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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Welcome To The World Of Fabrics!

WHAT A WORLD, WHAT A WORLD! LOOKY WHAT I HAVE HERE!!! This was one fabric order, believe it or not!

I love them all, and will have many uses for them in the future indeed! so many pillows to be made, maybe some aprons perhaps? definitely a cheeky bag or two, or 10! I am so in love with vintage fabrics, I never knew how much I would love them until now! As little as 2 years ago, if I took a quick peek into my future in 2011, I wouldn't have recognized this love affair I have with these beauties! 2 Years ago, I was on the hunt for new designer polished cotton prints, and now I find myself rummaging through flea markets, antique stores/malls, yard sales being the huntress that I am searching for that fabric at the end of my own rainbow!

Which brings me to my next subject matter at hand, BIRD ORNAMENTS! it is that time of the year, the colder air has arrived, the snows not too far in the not so distant future, I make the never ending decision to select the one bird ornament to purchase from another great etsian. So pictured above is my choice of 2011 to hang onto my tree this year for Xmas! She was born in the U.K. and flew all the way over here to the USA to live the rest of her days with me in the cold northern plains. The added bonuses? she is filled with yummy smelling lavender and made from a vintage fabric! (squeal!) I am very satisfied with my choice!

Let's not forget about the closest holiday coming up, Halloween! My 29 year old body has some wear and tear in it, but I still possess the child in me that still loves to buy the clever little gourds sold every year, and of course gives them personality! 29 going on 10.

These goodies are the flea market finds from yesterday, 2 matching vintage pillowcases AND a butt-load of this one print of vintage heavy weight fabric! all of this for only $1.50!!!! wow!!!!


Ashes says "whaddup!" the first cold snap is on it's way from good ol' Canada and will be here by the mid week! the low will be 28 degrees, the high only 48! that's heater weather! If any of my beloved readers are in this cold snap as well as me, please stay warm!

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