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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Trust The Animals

I think there is no better day than today by boasting and bragging about my furry babies.....(cats) how many do you readers of mine have? anything special they do? funny cute names? I am obviously a cat lover, I dont hate dogs at all, I love them, but I currently dont have any dogs, but I do have 2 very precious very sweet lady kitty companions who also share my 1,300 square foot space....There names are Colette, of whom I most often refer to as "Ci-Ci" (short for Colette Chanel) and her sister/litter mate, Sabrina or I nickname "Brie-Brie"....they are both domesticated American Shorthair breed, whose ancestors once rode in on the mayflower ship a few centuries ago to North America.
Ci-Ci is very sweet natured. She longs for almost constant attention, lives for snuggling between your legs whether you are laying on the couch, bed, or reclined in the chair, just so long there is a very soft blanket there for her to snuggle on...she doesn't meow much, unless you are about to feed her....but she is very playful in the mornings, and sleepy in the evenings. She loves her wet can cat food, but has somewhat of a sweet tooth....she loves to lick cake frosting (not chocolate however, it is strictly forbidden) she likes vanilla yogurt, and her most favorite food, those lorna doone short bread cookies! she can't get enough of them!!! she rarely purrs, but I can tell she loves the soothing touch of my hand whenever I pet her...
Sabrina is very stubborn in nature. She is not real smitten whenever she is picked up and held, she will come to you for affection, but it is always shortlived....she always gives us loving looks whenever we pass her by, (her way of smiling), she loves her tail being stroked, and her chin scratched, she attacks feet and likes peek a boo games. She purrs often, and i love the fact she is so tenderhearted....she shows great emotions or facial expressions, when you are sad, she droops her eyes and gives a worried or concerned look for example....she is a carnivore in and out, she loves all kinds of deli meats from the grocery store, she even likes cheese, fish, crabmeat, but her most favorite, bacon hot right out of the pan still sizzling.....and she always wakes me up if I ever have nightmares, she sweetly licks my face and nose.....

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Anonymous said...

I think your lovely cat clan is adorable...I grew up on a farm where we had eleven cats at a time and I loved them all!

Sadly, I have developed allergies to cats and dogs I can't have anymore....but I do have two that is a blessing, right!

Stop in for a coffee..
Ciao Bella

Creative Carmelina