th 2010.

This little human being gave me the title of an aunt! My niece, Brooke LeAnn. age 15 months. She is my lil Brooketini!

As I reflect on the last day of 2010, I think back on the events for the entire year, some good, some trying on my soul....

JANUARY 2010- I have seen some of the coldest temps/most snow I have ever seen! was still adjusting to moving into a new town, adjusting to a slight culture shock.

FEBRUARY 2010- Tried authentic Vietnamese soup (fu) for the first time ever and loved it!!

MARCH 2010- Watching my tulips and daffodils start to come up (previously planted a small garden on my own back in November 2009) seeing my first ever black squirrel!

APRIL 2010- Realizing that the pear tree in front of my house has the most beautiful white blossoms I have ever seen! Moving my studio from the small downstairs bedroom, to the extra room upstairs for more space, and when I finished, I felt like a major accomplishment happened! Got strep throat later on that month. Tried ostrich burgers for the first time!

MAY 2010- Strep ended by the first week, did more exploring in my new city, had a first picnic in the park 4 blocks from my house with the hubs, starting on our farmer's market excursions, sampling dried tomato chips for the first time...watching severe weather unfold!

JUNE 2010- Starting the knitting classes, making new friends, made a scarf! Started getting a relapse from the strep....the infection spread to my heart and made me very seriously ill for 2.5 months (10 weeks), celebrated 2 years of marriage, fell down the stairs on my wedding anniversary (ouch). My mom took an amtrak train up to Lincoln to see me for a weekend!

JULY 2010- Celebrated my first 4th of July alone, was still sick...witnessed for about 2 weeks every night, the weirdest severe weather ever! went to the zoo in Omaha all those animals were amazing!

AUGUST 2010- Went to 2 weddings, both in Kansas that month, dealing with my grandparent's big move to a smaller house. Had my first set of etsy negative feedbacks....

SEPTEMBER 2010- Started feeling better from my summer illness, became a 2nd time aunt to my little nephew! and celebrated my niece's 1st birthday!

OCTOBER 2010- Turned 28, had my first minxden craft show and sadly it was unsuccessful. My bff from college gave birth to a sweet baby girl! Passed out candy to trick o treaters for the first time ever since I now live in a house!

NOVEMBER 2010- My little sis became legal!!!! (18) decorated for xmas very early that month, captured a picture of a paranormal event in my own house, had my first thankgiving right here, my hubby made the plaza III steak soup my mom make every thanksgiving! Hurt my foot so in result having to wear a big boot on my foot, found a chinese restaurant that serves the best fried rice I ever had! Met one of my friends for the first time in person (we had a 4 yr. friendship over the phone, blogging and emailing)

DECEMBER 2010- Turned my downstairs empty room into my "chintz" room, started crafting more, went down to KS for xmas, enjoyed seeing my family, had millionaire pie for the first time in 15 years! looking forward to baking my first oysters tonight!!!

To my readers, followers, friends, and family.....I wish you all many blessings for a happy new year! I am not sure what 2011 will bring me, but I hope my health is better this time around! Happy 2011 to all of you!

Buh Bye Little Ivory!

Another last if it's kind to leave minxden is the fresh poppies pillow in ivory! She journeys all the way to North Carolina!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Just Lovely...

Woke up at 5:45am this morning and realized that I am getting one of those pesky bladder infections again.....what a bummer! I'm fighting major sleep right now, but I must stay awake until 8am to call the doctor's office to schedule an appointment and get this taken care of....perfect timing too, right before the new years. Arg. No crafting today, just sleep and rest!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

They're Back!

My little bird friends made their way to the hanging house neighborhood, and in a nearby pink tree!!! I didn't have to wait till spring for them to return!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Heck Yeah! More Pyrex!

Found these 2 pieces today, the pink one I love so much! But the matching lid to this green piece rocks my world, in fact, the antique store owner showed it to me, and I instantly fell in love!

Vintage Floral Fabric Purse The Second

This one is more longer than wide....all fabrics used were from vintage floral fabrics. I'm also thinking abut putting a dark brown button for flare!

My Girls

Thought I'd get some pics of my beauties. Ci-Ci is the top picture lounging on my flowery chaise lounge while Sabrina is in the lower picture sunbathing on my vintage table. I have never had cats like these two ever before, and probably ever again...

Monday, December 27, 2010

Pyrex Jackpot!!!

Found all of these in one swoop!!! what a great day for pyrex hunting!!!! 9 whole pieces!!! The birdie dish is my favorite find of the day!!!!

New Do

I wanted to turn back the clock maybe 5-10 years......I was starting to look older than 28, so I got my bangs cut to the pixie look...I haven't had bangs for maybe 15 years!

Other Finds

A very old antique hand made fabric wreath. It deserves to be displayed year round...

A kitty figurine.....for only $2.50!!! I love it so!

52 Projects, one for every week of the year! Thank you, Mom! better get to buying more yarn!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Seasons Greetings

Ok, to sum up my xmas......

got to hold my niece and nephew as much as I want (my nephew fell asleep on my chest, which made me fall asleep! for the first time in 15 years, I had millionaire pie (it was good!) I played with my mom's new kitten named Buster, he was so cute indeed and smelled soooooooo good! got to see my family and spend time with them, got to see my sister's "jungle" themed room, wow!!! she has talent!
Joe and I got a printer for our computer (we needed one bad) and it's also a photo scanner too! I got some gnarly knitting supplies from my mom, sis, and sis got me some bath and body works stuff-cozy socks, perfume, lotion! Had a great feast, my dad and mom thanked God at our table for all of our blessings, showed off my sewing and knitting projects to my grandma Nonie. I miss my family already, but in time I will return for a longer visit....pictured above is me and my sister, my ray of sunshine! She is wearing the hat and scarf I knitted for her...
So tonight, I will be sipping some hot tea, thumb through my new knitting book mom gave me and plan ut my next knitting project....0h and by the way, my cats are n0w very nice t0 me, they always bec0me s0 l0ving after have been returned f0r a few h0urs....

The End Of The Year

Hope everyone had a great xmas with families and friends! I would write more about my adventures, but as an out of state traveler, I am beat!! I have many great pics of my family on both sides, but uploading 100 pics is a very tedious process! Now I am safely back home, with my girl kitties and boy birdies (hubby had to work) and I have many things to put away and organize! My shop is now back in active mode, so minxden is back in business!!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Vintage Floral Fabric Purse The First

Just made this 2 days ago, took about an hour to make....I am contemplating a button on the front to close the flap....what do you think? the button is a vintage dark purple one, strangely I think it would look nice with the colors on the fabric! the dimensions are about 16 inches wide by 10 inches vertical length wise and the strap is long enough to where the purse rests nicely at my hip...I just love sewing! I didn't even use a pattern! Hey Sister Marie! Look what I can do! and don't worry.....I did not pull on the fabric just like you taught me!!!!

Love, Peace, and Crafting

I put my etsy shop on vacation mode one day early, I need a break from the minxden shop, but I will be venturing upstairs with my bad foot and work on my hubby's xmas gift this afternoon while he is at work, also my dad's present too.....I just made a vintage fabric purse 2 nights ago, and i want to make another one today...I am also putting my remaining stash of my mushroom birdies to some good use! But of course, it's not all fun, I have to sort the wrapped gifts into 2 sacks, my side of the family and my in laws side....I have laundry to fold and put away, change out my parakeet boy's newspaper, pack bags for my kansas trip, i may not be blogging until I get back from Kansas, maybe on the 26th with some pics of course, I don't think I will be taking my computer either....So I want to wish you all a merry xmas while I am here now typing!

Dreamland Is Difficult Tonight

So here it is....5:21am. Woke up about an hour ago to extreme abdominal and lower back I decided to take a hot shower, maybe to loosen up those achy muscles of mine, it helped a little, but not as much as I hoped. I might take some ibuprofen in a while, but I have to eat something while taking it, or I would be vomiting violently taking ibuprofen on an empty stomach. Not sleeping well lately either, I always get nerves right before traveling out of state. I get wicked motion sickness unless driving myself, not looking forward to that, but we are crashing at my hubby's grandmother's place at our first pit stop, and then we go on to my parent's house and sleep there for 2 nights. The weather is supposed to be "iffy" tomorrow when we leave for Kansas, the weather is always like that when traveling in the center of the U.S. Ok now I am yawning, starting to feel drowsy again, I shall go upstairs and snuggle with the Mister and baby minxes (my cats).

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Trust The Animals

I think there is no better day than today by boasting and bragging about my furry babies.....(cats) how many do you readers of mine have? anything special they do? funny cute names? I am obviously a cat lover, I dont hate dogs at all, I love them, but I currently dont have any dogs, but I do have 2 very precious very sweet lady kitty companions who also share my 1,300 square foot space....There names are Colette, of whom I most often refer to as "Ci-Ci" (short for Colette Chanel) and her sister/litter mate, Sabrina or I nickname "Brie-Brie"....they are both domesticated American Shorthair breed, whose ancestors once rode in on the mayflower ship a few centuries ago to North America.
Ci-Ci is very sweet natured. She longs for almost constant attention, lives for snuggling between your legs whether you are laying on the couch, bed, or reclined in the chair, just so long there is a very soft blanket there for her to snuggle on...she doesn't meow much, unless you are about to feed her....but she is very playful in the mornings, and sleepy in the evenings. She loves her wet can cat food, but has somewhat of a sweet tooth....she loves to lick cake frosting (not chocolate however, it is strictly forbidden) she likes vanilla yogurt, and her most favorite food, those lorna doone short bread cookies! she can't get enough of them!!! she rarely purrs, but I can tell she loves the soothing touch of my hand whenever I pet her...
Sabrina is very stubborn in nature. She is not real smitten whenever she is picked up and held, she will come to you for affection, but it is always shortlived....she always gives us loving looks whenever we pass her by, (her way of smiling), she loves her tail being stroked, and her chin scratched, she attacks feet and likes peek a boo games. She purrs often, and i love the fact she is so tenderhearted....she shows great emotions or facial expressions, when you are sad, she droops her eyes and gives a worried or concerned look for example....she is a carnivore in and out, she loves all kinds of deli meats from the grocery store, she even likes cheese, fish, crabmeat, but her most favorite, bacon hot right out of the pan still sizzling.....and she always wakes me up if I ever have nightmares, she sweetly licks my face and nose.....

Monday, December 20, 2010

My Famous Wall......

For any quick fixes of inspiration, or to increase my right-sided brain power, I look no further than in my own studio....."the wall of Colette" a dear friend, a very talented artist, one chic lady! Everything on that wall was made by her, I love her work, collected (and still do) her pieces......most of them my mom gave to me, she also is a friend and fan of her work...I always look at the floral notions, the words, the colors, and textures....sometimes I just stand there for maybe 10 minutes at a time and stare at them all like being in an art gallery to de-stress.....

So Much Inspiration!

I came across a new blog last night, (I will keep her identity private out of respect) and I swear up and down this lady has the exact some taste and style I have!!! It was so bittersweet. I do have similar tastes to many others, but everything this lady owns, makes, and loves is a carbon copy of my interests!!! Floral fabric everywhere! crisp white walls, vintage wares, the love of the countryside, animals, EVERYTHING! I thank God for little findings like these, knowing there are people out there just like me!!! Seeing her blogs gives me great inspiration to decorate my home and get it the way i want! I always do add my touches to ideas, I never like to full on copy someone, from one artist to another, you just dont copy other artists. Although, imitation (to an extent) is the most sincere form of flattery, and admiration! I love her style!!!!! before seeing her blog, I was just getting interested in vintage floral fabrics, and browsing through some of her photos, I see she likes them too!!! She has great talent, a good artist eye, and I see a great determination in her work! Vintage eclectics......WE ARE ONE IN A MILLION!!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

What I'm Looking Forward To...

-Making/decorating my first putz house!
-Eating my first slice of Millionaire pie in over 15 years!
-Seeing my family (it's been 4 months)!
-Holding my niece and nephew!
-Savoring bright pink shrimp and cocktail sauce at my hubby's grandma's house on xmas eve!
-Giving my family their xmas gifts on xmas morn!
-Taking a long hot bath in my old bathroom at my parent's house! (my house only has a shower)
-Adding new pillows to my shop!
-Playing with my mom's new black kitten "Buster"!
-Walking without a cane and that big boot!


I'm never eating anything again I swear! I ate swedish meatballs yesterday......and I'm paying dearly for it now with problems in my entire digestive tract.....ugh. If it's not one thing, it's another! I am also very tired AGAIN today, I did sleep 9 hours last night, but it didn't seem to obviously help.....pretty much everything is done for the preparation of xmas...all I have to do now is get the 2 pies i ordered...i have 2 orders to send out this week, that's all for now, got those pillow orders packed up and ready to go, one of those orders was messed up by the mailing system, they had moved and the post office didn't forward them to their new place, but was real quick about sending them back to me instead.....well they did get back to me, my customer repaid me in shipping them back....that small stress is off my shoulders now at least.
Just 18 more days till my boot comes off and my tendon supposedly healed. I am looking forward to driving again, it's been about a month since I drove. I am looking forward to running those errands on my own too, not that I don't enjoy the company of my hubby, but I just want my independence back. All the xmas shopping is overwith, got it all wrapped and ready to go! I always get stressed everytime I leave my girl kitties behind, I know they are safe in my house, but I miss them so much being away from them! Me and my cats are inseparable. I am with them both constantly, and they never leave my side, I am used to having furry warm creatures laying all over me, by me, and the cute thing is one of them, my Sabrina...whenever I am sleeping/snoozing/resting in my bed or couch, on top of my body, she walks the entire length of it like my body is a wooden plank. She is so light on her feet! My other cat, Ci-Ci just runs over my body like a little furry vehicle!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The First Of The Dandelion Fields Klan

This print was purchased in my birthtown of Salina, KS....and sold a few of these before they ran out last year, very popular print, now hard to find. The dandelion Fields pillow as grey.

Mr. Forest Dandelion Fields

Made this "fella" pillow in Manhattan, KS (where I used to live) Sold him so a sweet lady about my age, I remember she was a return customer and liked the darker green shades...