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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bits And Pieces...

I am now in my new home. Here are glimpses of it! Hope you all enjoy!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

More Pillow Lady Facts! These Are Really In Depth!

AHHH!!! so my hubby disconnected the TV so I am now obviously going through a netflix withdrawal. So to cure my boredom, I will leave with you all some more really interesting facts about me, the pillow lady and creator of minxden!
1. I once had pink hair, my next color choice soon may become aqua!
2. I once choked on a biscuit when I was 8, but I was able somehow to swallow it.
3. I am currently considering joining a roller derby team, since I have over 20 years of roller skating experience under my all want to know my "bad girl roller derby name"? "Knitter The Hitter"! haha! love it!
4. I have fostered my first cat and love being a foster cat mom!
5. One of the last posts like these with previous facts, I stated that I was a surgeon's virgin (no surgeries performed on my body) well folks, I lost my surgery virginity last May with a cholesysectomy (gallbladder removal) I now have 4 small laproscopic scars along my torso and the biggest one is an inch long just inside my belly button.
6. My most favorite sushi food type is salmon roe! I love the texture and saltiness!
7. I am a closeted kawaii freak! I love all kawaii things since I was in high school, like hello kitty, kero keroppi, badtz maru, you name it!
8. I have made and sold over 1500 pillows in 3 years time for minxden!
9. my new favorite tea is oolong tea, aiding in my very sensitive digestion
10. I am no longer a night owl, I now can't stay up past midnight anymore.
11. I still don't eat my pizza crusts!
12. I have the phobias as follows: fear of snakes, mice, spiders, death, losing loved ones, and my biggest one which is called nictophobia- the fear of pitch blackness or the dark. sudden power outages at night is my absolute arch enemy!
13. I believe that cats that sleep next to you actually protect your dreams by giving you good ones. well i read that in a book.
14. seeing a black cat cross your path on any given day is bad luck, but i read that if a black cat is seen on a bride's wedding day then her marriage is destined to last a long time and full of good luck, and guess who saw a black cat on her wedding day? ME!!! It was a stray near the church where I got married! yay!
15. Grandfather clocks used to scare me when I was little.
16. My new dream vacation is Tokyo, Japan!
17. I have feet problems, every now and then my tendons get over stretched and I have to walk with a cane and a huge boot on whichever foot is giving me problems!
18. People have nick named me and my hubs "the next hank and peggy hill" because we physically resemble them both!
19. I love it more when my hubby grows a beard every november for "no-shave november" maybe it's because the men in my family have always been clean shaven.
20. If anyone sends me a card for any occasion, or a hand written letter, I save it and I have a huge box full of them!
21. I love to eat raw oysters on the half shell but i absolutely hate them cooked!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dwell La Minx; My New Dwelling Unfinished

Welcome to the new Minxden! I thought I would share some more pictures of my new place, a place I can truly call home since I left my parent's nest several years ago! This is my nest, I am the queen of my castle!

Here is the living room, very big and spacious! my parakeet boys will be living in here.

Of course the minxden studio, I said before the walls will go from "1980's neon purple" to a bright cheery color of what is called "Banana Peel Yellow"...I will be spending 80% of my time in here.

Here is our bedroom...the color will change from Peach to a light blue...

Here is the laundry room/mud room, the color will change from a polar ice blue to a darker grass green, still working out the kinks of the exact color though...

Here's my kitchen!!! very big too! the color will be a slate grey!

And here is the lovely bathroom, the color will be a pink of some kind, not sure what shade to go with yet, I have always wanted a pink bathroom.

Hope you all have fun touring my new pad! just to forewarn my readers, the next 2-3 weeks my posts will be very few and far between since we are moving in 10 days, my internet will be shut off and I will have to go with a completely new and different internet provider, this may take a while...buh bye! (for now)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kawaii Days, A Special Birthday Shoutout, And The Future Of Minxden!!

Salutations to all! I want to share with you my "Kawaii Day", which was last Friday...Kawaii Day should be pretty self explanatory, it's my one day a week where I do everything "Kawaii" or indulge in my favorite cultures (oriental cultures)...After eating a nice hot bowl of Fu (Vietnamese noodle soup) at Pho Nugyen, we hop over right next door to the Vietnamese Food market to get some yummy goodies from their side of the globe! Since I am not cooking o much right now (most cooking stuff is packed in boxes) I am taking on a mover's diet of fast easy convenient snacky foods, so I chose all that you see here! They are generally low in calories and very high in flavor! Plus, in high stressful times, my appetite always diminishes, so these small portions keep my tummy pretty happy! Let' break down the goodies I got!

Ahhhhh oolong tea.....aids in digestion (I have many digestion issues since I am sans a gallbladder) I was very shocked to find this tea at the very cheap price of $2.99! Oolong tea is usually very expensive, like 25 bucks per ONE OUNCE! So by golly I got me a box, and it tastes great! for those who have digestive issues, had their gallbladders taken out, drink this tea, it does wonders for me!

Of course if anyone knows me well enough, seaweed is my version of crack! I can never get enough, never eat enough! What you see here are dried seaweed strips in regular and in barbecue flavor...mmmmm so so yummy!!!

These are really good, does taste strongly of strawberry, and they are alot smaller than appearing in the picture, maybe no bigger than the palm of my hand...

This is flower candy....yes they have floral notes with a slight sugary taste. They are surprisingly not bad at all!

An old time favorite, you can get these pretty much anywhere, and pink strawberry is my favorite! mmmmm gotta love strawberry icing covering a biscuit stick!

I absolutely went nuts for these!! little biscuits filled with either strawberry (pictured here) chocolate (already demolished through) and vanilla which I haven't tried yet...but warning, they are very filling, just a few will go a long way!

Had these many times before, they are crab chips! they do taste of seafood, slightly spicy and salty....they are like pringles, you can't eat just one!

Tapioca pearls! I love these in bubble tea, but I am knownto savour them with honey and/or yogurt. They only take 5 minutes to cook in boiling water!

Peace to all of my readers! hope you all enjoyed raiding my kitchen cabinets!

Here is a sneak peak of the new minxden studio in my new house! I will be completely moved in in about 12 days! The walls will be changing to what is called "banana peel yellow"...can't wait!

A very special birthday shout out goes to none other than my baby sister, Ally who gave me the title of a sister 19 years ago on this very day! She has been a part of my life for 19 years and I cannot fathom the thought of being siblingless! I love you Allycat, my ray of sunshine!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's Raining, It's Pourin' Everything I Ate Today Was Foreign!

Today was a cold dreary rainy day, the rain will turn into 1-3 inches of snow tonight! I am debating on braving the elements tonight to get some boneless bourbon chicken nuggets (something I really crave right now) but I don't really feel like leaving and I am so not in the mood for greasy pizza, can't seem to handle it well anymore now that I am sans a gallbladder! But today was very productive with the mister, we set out to pay the car/renter's insurances, went xmas shopping for the little girl we selected (the needy children of lincoln) she wanted hello kitty stuff and art supplies! how fun! and then my hubby took me out for some yummy sushi, and of course I had to have some salmon roe! love it! And we popped next door to rocket fizz to pick out some yummy/yucky treats! one of said treats you see pictured above! I also tried some bacon flavored soda, and wow, that was disgusting! then we went grocery shopping and picked up my P.O.S. car and drove home! now I am sitting in a quiet house, hearing the winds howl outside and distant trains blowing their horns, enjoying my ramune soda, and prosciutto slices.

I haven't been very productive as far as packing today...I really could use a day off from it, and do I really have to go outside and get those boxes out of the trunk of my car?? it's damn cold outside!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Hectic In The House Of Knitter....

I will come out and say it now first off, I apologize for my absence and lack of photos! If you just tuned in, all you need to do is refer to the last post before this one...I am now in the heap of it all and moving into another house....Everything was finalized as of last Saturday, the lease was signed, deposit was paid, and paint samples were chosen. Really the only color my hubs and I argued over was what kind of yellow to make the #2 bedroom....We finally agreed on "Banana Peel Yellow". I finally selected the perfect shower curtain! whew! glad that was overwith too! But of course, being me and the queen of not so good luck, my car is giving up the ghost! PERFECT TIMING! So now instead of dropping 2K to fix it (which in a few short months, we will turn around to fix it again) we decided to scrap it for parts and wait till February or March to put down a down payment to finally get that new car we so desperately needed! So from now until then, I will be without a car! ahhhh! the last time I was without a car was before I started driving at 16! well, I still have my trusty pink electra townie bike, and my hub's truck....but I will be moving to a small town outside of Lincoln and I may need to find at least a part time job there or at least within biking distance....thank the good lord there is a post office there in this small town I am moving to, just 4 blocks from where I live...a grocery store 5 blocks away, and the police station is only a block away! what great comfort! And also, my father in law and bro in law are coming up the weekend after thanksgiving to help us move, since we are not short one car, we do need all the help we can get! Now all i really need is more boxes! ahhhhh! you wouldn't recognize the inside of my house right now, boxes everywhere, things all strung about, and I am going nuts since I put my crafting supplies away in boxes....EVEN NOW I NEED TO CRAFT!!! But right now I have Nat King Cole's Christmas album playing, and all 3 of my furry lady feline friends are sound asleep. I envy them all. Oh how I wish I could sleep like they do since the last few nights have been very restless and very little sleep was had.