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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's Cold Outside, But Warm Inside...

This post isn't full of photos today, but I did want to share this one, got some really cool paints last night, and decided to give a few of my birds a face lift! (well the cutesy ones anyhow). It is pretty chilly out and of course the October winds are howling fiercely outside, making the air feel even cooler! Took a trip to the craft store last night and stocked up!! And a pair of knitting needles, and some reproduction vintage fabric later, I am crafting away on these chilly fall days! Its times like these I am happy to not have an outside job, but to be locked and tucked away indoors, crafting till my heart's content. Tonight will pretty much be the same scenario, only I will also be officially on the clock as I am to complete 2 etsy pillow orders as they are shipped out tomorrow. I will also be crafting in the kitchen trying out a Tuna Mac and Cheese casserole recipe! I have been craving more of the heartier dishes lately anyway. Hope you all are enjoying this week, I sure am! Chao!

The things that make me feel warm and cozy!
1. my slippers!
2. Tuna Cheesy Casserole!
3. Hubby took me to Pepe's for some vegan Mexican!
4. Ordered 3 more vintage fabrics in the mail!
5. My hubby bought me something special for my bday, can't wait to see what it is when it arrives!
6. Hanging out with my furrbabies tonight! meow!

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