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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's Raining, It's Pourin' Everything I Ate Today Was Foreign!

Today was a cold dreary rainy day, the rain will turn into 1-3 inches of snow tonight! I am debating on braving the elements tonight to get some boneless bourbon chicken nuggets (something I really crave right now) but I don't really feel like leaving and I am so not in the mood for greasy pizza, can't seem to handle it well anymore now that I am sans a gallbladder! But today was very productive with the mister, we set out to pay the car/renter's insurances, went xmas shopping for the little girl we selected (the needy children of lincoln) she wanted hello kitty stuff and art supplies! how fun! and then my hubby took me out for some yummy sushi, and of course I had to have some salmon roe! love it! And we popped next door to rocket fizz to pick out some yummy/yucky treats! one of said treats you see pictured above! I also tried some bacon flavored soda, and wow, that was disgusting! then we went grocery shopping and picked up my P.O.S. car and drove home! now I am sitting in a quiet house, hearing the winds howl outside and distant trains blowing their horns, enjoying my ramune soda, and prosciutto slices.

I haven't been very productive as far as packing today...I really could use a day off from it, and do I really have to go outside and get those boxes out of the trunk of my car?? it's damn cold outside!


Fallon said...

Bacon soda? and you drank it?! Yuk!

On the strip here in Vegas we have a coca cola factory where you can taste soda around the round. Let me tell you, people in other countries must have foreign taste buds cause their soda tastes HoRRiBle!

Skinny Minx said...

yep bacon soda, and no I couldn't take the 2nd sip, 1 sip was enough, so my hubby downed the rest (he did not like it either) they also had sweet corn and buffalo wings flavors...I always try new things, even if I don't like it or think I may not like it. I tried china cola not too far back and it's a cola made with herbs and I must say it wasn't all that bad! :)

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