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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Time To Play Catch Up!

Me oh my! so sorry for my lack of posting lately! I have been busy as a bee, accepting a new family member, sick (and still am), and sewing away till heart's content. I would like to introduce this sweet kitty pictured above! This is Ashes. She is 13, but full of life and energy for her older age. I have never in my life (except for the old kitty, Scarlett living at home with my parents and sister) have seen such a humble grateful cat like her! At the shelter, she would always hang her beautiful head low and never made eye contact with anyone. But now, I see her beautiful face all the time as she looks up at me with loving eyes. I feel like I did God himself proud by taking in one of his helpless creatures. Her previous owner, from what I understand, just surrendered her after 12 years. To me that's sad, like if I let go Ci-Ci and Sabrina after a 12 year companionship! I could never do something like that. But little Ashes now has a second chance and will get the love she deserves!

She loves hanging out in my studio! That's where she sleeps!

Here's my Ci-Ci! had to get updated pics of my babies!

And my Brie Cheese! keep her in your prayers again cause she now has a tumor in her ear, it was infected, but antibiotics have dramatically helped the swelling and infection go down, so her next check up is this Thursday, hopefully the tumor itself shrunk in size and may not need to be operated on for a little while...

My newest pillow made! An autumn themed pillow! I love the colors, and it's so soft!

These vintage fabrics will become pillows in minxden soon!

This piece of vintage fabric was another freebie! I love it!

Made these new curtains also for my studio!!!

What's that draped across Ashes's back? well stayed tuned, it will be my next new project!

Of course here is my new haircut, my hair is a little messy since I didn't style if after my shower, but I like it, and I dyed it back to my normal hair color too...I have been sick with a pretty bad bladder infection, and today developed a raw sore throat, even on antibiotics too...hopefully this sore throat is just a cold thing, nothing more since my birthday is 8 days away, I have a lot planned next week for my birthday!

Despite being sick, the good things for me lately:
1. First visit to Teavana, an authentic chinese like tea shop, got some dragonwell green tea leaves (3 ounces for about 15 bucks) it's so good and only steeps 45-60 seconds!
2. My 29th birthday coming up!
3. In kitty heaven!
4. working on a 3 pillow order tonight!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Little Lady In Waiting Will Finally Come Home...

As of 9pm last night, my world was turned completely upside down, but in a good way! (hmmm, maybe I should say right side up?) As I was sitting on the couch with the TV softly on, working my blanket stitch on these lovely birds, my cell phone unfamiliar number was showing on the caller I.D. was I decided to answer anyway, and it was indeed the phone call I had expecting all weekend! So my good news is this...I AM A NEW FOSTER MOM TO A SWEET LITTLE CAT NAMED ASHES! This is excellent news as I was ever so eager to have her a part of my life! She is a 13 year old domestic shorthair very sleek attractive smokey grey cat, thus the name "Ashes"...Back in May, I stopped by the Cat House for my volunteer orientation, I look in this space where Ashes was living in and we locked eyes and instantly had this unbreakable bond. After our orientation was overwith, we were told that we could pet some of the kitties and I went straight for Ashes. She hopped into my lap and I held her for a good half for the last 4 months, she has endured a lot! But her health has steadily increased and is ready for home life! now I was told to prepare to have her for the rest of her life (could be only a couple years to a few years) I could ending up giving her hospice care, I am prepared for that. My purpose was to give her the love she so much deserves, a loving home, peaceful environment, a windowsill to sit upon and look out of, and snuggles at night time with the TV on. Every cat deserves that! I am so blessed to meet her, fall in love with her, and now finally taking her into my home! Thank you God and The Cat House Staff!

At first, she will be crashing in my work studio...I was told she likes many cozy spots to sleep, so I made my office chair one of those designated spots...but after a few days, she will have full access to my whole house but the studio will be her sleeping/relaxing chamber.

Here is a little feeding mat I made for her food and water dishes (which I still have to acquire) she is on a raw food diet and I need to get several glass dishes for that...

Here is another bed for her to sleep in, however, my Ci-Ci will get a little jealous I am sure...they will all have to learn that sharing is caring! Something my parents taught me and my sister...

And I have to add personalization too! She is going to know that from the very start, she will belong here and that she is loved.

Here she is!!! Sweet little Ashes! Isn't she beautiful?! This is a picture of her off the cat house website! but in the very near future, there will be many pics of her taken by me!!!

It's pouring outside, the weather is outstanding! so I will continue to finish cleaning and "nesting" for my new foster furrbaby! Hope you all have a blessed Sunday!

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Young Woman's Feet Are Frozen, But She Doesn't Mind

I'd like to open this post by showing you all one of my most favorite textile pieces in my collection that my friend made! This one reminds me of Autumn...Autumn is indeed fragile, the conditions have to be just so for her to be set in motion...the trees are many of colors here in my part of the world, the air is indeed equipped with a chill, and my home is full of the intoxicating smell of pumpkin spice via candles...

See what I mean about the turning trees? now it's visible! I love fall and that season is always welcome for an early visit!

I brought my maisons downstairs and set them nicely into my studio...

What a surprise these were, my grandma gave me a bunch of cake decorating supplies last year in the summer and just now opened the last box and found these doilies pinned onto Styrofoam "mock cakes" so I unpinned them and took them upstairs. I'm not so sure what to do with them yet, but I always come up with a solution!

These unfinished pillows will make their way into minxden sometime soon!

Did I mention that it was cold enough to wear socks around the house?? here are my knitted socks, the poor dears haven't been worn since March!

One of my most favorite parts of an art piece my friend made for me....

Remember the pom-pom garland I made? remember when I placed it on top of my parakeets' cage? yeah well one morning in the not so distant past, I was unpleasantly surprised by shreads of the pom poms all over inside their cage, especially the lime green one...the little buggers tore some apart! so now it hangs on my studio door, out of reach of critters who walk and fly alike!!!

UPDATE!! I have some very good news to share with you all, but I don't want to say it yet, something has to be finalized first! I am soooo excited!!!!! (and no, it's not a baby....I probably had some of you going there for a second, I know my aunt is an avid reader, she probably held her breath for a second! haha!) but I promise you, the news is great! happy weekend everyone!

Monday, September 12, 2011

God Bless The USA!

On September 11, 2011 I went to an airshow. I saw many great sights that day, while in the back of my mind knowing thousands of innocent Americans died on this day 10 years ago. So much has happened in the last 10 years, if I saw this very picture 10 years ago, I wouldn't been able to recognize myself, but I would recognize that plane behind me, Me and "FiFi" reunited once again after almost 17 years! First saw her at 12 years old with my dad, mom, and with my husband in a different state.

For the first time, I saw The Blue Angels soaring almost took my breath away.

"FiFi" the B-29 resting and seeing this plane reminded me of a time of peace, a good economy...

I watched an F-18 Hornet break the speed of sound...

But when this happened, my heart pounded with rage towards those who took all of the innocent 10 years ago, I watched so many people die on TV, THOSE LEAPING TO THEIR DEATHS WHEN JUMPING FROM THOSE BUILDINGS. That flag still flies in the wind, we are still here, we prevailed, and we all came together and promised those souls lost on that day, that they didn't die in vain. We sent brave men and women overseas to fight and defend us, for our freedom, our right to live, our right to persevere. When I saw this flag and singing loudly our national anthem, I wept warm salted tears. I felt my husband grab my hand, and then a perfect stranger next to me grabbed my other hand...I looked around me and everyone was holding hands with someone. We were one and united. Americans with the same hurt, rage, and pride flowing through our red hot veins. That stranger next to me holding my hand was no stranger, he was a fellow American, a brother, a friend. We are all Americans. In a free country.

God bless us all, everyone.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

As The Grass Grows, The Grasshopper Scopes Out A Broken Toe...

Sorry for my longer absence, but I am back posting! I have made 3 more sets of these mini letter lavender sachets! 5 sets total posted in MPD!

As I completed my most recent order, I came to a brilliant idea of re-posting some sold pillows (these I do not have on hand but can get the fabric at my 3 local fabric stores at anytime), I charge more for these by adding the price of the one fat quarter onto the base pillow price, this way I always have a huge variety in my shop! hope this works! But these 5 pillows pictured above are going to a dear friend!

Mr. Grasshopper stopped by for a visit, and he was sunning himself, keeping warm on my deck...he had the right idea, so I sat with him for a little while to soak in the rays on this mild day!

I usually suck at growing things (never had the green thumb), but the oat grass for my kitties is growing nicely! just a few more inches, and I will bring this inside for my girls to have a savory greeny treat to munch on! Speaking of cats, Sabrina is doing splendid! her appetite is in full force, and her energy is out of sight crazy!

My Ci-Ci lounging among some of my vintage fabric pillows, she loves them!

My Sabrina sunning herself on one of my windowsills!

BREAKING NEWS! Literally "breaking news" yesterday I stubbed my toe real hard on my bed and heard this sickening crack, and now it's been confirmed by x-ray that my toe is indeed broken! AHHHHH! that's bone number 3 in my body broken (broke my ankle over 6 years ago, and my tailbone over 3 years ago) so now my poor little toe is bruised (very black and blueish) and "clicks" everytime I try to move there isn't much any doctor can do for broken toes, just like tailbones...

in spite of a sore achy toe, everything is great here!

The goodness of lately:
1. sushi for lunch!
2. 2 pillow sales lately
3. Friend gave me some fabric!
4. 9 years as a couple with the hubs as of yesterday!
5. cleaned pillow cases!
6. chicken noodle soup tonight for dinner!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Snow White Lives In The Rugged Lands And She Makes Lavender Sachets!

The rains of early fall has arrived, cooling the air, making it easier to breathe in...things are slowly getting better, my cat is feeling better and stronger everyday. Her vomiting has subsided to just every now and then (and only furrballs) so she is keeping her food down, had many suggestions from family and friends on what to feed her, and everything is working in some way, along with the intense prayers rising up for her from at least 2 different states. My hubby bought some cat oat grass as suggested by my mom to see if that's what she wants to eat on the side, the grass is currently in it's growing phase, I may have a nice harvest in a few days to a week... My car is running fine too, so everything is sorting itself out, like what my nonie always told me "this too shall pass..." I am so super excited about what I have pictured here! any idea of what they are???

Well...these are something I made up on a whim, while writing a letter to my mom, I made one of these and thought, they could go great inside hand written letters! they are real small, only about 1 inch by 2 inches! and they are stuffed with a teeny tiny bit of Nebraskan lavender! You know how some people spritz their letters with their perfume/cologne? these tiny sachets are along those same one is on it's way to my mom, so I have decided I may have something great going here, so I produced 2 set of 8 to sell in MPD!

FEEDSACK FABRIC!!! found a yard of this at Simply Bungalow here in Lincoln, not sure what to do with this beautiful fabric yet, but another idea will come to mind I am sure!

The pink hair and blonde highlights were fun, but I got tired of them real fast, so I transformed myself into the "modern day Snow White" Jett black hair!!!!! I have never been happier with my hair until now, I never went this dark, but since my natural hair color is a dark brown, I think I can pull this off, plus my dad had black hair when he was younger, but I am just sick and tired of my brown hair, I always change myself like this on a whim...I may keep it like this for a while...I think my cats like it, they always want to sniff it and check it out! My hubby calls me his snow white now! hehe!

Have a great labor day weekend everyone! And happy birthday to my Bro in law, John!!!