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Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Month Of The Hunter's Moon

October is here. Oh how I love the month of October! That means cooler weather, my birthday, a friend's birthday (which is also on my birthday!) Halloween, pumpkins, apple cider! I am so glad I was born in October! Well my birthday is originally in 4 days, I will be turning 29. I still am very excited for my birthday to arrive every year, I love the phone calls and cards I receive, and the occasional care package. My hubby already gave me my present, it's a necklace with an "L" on it! (L for Lauren) I love it! My hubby got the day off, and the next 2 days after that!

UPDATE! Ashes is going so well adjusting to the Knitter household, all of the cat house staff showed their appreciation to me, it really got me choked up when they all nick name Ashes "The Miracle Cat" they think I am an angel swooping Ashes off her feet and giving her the home and love she deserves, and rightfully she does!
I am currently sick with a nasty infection in my digestive tract, had a shot of antibiotics, doing a little better now, but not yet out of the woods...
Sabrina (my tabby kitty) had her most recent vet visit last Thursday and the tumor shrank, but her ear is still infected, pray that she gets better please!


A bird in the hand said...

You may have to celebrate all the month of October because your birthday "card" is on the way, and it was so big they said it would take a couple of weeks.

No, I'm not saying any more than that! haha!

Minx's Den said...

haha that's perfectly fine colette! i think it's great to celebrate the whole month instead of 1 day! well ur package should arrive anyday now, since I sent it out on the 21st, but then again it may be a bit late, but I know you will love what is inside the package! and one hint I will give you is that part of it you can use for your wonderful creations! and that's all I am saying about that! hehehehehe!

kim said...

Such a beautiful lady! Praying for all the kitties and you too! Get well soon, Boo!

Skinny Minx said...

thank you kim! I will try and I am sending good vibes to my cat