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Friday, October 7, 2011

No Hiding From 29 Now!

All glamified and ready to celebrate my 29th year!

The table nicely set courtesy of my man! what was on the menu? a very hearty wild mushroom Hungarian soup, rolls, danish cheeses, and cherry pie! it was all so yummy!

Here are some birthday goodies! On the far right, was a basket of goodies my friend, Casey put together for me, her own home made lavender soap, incense, knitted face wash cloths, an eye pillow for my barometric pressure headache which I get frequently, and a lil bag of lavender! from my Mum, Dad, and sister: a cheese plate set complete with a cheese knife! some Mexican hot cocoa, stationery, and old navy gift card, and some of the cutest and sweetest cards ever! Thanks mom, dad, ally, and casey!

Remember I said in my last post I was making a project with these 2 fabrics, well for once, it was not a have a closer look...

I stitched out this phrase! It was revealed to me by another good friend's blog, and it really got to me, so I wanted to make something out of it! One of my most favorite proverbs to date!

My newest boots from Old Navy!

More fabrics are on their way to my mailbox, this stack will totally increase in size!

Newest Halloween decoration, a day of the dead skull candle holder from Earthbound! My hubby picked this one out! we will put this outside closer to Halloween and hopefully it won't be as windy like it is right now! Also severe thunderstorms are expected to make an encore appearance tonight and into tomorrow!

Now I am looking 29 for sure, I remember at 19 looking so young and in my prime, now I just look older and wiser too...hope you all have a good weekend!

The first goodies of being 29 are as follows:
1. Mint chocolate wall flower plug ins from Bath and Body Works, they seriously smell like girl scouts thin mints!
2. lots of etsy purchases makin their way to me!
3. rain!!!
4. new cool fall/winter clothes!