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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Chintz Room COMPLETE!!

FINALLY!!! After 2 days of hard work, my Chintz room is livable! My cats adore this room, and I feel like it's an essence of me! It will be used to house my extreme goddy overly feminine trinkets, maybe a reading nook, or a place to where I can quietly relax by hand stitching something in peace with out the cats attacking my thread and string! But what do y'all think? I could use this room to photograph more minxden pillows/projects, the light in this room is absolutely pristine from dawn until the late afternoon hours, perfect for those photos!


A bird in the hand said...

It's the perfect little boudoir! Great job.

Here's your Frenhc lesson No. 68: boudoir is a French word which means "the place where one sulks". Bouder means "to sulk". Of course it doesn't mean that literally but those are the origins...

Minx's Den said...

thanks for the french lesson! never knew that lol!!!