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Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Mother Of All Houses!

Made this last night while watching "Amelie", a recent fave movie....a house (maison) pillow, most of the fabric used is vintage, and by my own design...I am more into the 2D effect, although 3D plush houses are great too, my good friend makes the 3D's, whilst I am 2D...I might make a couple more with some vintage fabrics, we'll see....but this casa rocks!!! my cat even likes to lay next to it and gaze admirably at it! May all my dear blog friends have a blessed Sunday!


Jennie said...

LOVE the house pillow- really, really sweet. I'm so glad we've found each others's blogs :)

Minx's Den said...

thank you so much!!! i am glad we found each other's blogs too! :)