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Sunday, December 19, 2010


I'm never eating anything again I swear! I ate swedish meatballs yesterday......and I'm paying dearly for it now with problems in my entire digestive tract.....ugh. If it's not one thing, it's another! I am also very tired AGAIN today, I did sleep 9 hours last night, but it didn't seem to obviously help.....pretty much everything is done for the preparation of xmas...all I have to do now is get the 2 pies i ordered...i have 2 orders to send out this week, that's all for now, got those pillow orders packed up and ready to go, one of those orders was messed up by the mailing system, they had moved and the post office didn't forward them to their new place, but was real quick about sending them back to me instead.....well they did get back to me, my customer repaid me in shipping them back....that small stress is off my shoulders now at least.
Just 18 more days till my boot comes off and my tendon supposedly healed. I am looking forward to driving again, it's been about a month since I drove. I am looking forward to running those errands on my own too, not that I don't enjoy the company of my hubby, but I just want my independence back. All the xmas shopping is overwith, got it all wrapped and ready to go! I always get stressed everytime I leave my girl kitties behind, I know they are safe in my house, but I miss them so much being away from them! Me and my cats are inseparable. I am with them both constantly, and they never leave my side, I am used to having furry warm creatures laying all over me, by me, and the cute thing is one of them, my Sabrina...whenever I am sleeping/snoozing/resting in my bed or couch, on top of my body, she walks the entire length of it like my body is a wooden plank. She is so light on her feet! My other cat, Ci-Ci just runs over my body like a little furry vehicle!

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