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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Time To Play Catch Up!

Me oh my! so sorry for my lack of posting lately! I have been busy as a bee, accepting a new family member, sick (and still am), and sewing away till heart's content. I would like to introduce this sweet kitty pictured above! This is Ashes. She is 13, but full of life and energy for her older age. I have never in my life (except for the old kitty, Scarlett living at home with my parents and sister) have seen such a humble grateful cat like her! At the shelter, she would always hang her beautiful head low and never made eye contact with anyone. But now, I see her beautiful face all the time as she looks up at me with loving eyes. I feel like I did God himself proud by taking in one of his helpless creatures. Her previous owner, from what I understand, just surrendered her after 12 years. To me that's sad, like if I let go Ci-Ci and Sabrina after a 12 year companionship! I could never do something like that. But little Ashes now has a second chance and will get the love she deserves!

She loves hanging out in my studio! That's where she sleeps!

Here's my Ci-Ci! had to get updated pics of my babies!

And my Brie Cheese! keep her in your prayers again cause she now has a tumor in her ear, it was infected, but antibiotics have dramatically helped the swelling and infection go down, so her next check up is this Thursday, hopefully the tumor itself shrunk in size and may not need to be operated on for a little while...

My newest pillow made! An autumn themed pillow! I love the colors, and it's so soft!

These vintage fabrics will become pillows in minxden soon!

This piece of vintage fabric was another freebie! I love it!

Made these new curtains also for my studio!!!

What's that draped across Ashes's back? well stayed tuned, it will be my next new project!

Of course here is my new haircut, my hair is a little messy since I didn't style if after my shower, but I like it, and I dyed it back to my normal hair color too...I have been sick with a pretty bad bladder infection, and today developed a raw sore throat, even on antibiotics too...hopefully this sore throat is just a cold thing, nothing more since my birthday is 8 days away, I have a lot planned next week for my birthday!

Despite being sick, the good things for me lately:
1. First visit to Teavana, an authentic chinese like tea shop, got some dragonwell green tea leaves (3 ounces for about 15 bucks) it's so good and only steeps 45-60 seconds!
2. My 29th birthday coming up!
3. In kitty heaven!
4. working on a 3 pillow order tonight!


susie said...

I like your hair! Very funky! Ashes is precious. Hard to believe you're going to be 29. I remember riding up on the elevator with you when you were just minutes old. Love you.

Mama Pants said...

Ashes is so graceful, and has such soulful eyes, I can see why you became attached to her. How is she doing with her new sisters? She is a cat that deserves to be painted.

Minx's Den said...

Thank you aunt susie! love you too! I can't believe I will be 29 myself! the years have flown by! hope all is well with you! hope you are enjoying the cooler weather! I sure am!

Hi Georgia! haven't heard from ya in forever it seems! hope all is well with you! Ashes definitely should be modeling for painting! well, her new sisters aren't too smitten, but no cats fights have broken out yet...I am just hoping in time all 3 of my girls will live harmoniously together.

Fallon said...

Nothing like the love from a shelter animal. I once saved a husky on his last night alive. He didn't want anything to do with us until we stepped outside. He was the sweetest loyal dog ever. Somehow they know what you've done :)

amelia said...

You have done such a wonderful thing giving Ashes a home. How could anyone give her up after twelve years?
She is so beautiful and you will be so rewarded...