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Monday, October 10, 2011

Fun In The Studio!

Had some one on one time in my studio today!

This little pillow I am holding will be posted in Minxden soon, it's very tiny and dainty!

Finally completed the first few bird ornaments, they are actually more time consuming than you realize!

Here is my most interesting exotic rare treat! These are rice cakes, but very different since they are Vietnamese, they taste like strawberry of course, but the texture threw me as I bit into one, it's like a cross between a marshmallow and already chewed bubble gum! The filling's texture was even more hardcore with the texture of vasoline! Strawberry flavored vasoline that is! There are 6 to a box for $1.79 and was shocked to see that they are pretty high in calories, (360 each) they aren't that big!

Pretty Ashes!

Giving her a kiss.....


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