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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Eve To The Young Woman Who Knits, Sews, And Frolics With Her Cat Kids

The hardest part about being the owner of Minxden?? The moment, I finish with all of these beautiful pillow creations, I have to detach myself from loving them and giving them my own home...but with these vintage fabric pillows especially, it has been so hard to set them in a lonely dark box and have them make a flight/bumpy truck ride to their new adopted homes. Most are highly appreciated and instantly loved in their new homes, some are given as gifts to other loved ones and friends of theirs, but there are those select few that were sent back to me, which is ok, but I have heard that very few unfortunate lady pillows get thrown out in the trash, unloved and unwanted. This makes me so sad, my creations being thrown out. The vintage fabric pillows I have been so attached to, if they don't get sold in a 4 month time frame, then they either get adopted by me, or given as gifts to others I know. This one pictured above is my favorite one, it's been in my shop for 3 months now, even though she has been featured in many etsy treasuries, no one wants to adopt her, so I am very tempted to just keep her here among all of my other pillow friends and vintage notions, of course being snuggled with my cats as they rest on top of them in the lazy afternoons! What do you all think? should I just keep her, or have her stay in my shop just 4 more weeks until her listing expires in hopes that someone out there fancies her and wants to love her?

Looks like my t-shirt with vintage fabric on it has fared well over the months...

October is the month that officially kicks off the cold season here in Nebraska, that also means knitting season too! Although, the temps usually climb into the mid-high 80's right before or on my birthday...every year, never fails.

My next new project, it involves sewing and needle pointing! Hint: this project was inspired by an Irish proverb I recently read on another dear friend's blog, can't wait to finish it!!!

These pillow ladies await a new home!

Some of my handmade bird ornaments I bought from many other etsians!

Thinking of being 29...

Just one more year in my 20's....

Trying to hide from 30....haha

Unbirthday, schmun-birthday!!!
1. haha my 29th birthday is tomorrow!
2. It's also a dear friend's birthday tomorrow as well!
3. My kitties are behaving well!
4. Expecting some packages in the mail from friends and family!
5. Ordered some yummy vintage fabrics from the UK!!!
6. Hubby has three days off starting tomorrow!
7. Excited to get a bunch of happy birthday phone calls!
8. Spending tomorrow night with friends too!
9. Hanging out with the cool cats at the cat house!

Wowzers! what a day planned out for me tomorrow! Thursday may be used to sleeping it off all day!!!


Jennie said...

Have a spectacular special day, Lauren! Wishing you your best year yet, and glad you are feeling better to enjoy the festivities :)

susie said...

Happy Birthday tomorrow Lauren! What are you knitting? Love, Susie

Minx's Den said...

thank jennie!!

thank you susie!! I am knitting a head scarf! you wrap it around your head several times!

A bird in the hand said...

You cut your hair!!!!
I hardly recognized you.
Almost 29 years old, beautiful. xoxo

Minx's Den said...

haha yeah i have short hair now! thank you!