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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy Tuesday To Me!!!

What a happy Tuesday indeed! My mailbox was full of birthday goodies from friends in 3 different countries! So tonight, I will be sipping some yummy dragonwell green tea, and enjoy my new goodies, and maybe order a pizza. Heck, why not! you only live once, right? Today was a pretty tranquil day, here are the good things as follows:

1. slept in this morning until 10am!
2. hubby took me out to Grateful Greens Bistro and I got a yummy fresh healthy salad!
3. expecting 4 more etsy orders in the mail!
4. hubby will have a 3 day weekend this week!
5. another omaha day trip coming up in 2 days!
6. volunteering at the Meow and Chow bingo night for The Cat House this weekend!
7. creative streak is back in full swing!
8. My friend gets back this Friday from Ohio, missed her!
9. Currently surrounded by 3 sleepy purring warm kitties!


kim said...

I love the very top piece! (Though all are amazing!!)

Jane said...

so glad they arrived safely :)
have a lovely day Lauren
Jane x x x